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  2. Onboard shopping - NOT!!

    Sadly what seems to be the 'norm' from P&O these days !!
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  4. Onboard shopping - NOT!!

    Official response from P&O - tough luck!!
  5. I know in the past there had been an issue with the cost of the new terminal at Liverpool. I seem to remember reading that Southampton could not get help from government with an upgrade but Liverpool could. May be this not the case anymore. If it is then it seems a little unfair.
  6. Thanks for that Davybe. Obviously the people who informed me have got it wrong and next time I am with them I will point them to the site your link leads to. You were right I was wrong. I always admit when I get it wrong.
  7. The Small ships today were the big ship some years ago? things progress after a fashion, maybe not for me or others but my daughter and young son think they are great, plenty of choices on them.Dining ,drinking or just entertainment ,no need to get of the ship if thats your choice. I sailed on Navigator and Independence when the first sailed from Southampton ,and enjoyed both ships, and they are still going strong, will the wheel turn full circle and we go back to more formal cruising who knows....Davybe
  8. Not according to this web site. http://www.ntslf.org/tides/tidepred? In any case the can dredge a channel as other ports do to keep shipping on the move? Liverpool has a very busy and growing container port ,why not a successful cruising one...Davybe
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  10. Santorini

    Thank you Ian
  11. Can I just say the weather is improving slightly. Did you fly or did you go on the steam packet?
  12. Didn't realise you were from the IOM Tally. I returned from there 14 days ago after a 5 day stay.
  13. As someone whose journey to Liverpool is on the IOM steam packet I agree the tides are a problem. I cannot agree however that Liverpool could not become a relevant cruise terminal for companies other than Fred Olsen. In fact we have seen other cruise ships in the present cruise terminal. I'm sure they wouldn't be redeveloping the terminal if they didn't think companies weren't interested.
  14. Hi OWT, Interesting, as always, to get this glimpse of your recent Norwegian Bliss experience. Certainly The Haven option makes it potentially a little more attractive as far as I am concerned. DavidH
  15. Santorini

    Hi Ian, My wife had done her usual research before we arrived In Santorini on board Azamara Journey in October last year. We took a local water taxi round to the small harbour below Oia. The price included a shuttle bus up the hill to the town itself, though the very short pathway from water taxi to shuttle bus was quite steep. Once up in Oia, getting about on foot is not too strenuous and it is certainly the place you see in all the wonderful photos of Santorini, so well worth the visit. We then took a taxi ride into Fira and took the lift back down to the tender station. When do you go and are there other ships in port on the day you will be there? DavidH
  16. Santorini

    The trip to Oia is well worthwhile. We were tendered in to catch a coach and taken round the island. You walk round Oia, which is beutiful, but in your own time and as far as you want. The coach then took us back to Fira where we caught the lift back down to the tender. I can rreally recommend that.
  17. Well if traditional cruising is on it's way out then thank goodness so am I We keep reading ' times are changing' and I wouldn't disagree with that, the 'mega ships' are proof they are but all the 'thirty somethings' with young families will one day be 60+ .. I wonder if climbing walls/flowriders/ice skating rinks or whatever is currently on offer will have the same appeal in 30 years time .. somehow I think not !! There will always be a market for the more mature cruiser, whether the cruise lines choose to recognise that is up to them but 'pile em high and stack em in' will only appeal to a certain age group and as I've said before they are not the ones with the 'disposable income'
  18. You are correct towny44 they have but on days where the tide situation was favourable to them. Apart from Fred Olsen who are home basing Black Watch in Liverpool this year and Magellan doing I think 2 cruises from there all the others are just port visits. The size of ship I would think has little to do with it as the draught of most, surprisingly, are quite similar, QM2 being the exception. The tide situation has been given to me by several people I have posed the question to and they are supposed to know far more than the likes of me so I therefore rely on information given supposedly from knowledgeable sources. I am sure there are other reasons such as company set up with Carnival and NCL all having their offices in Southampton, contracts with suppliers etc. As always just my opinion and I sincerely hope that for the people in the midlands and north I am wrong. If it happens, I will be the first to say, I was wrong, you can't ask for more than that.
  19. Santorini

    Thank you Ian
  20. Santorini

    You can just get the tender ashore & then the lift to the top. The streets can be quite steep but it is nice to wander round & when you get to the main road its flatter. The views are amazing but it does get quire crowded so it depends how fit you are whether you prefer to mooch about or take a coach tour.
  21. Santorini

    Can you just go ashore in Santorini/ or is it advisable to do a tour. We are both not as fit as we were. Ian
  22. I like many others like the old traditions of cruising and can fully understand the need to please the family market, BUT the next generation Is not far behind us. So I hope there will always be a market for the smaller ships. You get to the time when your own children have grown up you don’t want to be surrounded by other people’s. My worst nightmare would be Disney on Sea.
  23. The RCI ships, and others, have evolved over the last 20 years since the introduction of their first mega ships, in RCI's case its Voyager class. Clearly the features they now include have been tried and tested by millions of passengers over that period, and the most popular have stood the test of time and become established favourites, and the popularity of all these new features are a result of passenger approval. So I doubt they are a flash in the pan phenomena.
  24. Well traditional cruising may be on the way out. A great pity if OWT is proved right. Even so I'll never be tempted on one of these mega ships. I'm not interested in anything they have to offer. I really don't see the point of the Haven as I would still have to get on and off at the ports with thousands and thousands of people. Hopefully there will still be something to suit us for as long as we are able to cruise.
  25. Hi OWT, given your experience across many cruiselines and ships your opinion is very much valued on this forum by myself and no doubt others. I actually agree that traditional cruising is now dying out somewhat on most lines, there are still several who embrace parts of it but on the whole things have moved on. Not being a mega ship fan I read with interest your thoughts on Norwegian Bliss, from what you've said I'll certainly be considering it in the future, I need to move with the times and from what you've shared it doesn't sound all that bad, so thanks for sharing. HLM.
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  27. Liverpool hosts lots of visits of some quite large cruise ships, lots of Grand Princess class ships, Celebrity Eclipse and Silhouette and all the Queens have been there as well, and they seem to manage an early arrival and evening departure. So tide or no tide they appear to overcome any problems.
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