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  1. Yesterday
  2. Rain

    It's much fresher and cooler in W Yorkshire already, more like typical UK summer weather, and I am already wishing the heatwave would return.
  3. Rain

    Come winter we shall be saying it’s too cold... 🙃
  4. Rain

    We have decided that brown is the new green. I never thought I would hear me say the words “I wish it would rain” we have not seen rain for weeks but it did pour down last weekend and cause floods just 5 miles from me. You can’t win!
  5. Rain

    We had rain not to heavy yesterday, and some during the week. Slight drizzle today grass starting to get it's colour back,And I can sleep a bit better as the nights are cooler....Davybe
  6. Rain

    No rain for weeks, grass is brown and like hay (which the dog delights in bringing into the lounge) but on the plus side no mowing of hay is required.
  7. Last week
  8. Rain

    just had half an hour of rain but nowt to write home about. very muggy though.
  9. Rain

    I know what you mean, and the rumbling I heard was actually my neighbors getting ready to go on holiday.....
  10. Rain

    We've had a couple of short showers in the last couple of hours. No drips on the window but a big one on the sofa😄
  11. Rain

    Let’s get a bit lighthearted... Does anyone else want it to rain..... the most I’ve had is a couple of drips 💧 on the window and the man upstairs moving a bit of furniture.....
  12. Titan flight delay to Athens on 2 September 2017

    You are very late with this cunard sent all passengers forms to complete and send to Titan which was completed and returned. Titan sent an e-mail which was sent and we rec'd our compensation 14 days after returning home. Good service .
  13. Hygiene

    No - what I am saying is I don`t worry about it but assume all sorts could have been in there and it may not have been cleaned so am sure to store sensitive stuff that I might eat accordingly.
  14. Hygiene

    Some of the large resorts certainly do have that sort of turnover towny44 and from many different countries. Also Norovirus has happened on many ships carrying less than 3,000 passengers. This site gives the names of those with reported cases that have sailed in US waters over the years. https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/surv/GIlist.htm
  15. Hygiene

    If they sail in United States waters they are required to notify the CDC. https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/vsp/surv/GIlist.htm
  16. Hygiene

    Some cruise ship's have been barred from berthing at some port's if they have to many people with the Virus,And the Virus is often brought on by passengers ether at departure or after being ashore. I am told they have a flag which they fly when going into a port with a infection on the ship....Davybe
  17. Hygiene

    I may be wrong but aren't cruise ships obliged to report Norovirus, but hotels are not, due to different regulations? I would have thought that a constant turnover would encourage more viruses. In a two week period a hotel room could potentially have 14 different occupants. The first one could be ill, not necessarily showing symptoms, could leave the virus and move on, leaving the virus for next occupant and so on.
  18. Hygiene

    Probably because the turnround at land resorts is more staggered, you don't have all 3000 over the same 14 day period, also interesting is that you don't see many noro reports on 7 night cruises, so perhaps exposing a large group to the virus over an extended period is the main problem.
  19. Hygiene

    Land based resort complexes are I think most would agree are very similar in many to ships. You have a bedroom on both with en-suite, bed, hanging space, drawers etc. You have dining rooms some of which are self service on a similar scale to many large ships. You have bars, entertainment lounges, public toilets, swimming pools. One of main differences is the age of those attending. Question, why is it we usually hear of Norovirus on ships and rarely if at all at holiday resorts!!
  20. Hygiene

    So you do agree with me that putting dirty clothes into drawers is not a good thing to do.
  21. Hygiene

    Well that`s 10 minutes of my life that I won`t get back reading this nonsense! Unbelievable! I`m far more worried about the people that sweep past the hand cleaning stations unchallenged and unused than what may or may not have been kept in my drawer. I`d never assume a drawer was clean and anything sensitive would be inside my own travelling bag or small bag - Oh God - you`ve got me at it now. Chill - you`ll either get or not get norovirus and you`ll never know if was the dirty phantom nightdress, the dirty laundry or fro someone having gone to the loo, not washed their hands or used the sanitation stand and then handled your food. We live with risk - get used to it or stay home.
  22. Hello

    Hi Hattie. Welcome to the Forum. I am sure you will find plenty of hints and tips on here.
  23. P&O's new drink packages?

    Just did a rough calculation P&O against Celebrity. Prices based for an October Cruise from Southampton . P&O Balcony Cabin, Is Starting at £149 pp per night if you include the Drink package ,plus you get Free Parking or Coach and shuttles included. Celebrity Balcony Cabin£171 per night includes free drink package and Wi Fi ,you pay for parking and shuttles on top. You pays your money and makes your choice....Davybe
  24. Hello

    Welcome Hattie😊 Hope you find lots of useful information on here🤗
  25. Hello

    Welcome Hattie ,Have you cruised before.....Davybe
  26. P&O's new drink packages?

    I agree that I think the potential for drinks packages to be abused would have been a factor in their thinking but they've addressed this issue in their terms and conditions of the trial policy. As you quite rightly say, P&O Cruises is targeted far more at families and speaking from experience, cruising as a family is an expensive travel option, especially during school holiday periods, therefore value for money is of even greater importance for those on a tight budget.
  27. P&O's new drink packages?

    Perhaps that is why they have possibly priced it higher because if it was cheaper on the lines of FO and the difference in clientele with no doubt a lot younger sector on P&O it might cause more drunkenness. We have seen large families spending the whole night in Manhattan on Azura and by the time the late show were very drunk and caused quiet a disturbance so I am sure P&O have this in mind
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