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 The bustling city of Shanghai continues to possess an aura of excitement and frenetic energy that creates an infectious smile across the faces of all who visit.  It is often referred to as the Pearl of the Orient but previously enjoyed the description as the Paris of the East. It is certainly not hard to see why such compliments are paid and the mesmerising culture here is captivating in every way.  The port continues to attract the world’s attention due to its enthralling location and stunning city skyline.  Shanghai has always been a renowned place to visit but the world of cruising is beginning to stand up and take notice. 

Cruise lines regularly visit this enchanting destination whilst cruising the Far East and river cruising here is also becoming a hugely popular holiday. World Cruise itineraries regularly visit Shanghai too.

The port lies right at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the most famous river in Asia and also the longest.  It is the thrilling entrance to the city that sets the tone for the rest of the day.  The scenery is matched by the city’s scintillating architecture combining pioneering innovations with traditional timeless styles.  Shanghai could be described as a modern classic as the mixture of old is a comfortable composition.  Innovative high-rise buildings sit alongside old homes exuding charm whilst contemporary museums and theatres continue to be developed all over the city.  

Excursions here are excellent and the city tours are certainly worth considering when planning your visit.  The Old Town is a great area to see.  Winding alleyways, intimate cobblestoned streets and of course the renowned zigzag bridge.  Here you will also find the pavilion teahouse.  The Old Town certainly possesses some beautiful sights but the main attraction here is certainly the Yu Garden.  Its traditions shine through in the form of the classic pavilions.  Yu Garden is Ming Dynasty garden home and an exquisite place to see when wandering this part of the city.  

An absolute certainty when visiting Shanghai should always be to see the Jade Buddha Temple.  This incredible attraction houses a priceless Buddha statue that was crafted from a single piece of white jade.  It is a creation from the Song Dynasty and remains to this day a major venue for Buddhist events.  Other popular tourist magnetisms here include the Qicai Silk Factory for its handmade silk secrets of production and the opportunity to purchase the superb garments and don’t forget the Shanghai Museum.  There are many museums throughout the city but this is by far the one to see.  It is a treasure of the city and houses over 100,000 objects enjoying global recognition and fame.  

A more serene experience is available at the tranquil water town of Zhujiajiao dating back over 1,700 years or for the futuristic technology lovers there will often also be an excursion option to enjoy the ultramodern revolution of Shanghai by taking a ride on the world’s fastest train known as the Maglev.  This amazing design travels without any friction whatsoever from wheels or rails and the name is short for ‘magnetic levitation’.  Reaching speeds of 267 miles per hour is an utterly astounding journey.  Other futuristic experiences include seeing the Jinmao Hyatt building.  This is one of the tallest buildings in the whole of China and the observation floor at the summit of the tower provides sensational views over the city skyline; perfect for the ultimate once in a lifetime photograph.

Shanghai is an astonishing city to explore; jam packed with historical and technological attractions, this wondrous destination has it all.  For a unique experience of the Far East, this is the place to see.  You will fall in love with the magical atmosphere from the moment you step foot on land.  

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