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Cape Town, South Africa

Nestled in the foothills of Table Mountain, the setting of Cape Town is utterly astonishing. This destination is a once in a lifetime cruise port that is full of enthralling adventures, sights and tasty food. One of the major attractions here is the superb array of parklands that wash the city alight with colour, not forgetting the extravagant botanical gardens. Such gardens combine beautifully with the many historical buildings of interest, and it’s not hard to see why Cape Town is often described as the ‘Garden City’ of South Africa.

The city of Cape Town is mesmerising in every way. Learn the history of the tribal past; witness the many influences of its time including British, Dutch and Cape Malay; gain insight into the renowned freedom fighters to have walked the streets or simply stretch out in the glory of sunny climes. There are not many cities in the world that can boast a setting to rival Cape Town. Table Mountain stands an incredible 3,000ft with its flat topped peak drawing tourists from all over the world year on year. The journey to the summit itself is fantastic with the cable car rotating 360 degrees to allow for an immersing panoramic experience. Once you’ve reached the top, the view is quite literally breath taking, if not one of the best views in the world. To the left of Table Mountain’s summit you will see Devil’s Peak, to the right is Lion’s Head and straight forward is Signal Hill. The three views combined together are often known for creating the image of an amphitheatre surrounding the city and creating a wondrous vision.

The waterfront here is excellent and the cruise port lies right alongside the Victoria and Alfred development. This area is often the first point of interest for all arriving guests. Passengers are attracted to the fabulous array of boutique stores, eccentric cafes and thriving restaurants.

Cape Town is a South African jewel and also provides the perfect location from which to explore a wide range of the enchanting Rainbow Nation. The Cape of Good Hope is magnificent and for wine lovers there is also the opportunity to explore the famous vineyards of the region. The city had a long standing association with social inequality and took a huge step forward since banning apartheid in 1990. From that point Cape Town has come on leaps and bounds with a thrilling cosmopolitan feel. The locals here are delightfully welcoming; the resident’s infectious smile spreads throughout the whole city for a wonderfully friendly experience, almost like a home away from home.

Another giant step forward for Cape Town was the arrival of the 2010 football World Cup. South Africa hosted the major tournament successfully with a vast influx of supporters from all over the world arriving to the shores of the city. The economic benefits are evident to see and have provided a foundation to build on in the form of the sensational African Renaissance Stadium close to the waterfront.

Excursions here are truly excellent. It doesn’t matter which cruise line you travel here with, the range of choice is always superb. Passengers are invited to be as active as they like. Should you prefer to simply soak up the scenery and relax at one of the many seductive beach scenes then you are in the right place but if you wish to explore in more detail, then you are in for a treat. One of the most exciting excursion opportunities here is to head out on safari and witness the marvellous wildlife of the area. The Inverdoorn Game Lodge and the Aquila Private Nature Reserve are two of the most commonly used options for cruise operators and it’s not difficult to see why. Inverdoorn Game Lodge has over 10 thousand hectares of conservation areas that house 28 different species and over approximately 1,200 animals in total. Your jeep safari will whisk you around these amazing attractions with plenty of time to stop and stare at the awe inspiring creature; a truly memorable experience. The Ostrich Ranch is also a brilliant chance to witness a unique animal.

For an indulgent experience, head for the exquisite Cape Wine lands. Stellenbosch in particular is home to some of the world’s most desirable and famous wines. Other exciting tours include the chance to see the outstanding locations of Chapman’s Peak and Robben Island, not forgetting the world renowned route of ‘Four Passes’. There is so much to see and do here, it is almost unbelievable.

Cape Town is utterly stylish, extravagant, beautiful and simply stunning in every way you could possibly imagine. One of the globes finest ports of call, this iconic destination will have you desperate for a return visit before you’ve even stepped foot on land. Marvel at the charismatic charm and enjoy the wonder that is Cape Town. Visit Cape Town on a World Cruise, World Cruise sector or as part of an African cruise itinerary.

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