Worldwide Cruise

A World Cruise is the ultimate travel experience that combines the opulence of a magnificent ocean liner with the variety and culture of some of the most beautiful and fascinating places on earth.

This global circumnavigation will leave you astonished at the sights, sounds, and even smells that you’ll experience as you hop from place to place, helping you to become a real global traveller. While the magnificent liners that you’ll sail on are some of the most luxurious ships in existence, it’s the stunning sights and spectacular cities you will visit that are undoubtedly the main attraction of these incredible and prestigious cruises.

Set Sail On The Grandest Of All Adventures

Catch a glimpse of Hong Kong’s harbour, dive in the Great Barrier Reef, cruise next to the Golden Gate Bridge and take in the sights of the Sydney Opera House all on a world cruise. These are moments that many people only dream of, but on a world cruise all these fantasies can be fulfilled. This really is the grandest of all adventures and it’s a great way to discover places and people that you never even knew existed.

The vast continents visited provide a truly mesmerising voyage, with possible destinations and activities including the irresistible shopping opportunities in New York and the idyllic beaches of Barbados, the colonial charm of Salvador and the exhilarating carnival atmosphere of Rio.

Crossing the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans will reveal scenic gems like Cape Town, Hawaii, and Mauritius before experiencing Australasia's wondrous and somewhat mysterious landscapes and wildlife. The true beauty of a world cruise really is the diversity.

One day, you can be amongst the exhilaration and excitement of Singapore or Mumbai, while another you can be alone on private Caribbean islands or marvelling at the sparse landscape of Papeete. Experience the futuristic engineering stylings of the Panama Canal, or the white sand beaches of Bali, the mouth-watering cuisine of India or the huge skyscrapers of Dubai.

You’ll discover something new in each and every port, and although there’s always a sadness when leaving a port, there’s always the excitement over what you’ll find at the next port of call.

A Grand Voyage

On board a world cruise ship the atmosphere can often be as unique as the journey itself. With every passing day, a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing grows stronger. The luxurious surroundings of your ship can be savoured and the delights of life at sea discovered. Fellow passengers will soon become familiar faces and once-in-a-lifetime experiences will be shared together. Cruise ships assigned to world itineraries are fully equipped with sporting cages, fine dining restaurants, and spa facilities which means there’s never a dull moment on board.

Full World Cruise itineraries typically take around three months to complete, so it becomes much more of an adventure, than a holiday. For those with less time, why not select one or two shorter world cruise segments which allow you to balance your work and home life with your travelling desire. 

Alternatively, if you wish to visit a particular region, consider constructing your own grand voyage by combining two or more consecutive cruises to create a tailor made trip designed specifically to meet your own requirements and fulfil your own travel dreams.

Choosing Your World Cruise

It’s well worth looking into the details of each World Cruise itinerary on offer, as they do differ considerably. For example, some cruises focus on South America and the Pacific, sailing from Recife all the way around Cape Horn to Santiago, while others focus upon Asia, and others Australasia, visiting ports such as Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong, and Auckland, Perth, and Suva.

If there is a particular region of the world that you’re keen on seeing, choose an itinerary that focuses on this region, as you’ll visit many more ports in and around these areas. Longer world cruises often depart in January, so they can be a great way to banish the post-Christmas blues and be whisked away to sunnier climes. Destinations such as Barbados, Los Angeles, and Bora Bora are simply stunning at this time of year.

There is simply no way to travel the world that is as luxurious or as stress-free as a world cruise. No arduous car journeys, no cramped conditions on long haul flights, just decadence, lavishness, and indulgence galore. 

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