Holiday Health: Our Survey Reveals a Surprising Preference for Health and Fitness Holidays

It’s no secret that a holiday is a great opportunity for us to unwind and indulge. However, for many of us our health and fitness are still a top priority and staying fit and trim are more important than hitting the buffets and bars.

As experts in a variety of different cruise holidays, this intrigued the team at Bolsover Cruise Club, so we decided to look at this situation in closer detail.

Our Research

We carried out a few surveys and asked would-be holidaymakers about how much health and fitness matters to them with their holiday, as well as a few questions around pre-holiday weight loss and preparation.

In addition, we looked at the local cuisines from nations all over the world, to see which foodstuffs were the biggest offenders when it comes to salt, fats and calories.

A Prevailing Preference for Fitness

As you can see from the graphic below, more than half of us would choose a health, fitness or detox holiday over a beach one.

Holiday Health

On top of this, the average amount of weight people claim they would like to lose might be much higher than you thought:

Holiday Health

Months of Preparation

What’s more, it became apparent that more of us are concerned with getting into shape for a holiday than not and we like to give ourselves plenty of time to get ready:

Holiday Health

The Healthier Food Options?

When visiting new locations, sampling the local culinary delights is an experience many of us cherish. However, what our research gathered is that certain foreign delicacies can be much worse for us than others.

To make this clearer, we've broken our data down into the following three maps. The first shows the number of calories in our selection of popular meals:

Holiday Health

The second looks at the amount of fats:

Holiday Health

The third looks at salt levels:

Holiday Health

A Choice of Healthier Cruise Options

While the above can offer you guidance on which foods you should perhaps avoid – or have in moderation – if you want to watch your weight when on holiday, there are also a variety of cruises that are ideal for those who are more interested in a fitness/detox trip.

If you were looking for something which catered to your fitness needs, then cruises from P&O Cruises and Royal Caribbean have everything from gyms, to climbing walls, classes and more.

Equally, if your approach to staying healthy is a little more serene than high-intensity exercise sessions, then cruises from the likes of Seabourn and Celebrity Cruises could be just the ticket. This is because such cruise holidays can include access to spas, complete with full treatments and even complimentary sessions in ‘Mindful Meditation’ and yoga.

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