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  2. If true then its great news for those of us who want a more relaxed and tailored holiday, you dont have to be 'old' to want a chilled out peaceful, restful holiday, for some of us its the only time of the year we can switch off and unwind properly.....bring it on. Cheers G
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  4. I as you know am one of those who believe tips shouldn't be expected, but that's what forums such as these are about, if we all agreed there'd be no point. God forbid they ever sort this tipping lark out, the forum would die a quick death, unless of course we start on the smokers now there's a thought!!!! HLM.
  5. On the other site I am Silver Surfer 2010
  6. I can't say I've ever experienced what Mitch has either. Like you when I'm on a cruise I'm only concerned with enjoying it and I don't give a thought to what other people have paid for their cruise or in tips. I do however get a little annoyed with tipping threads when people say tips should not be expected or in fact paid. There is another forum I look at which has a poll running and I'm pleased to say that most people are in agreement that tips should be included in the price of the cruise. If that happens of course, we'll all have to find something else to argue about.
  7. I am pleased with this decision and Sinbad10 being in my 60’s I have always had great holidays on Arcadia, Oriana and Adonia. I agree some of the shows could do with updating but you don’t have to go and watch them.
  8. And if I'm correct they also pay no tax contributions? HLM.
  9. Surely if the staff are avoiding the so called group then they would have every right to remove the autograts, regardless of circumstances the crew should remain professional at all times. You obviously overheard the groups conversations, but what about those who haven't heard how would it look to them if they see the crew deliberately ignoring passengers? Biting off their nose to spite their face comes to mind. HLM.
  10. Actually Tally you weren't the first to use the term someone else did, that aside I can't say I've ever experienced what Mitch came across but I'm sure they do exist, but even if they do it wouldn't bother me I'm there to enjoy myself, I can't be worrying about something that is totally out of my control. HLM.
  11. So why then do you continuously use the term against people that you have no idea of what they've paid? Ocourse there are people out there who pay nothing, equally though there are people out there who claim they pay all and sundry, but are they really telling the truth!!!! only they know. Personally I couldn't care less what others do, and no should others. HLM.
  12. It makes sense as the larger ships have more activities for the families but as sinbad has mentioned earlier this sometimes has the problem that it drives up the average age of guests. It is the age old thing every decision made has its pro's & con's
  13. Sorry but having cruised on both Oriana and Arcadia(we loved the ship) in the past as a couple in our 50s we stopped cruising on adult only ships because we felt amongst they youngest and a very old demographic and music and entertainment directed at 70/80 yr olds we said we would never cruise again on an adult only ship with P&O. Also whenever you sat either having a meal or coffee they did nothing but constantly moan about "the good old days of P&O" and Canberra and it got very boring.
  14. I agree. For me this is great news. But i do feel sorry for families who now only have the option of one of the larger ships.
  15. For me that is good news. We like the Aurora and are on her again in April. the large ships are more suitable for families with children.
  16. I've just read on P&O's facebook that Aurora will become an adult only ship from next year. I personally see this as a positive change and that they have listened to their customers after they announced the 2 huge ships that are joining the fleet. What does everyone else think?
  17. They might be not well paid in the eyes of a UK resident but as waiter, cabin stewards have no connection with the UK whatsoever and if you compare the wages received on a P&O cruise to their home countries average wage where they live it makes them very well off when they go home.
  18. A very interesting webpage. The wages do look low but fail to say that accomodation, food and uniforms are paid for as is medical expenses and travel home. I may well apply as the pay is much better than my pension and what has to be saved, after bills etc, to pay for my holidays.
  19. it was also obvious in october that the deck 9 group were well known to the staff and were singularly avoided even ignored by the staff. so they must have been doing it for a while. they werent a family group but just seemed to have come together over the years from what i could glean for whatever reason they all went on one of arcadias 20 odd night october cruises and became pals or whatever. but the contest seemed to be who had the most obc left in the last week. mind they did struggle to get served to spend it which i admit i did chuckle about.
  20. As I was the first person to use the word 'Tightwad' it was not directed at anyone who pays the tips in whichever way suits them. I was in fact referring to the type of people Mitch came across on his cruise and also those who blatantly admit they don't on cruise forums. If you as you say, you pay gratuities then of course I wouldn't consider you a Tightwad.
  21. This web site claim's to have the Salary's paid by P&O https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Salary/P-and-O-Cruises-Salaries-E377562.htm Front of house staff not that well paid...Davybe
  22. Thank you June - I have also been keeping an eye on the Alta webcam. I am on cruise critic (Angel57) but hadn't spotted this thread so will go onto the thread from the link given and add my name. Look forward to hopefully meeting you all on board.
  23. You really wouldn't know what I pay would you just as I don't know what you pay although one thing I will say is it's a damn sight more on Cunard than it is on P&O and it is never given begrudgingly in fact our butler and assistant butler were delighted with the 'bonus' they got over Christmas and so they should have been but then as we have had both of them before they are quite aware we don't belong to the 'tightwad brigade' perhaps that is why they are always happy to go the extra mile and nothing is ever too much trouble.
  24. The problem being DQ is as Sinbad suggests, P&O's standards have dropped considerably so much so I'd go as far to say they are awful in certain service areas, like Sinbad my cruising finished with P&O after a particularly bad experience with room stewards. I removed gratuities for that reason, yes all missed out but that was not my problem. I used to pay them but have since chosen to reward individually, if I could've removed the room stewards part of the grat I would have, but the system doesn't or didn't allow at the time, hence part the reasoning behind the way I choose to pay now. HLM
  25. Well you live and learn, in all the years I've been cruising I can honestly say I've never experienced what you describe. Perhaps I should take a little more time involving myself in what others do. HLM.
  26. Your use of the word "tightwad" just show your ignorance. I always pay more individually than the recommended amount, it's the system I detest. I suppose it could be said you're the "tightwad" for paying less than me!!!! HLM.
  27. Last week
  28. You will be most welcome. This is a nice webcam to view during their daylight hours, it is showing lost of snow and the forecast is for more to come this week and the other one is the current weather http://portalta.borealiswebcam360.com/ https://www.wunderground.com/weather/no/alta This is the site used by others https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2333681&page=19
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