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    Winter Sun

    Best place Cape Town S.A wall to wall blue sky dec through to march. If a cruise ends or starts her make sure you stay as long as you can, don,t pack an electric blanket.
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    Liverpool council are proposing to use the iconic Cunard building as a cruise check-in terminal. If it does happen it will be an absolutely super place to check-in for a cruise and probably the best check-in building in the world!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a report from the Telegraph :- (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/cruises/cruise-news/10352855/Cunard-Building-may-become-cruise-terminal.html) Summary:- Cunard Building may become cruise terminal Liverpool's Cunard Building, where transatlantic passenger liners once began and ended their journeys, could return to its roots in time for the 2015 cruising season if a proposed relocation programme put forward by Liverpool City council goes ahead. Part of a cost-saving scheme to slash the council's accommodation costs and generate rental income, the proposal will see the city council acquire the leasehold of the Grade II listed building, with part of it used as a cruise-ship baggage-handling and check-in centre. The latest move by Liverpool Council, which describes the proposal as a “win win” for the city will negate the need to build a costly permanent home for the city's current cruise-ship facility, housed in a temporary structure on the waterfront. The building's return to cruise use further fuels Liverpool's revival as a 21st century cruising hub and in May last year, when the city was granted turnaround status, a cruise ship was able to start its journey from Liverpool for the first time in 40 years. In 2014 four cruise companies will offer turnaround sailings from the heritage city and 52 ships with nearly 70,000 passengers will visit Liverpool, compared with 34 ships and 43,000 passengers in 2013. Constructed between 1914 and 1917 the building on the Pier Head waterfront was commissioned by the Cunard Steamship Company and remained the world headquarters of Cunard Line until the 1960s ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, and there is a 'however', I'm not sure how they are going to link it with the current 'new' terminal. There's quite a walk, open to the elements, from the Cunard building to the actual terminal. The Cunard building is to the right of the Liver building and the route to the dockside is via that yellow ramp. The new terminal access is not very pretty and, as I said earlier, open to the elements. Walk along from the Cunard building then down this rather steep ramp over the rickety bridge and through the Customs shed along the open passageway then board the ship. A further however, is the magnificent sight when approaching Liverpool from a ship. I make no apology for posting the same photo as above again. So - a lot of Pros and Cons regarding the new Liverpool cruise Terminal. Pros Liverpool - a wonderful city Wonderful sight when approaching on a ship Cunard building check-in facility. (Probably none better.) Cons Very poor embarkation/disembarkation facilities. I don't know how it will cope with the mega ships of today Luggage storage on disembarkation minimal The Customs shed is tiny Car parking 3 miles away. Has anyone sailed out of / returned to Liverpool? If so, what's your views. cheers Harvey
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    this is a good question. . who is going admit to being ill if they will then stand to lose all their money !. The operator should explain on the form what will happen if you say yes you have been ill (for example "you will be refused boarding but will get a full refund of all your monies ") This will encourage more honesty and guests will know where they stand. Also it will stop the bug getting on board in the first place so it would be beneficial to the Operator even if they have to refund a client.
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    For me you cannot beat a tropical party top deck on oceana watching the show sipping a pina colada and wearing a hawaiian shirt and flowers. Its not the coolest look I know but it makes the night memorable
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    There is also a freedom of choice to actually breathe clean air which is not polluted by someone else's smoke. A fact which seems to be easily forgotten by the stokers.
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    I also agree 100% it the adult version od a child sucking a dummy, if you want to give up then do it don't prolong the agony by sucking on the end of an E-cig , they still don't agree whether the vapour or the stuff which caused the vapour is dangerous to a smokers health. CG
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