Introducing FastTrack VIP - the hassle-free airport experience

At Bolsover Cruise Club, we’re famous for making holidaying effortless. From booking your holiday with our Cruise Experts – the best in the business, don’t you know – to taking care of things like hotel stays, land tours, rail journeys and more as part of cruise and stay packages, we do it all.

Now, we’re taking creating amazing holidays one step further, thanks to our brand-new partnership with FastTrack VIP – the first of its kind for a cruise agency!

Here’s everything you need to know about the meet and greet service set to take the hassle out of airports.

What is FastTrack VIP?

FastTrack VIP are a meet and greet company, operating out of 700 airports worldwide. Simple, speedy and stress-free, FastTrack VIP promises a kinder, calmer way to travel. Who doesn’t like the thought of that?

FastTrack VIP will whisk you through the airport at the speed of light, meaning more time for those obligatory duty-free sprees and airport breakfasts. Best of all, the FastTrack VIP experience comes without the hefty price tag you might expect from such a service.

Which UK airports offer the FastTrack VIP departures service?

FastTrack VIP operates out of 700 airports around the world, including almost every airport in the UK. Here are just some of the departure airports in the UK offering the service:

  • London Heathrow
  • London Gatwick
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Glasgow
  • Birmingham

While the service is available around the world, it is not available to those flying into America due to local laws. Travellers flying out of America must be flying Business Class or above to use the service.

How does FastTrack VIP work?

The FastTrack VIP meet and greet service takes care of the whole airport experience, meaning a simple, carefree start to your holiday. Agents are used to dealing with celebrities and even royalty, so you’re guaranteed the very best and most professional service. Here’s how it works:

At the departure airport:
A FastTrack VIP agent will meet you at the terminal entrance and take your luggage and travel documents from you. The agent will then accompany you to the check-in desk, where they will check-in on your behalf.

The agent will then whisk you through security using a dedicated line. Once you are through security, you can choose whether to keep the FastTrack VIP agent with you or have them collect you before boarding.

At the arrivals airport:
When arriving at your destination, you will be met at the plane door by the FastTrack VIP agent with an iPad marked with ‘Bolsover Cruise Club’ and walked to immigration, which you’ll pass through using a dedicated line. Once through security, your luggage will be collected by the agent and you’ll be walked to the arrivals lounge.

Once the agent has contacted your transfer provider, they will then escort you onto the transfer, along with your luggage.

How does the FastTrack VIP service work for transfers?

The FastTrack VIP meet and greet service is perfect if you have a connecting flight and are worried about missing it! Your agent will meet you at the plane door and whisk you through security and to your next flight.

Why should you book FastTrack VIP on your next holiday?

  • Less stress at the airport means a more relaxing start to your holiday.
  • Enjoy a fast-track service through check-in, security and immigration.
  • All FastTrack VIP agents speak the local language, so you can say goodbye to language barriers in your destination.
  • Your agent will collect you when it’s time to board, so you needn’t worry about watching the clock or missing your flight!
  • Enjoy peace of mind that you’ll be escorted through every stage of the airport departure and/or arrival process; perfect if you find airports or flying stressful.

Who is the FastTrack VIP service for?

The FastTrack VIP service makes the airport experience simpler for everyone, from families holidaying with small children to elderly guests or anyone travelling with a disability. It’s also a great way to keep large groups travelling together in one place, rather than having to keep one eye on where everyone is at all times!

If you’ve had a stressful experience at the airport in the past, are a nervous flyer or are worried about negotiating the airport alone, FastTrack VIP is for you.

How do I book FastTrack VIP service?

Bolsover Cruise Club is the first cruise agency in the world to offer FastTrack VIP service and you can add it to your booking by speaking to your Cruise Expert today!


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