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    Speciality Restaurants

    A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion with others regarding 'Speciality Restaurants' which I found interesting. One person said they were not 'Speciality' but rather restaurants serving MDR food, but cooked correctly. Another pointed out that in many cases they should be renamed 'Alternative Pay' restaurants as very few ships had 'Speciality' restaurants such as Sushi, Noodle, Curry, French etc. Another said for the money you pay you shouldn't have to spend more to get good food. What do others think!!
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    I was just reading a thread on CC about RCI placing an order for it's 6th Oasis class ship, and how there were similar posts when it launched the first with posters suggesting that it would lead to RCI going bankrupt and Carnival being able to snap it up cheaply because they were being sensible in not building such monsters. Funny that because 2 of the current 5200 passenger Iona style new ship orders will be joining Carnival's own line, as well as all the others going to Aida, Princess and P&O, all owned by the Carnival group, clearly so far the cruise lines have proved all the doubters wrong, and I suspect they will continue to do so.
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    Are the Critics Right??

    I don’t think it’s demographic it’s more traditional I don’t understand half of the young stand up so say comics goes over my head. I find more slap stick or life observing more humorous Victoria Wood, Les Dawson style both sadly gone.
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    Are the Critics Right??

    We just prefer them to be funny, bit old fashioned it seems today?....davybe
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    Are the Critics Right??

    I think like a lot of reports in the media they only reflect the views of the writer, which is why you can get totally opposite reviews about the same programme. However I do sometimes feel as though there is a capital culture slant on quite a few shows, especially new wave comedy which I generally think is rubbish, and yet the London luvvies suggest it is deep and meaningful!!!!
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    "Freya" wrecks Naming Ceremony ?

    They are too arrogant I think, or maybe just too stupid.
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    Speciality Restaurants

    https://www.bolsovercruiseclub.com/news/french-speciality-restaurant-la-mer-to-feature-on-princess-cruises-newest-ships/ Princess Cruises including a new to them Speciality Restaurant ,which sounds really nice even at $35 pp . Do you use the alternative Restaurants on your cruise, and which did you find the best. Arcadian Rhodes was the best I ever ate at absolutely head and shoulders above any other place I ate at. We like P&Os Epicurean restauruants and try to go at least once on a cruise. Celebrity we prefer Tuscan Grill some very nice steaks , The Chops grill on RCI very nice to though the steaks can be too big.....Davybe
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    Speciality Restaurants

    Yes davybe I agree Rhodes was a good place to eat, but my favourite on P & O would have to be have been The Orchid
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    If it's an excursion booked with P&O then you need not worry about the time as the ship won't sail without you.
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    *Dancing Queen*

    Speciality Restaurants

    It was a sad day when the Rhodes restaurants disappeared from P&O - Marco PW just wasn't the same imo !! agree the Tuscan Grill on Celebrity is excellent, we also liked the Verandah ( French ) on Cunard although this has recently changed and it is now a steakhouse, we tried it for the first time over Christmas and I have to say it was excellent with plenty of menu choice.
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    *Dancing Queen*

    Xmas and New Year cruise

    I think I read your original post incorrectly as I thought you were looking for someone to share so I apologise for that otherwise I would have replied earlier. We have been cruising over Christmas/New Year for the last 30 years it has become a way of life for us and is definitely our favourite time of year to cruise. I am assuming as a single lady you probably prefer the convenience of sailing out of Southampton, as well as P&O Cunard also have two ships sailing from there this year .. QV going to the Canaries or QM2 going to New York/Caribbean, if you enjoy dancing then I would recommend Cunard as they have 'gentleman hosts' so you don't need a partner 😉 and even if you don't it's a good opportunity to learn, unlike my screen name might suggest I am not a dancer but I do love to sit and watch, I could give you a hundred reasons why Cunard might be for you but don't take my word for it give them a try I don't think you would be disappointed !! I'm a bit of a Cunard fanatic so they would always be my first choice but I believe there are other cruise lines who sail from the UK so it might be worth looking at Fred Olsen or CMV, we haven't sailed with either but both seem to get very good reviews, the only downside seems to be their ships are quite old but then sometimes 'old' can equate to 'charm' I would say go for it if there is nothing to keep you at home and you will get a bit of sunshine into the bargain.
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    Amsterdam Tourist tax?

