The vibrant cruise port of Manila welcomes guests to a unique atmosphere.  The city has a real buzz, filled with colour and the vibrant sounds of a thrilling culture.  Manila re-defines the term hustle and bustle with its unbelievable street scenes that teem with locals going about their day.  Even the taxi’s here are remarkably original, using former US military jeeps all customised with their own logos and ways of attracting attention.  This amazing city is a far cry away from the black cabs of London and an enthralling experience when sailing this exciting part of the world

One hugely beneficial feature for cruise passengers arriving here is that the city is predominantly split up into many different districts, each renowned for their own characteristics.  Business, residential, shopping and entertainment areas are all split therefore creating a useful guide for passengers spending shorter periods of time here to see what they desire. 

When it comes to excursions here the majority of cruise lines offer a wide range of option from the adventurous to the more serene.  The city for excursions is often split into two option; old Manila and new Manila.  The two can be combined but if one interest’s guests more than the other there will be these options for in depth guides.  Old Manila offers guests the chance to take a step back in time with such exciting attractions as the delightful Rizal Park.  Other exciting attractions include Fort Santiago, home of the Mardi Gras as well as the impressive Manila Cathedral.  Rizal Park is full of stunning scenery such as enchanting fountains and garden creations.  It is also the gateway to the Intramuros, a Spanish fortress that still remains the longest standing monument of Spain in the Eastern part of the world.  The aforementioned Fort Santiago was once the Spanish military headquarters here as well as the Japanese and American forces.  It was sadly destroyed during 1945 but has been reinvigorated thanks to the magnificent celebration; Mardi Gras.  This wondrous event sees locals in a variety of spectacular costumes to celebrate and perform traditional dances. 

Casa Manila is often an individual excursion option here may be available also in a full city tour.  This brilliant attraction is a captivating mansion that was reconstructed in the 19th century but still maintains 16th century influences including the marvellous furnishings.  There will also be chances to see the glorious museums here and especially the Ayala Historical and the National Museum.  These two in particular boast fascinating exhibits. 

Passengers looking to enjoy the pulsating inner city style will love the array of bars and restaurants in the vivacious nightclub district.  Experience vibrant music and excellent cuisine for an immersion of Manila culture. 

You may prefer to laze the day away and watch the world go by.  If this is the case then fear not as Manila also has this covered to grant your wish.  Outside of the city there is a variety of excellent beach settings to enjoy the wonderful climate.  There is also the Pasgsanjan Falls for the once in a lifetime opportunity of ‘shooting the rapids’

This exciting, effervescent destination continues to wow passengers from the moment they arrive.  Welcome to a city that really does never sleep.  Enjoy your time here for it is a true pleasure. 

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