    Friends of ours booked a short cruise with P&O to Amsterdam for later this month. This included an overnight stay in port, and they were informed, just after paying the final amount, that the ship would no longer dock in Amsterdam but in Ijmuiden - a 40 minute shuttle bus ride away. P&O would only state "operational reasons" for the change, which is pretty deceitful as they just seem intent on avoiding paying the new tax in Amsterdam. On a longer cruise with just a day stop in Amsterdam, the change would probably be less of an issue, but an overnight stop there allows passengers to walk back and forth between ship and city, which is evidently not an option when the ship is 40 minutes away by shuttle. Significant changes such as this should only be made well in advance and not last minute and, moreover, those who have booked prior to the change should be either offered a partial refund or a no penalty cancellation. P&O is going down rapidly in my estimation and we will be looking elsewhere for our future cruises. As someone else mentioned, the amount of tax is not large per passenger and many would be prepared to pay this for having the convenience of berthing at Amsterdam.
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    Are the Critics Right??

    Apart from the news and sport we record or download all the the programmes we want to view, and then watch them in the order we prefer, and of course wizz though the adverts. But we never ever ever record any of the puerile so called variety shows or, "the best song and dance performer ever", type shows which are screened on a Saturday night.
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    Balcony Size

    Thanks for your thoughts - appreciated. David H - Not looked at Azamara so thanks for that, interesting your thoughts on Marella too. Mmmm Briatnnia have mixed thoughts but prepared to try it and see. The large Aft Balcony was the reason for choosing the ship so I can 'escape' there from the crowds if it gets a bit too much. Davybe - Agree Celebrity Reflection had a decent size Balcony, will have a look at Millenium.
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    *Dancing Queen*

    Are the Critics Right??

    And us .. we recently saw a comedian ( Jon Martin ) on QE and what a funny guy he was, no swearing ( very unusual today ) just good old fashioned humour, I haven't laughed so much in ages, they can keep the 'new wave comedy' and I'll stick to being 'old fashioned'
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    "Freya" wrecks Naming Ceremony ?

    That's quite possibly because it's what the passengers want. Economies of scale have determined that bigger ships are needed to enable cruise lines to keep the fares down, and the way RCI have been able to fill all their ships because of these features, is why we are seeing most other main stream cruise lines follow suit. If you want individuality, smaller ships and superior cabin design and luxury interiors, then you are going to need to focus on the premium cruise lines, but these come at a significant price premium.
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    "Freya" wrecks Naming Ceremony ?

    Unfortunately it reminds me in too many ways of the large RCI ships, the shopping mall, pool area, speciality dining areas and the cabin could be from any of 20 ships. Many of the large new ships unfortunately are very similar and seem to have lost their individuality apart from the occasional feature. Just my opinion of course.
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    Allowance Should Be Changed!

    Once on the internet, it's always there.
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    cruise addict

    Time to Wave Goodby

    We have seen this. Also some passengers only just make the ships departure and just stroll back to the ship, no urgency. We always aim to be back on board at least an hour before the scheduled departure time unless we are on a tour when we know the ship will wait for the coach.
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    Allowance Should Be Changed!

    I'm surprised the articles are still available after 4.5 years. The wonders of the internet. Sigh! RayO
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    Forum Admin

    What's with the silly pop up???

    Hi all, Thank you for raising this, the error is now fixed. If you are still experiencing this issue please sign out and sign back in. You may notice it one more time then it will be gone! Thank you for patience. Regards, Bolsover Cruise Club
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    Captain Kidd II

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    With flexible pricing you cannot tell what will happen. More people book summer holidays after Christmas so the prices will go up. Sometimes there is a drop 12 weeks before sailing but it is all dependent on the popularity of the cruise. If there is a cruise you really want to go on, and the price is right for you, book and do not check for change. Just enjoy the cruise as there will aleays be someone who has paid less.
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    Something that really annoys me is to hear a passenger ranting at reception staff on embarkation day for not giving him an upgrade because he "always gets one". Even after being told all cabins are fully booked, the cheapskate continues to blame everyone except himself for not getting a better cabin than he booked. Shouting at staff, for whatever reason, should never be tolerated and in my opinion such passengers should be thrown off the ship at the next port. Am I being unreasonable here?
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    CA Wade

    Following the Dress Code.

    I prefer "smart casual" dining..but I take a jacket and tie...thats quite formal enough for me.
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    sammy sun

    Following the Dress Code.

    I've been away from the forum for quite some time and have just been catching up on the latest threads. To get back to the original question, rather than address the merits of individual cruise lines, I think it's better to take a look at the industry overall. In the past, deciding on a cruise line based on dress code was extremely limited. If you enjoyed the formality then it was ideal, if not then it was difficult to find suitable options. Nowadays however, let's just appreciate the fact that there are so many different cruise lines to choose from that no matter what your preferences, there is something for all. For those seeking formal evenings, the options are there; for those who could think of nothing worse, the options are also there. it's great to have such a diverse range of ships, cruise lines, and individual offerings. it's nice to be able to pick and choose based on what suits you rather than the one size fits all approach. I realise the last sentence was packed with puns so I apologise!
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