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    Great Forum

    Since joing this forum I have found it really helpful and informative. I just wanted to give a little praise to the organisers as I imagine it must take a bit of maintaining and monitoring, especially as some of the topics get out of hand! There are some obvious members out there that share their knowledge for the benefit of others which i think is brilliant! I have certainly got a lot from it!
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    Fancy a post-Christmas weekend break? P&O Cruises have dropped the fares on Ventura's 2-night mini cruise to Bruges departing on 16 Jan 2016! Save £150pp and book a balcony cabin now from only £149pp! Here's the details: N602 - Ventura - 16 Jan 2016 - 2 Nights Southampton, Bruges (from Zeebrugge), Southampton Inside from £129pp Outside from £139pp Balcony from £149pp Singles from £229pp Please call for details on 01246 819819.
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    I'm on Duty this week

    Thought I'd just give a mention, and hopefully a boost, to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal this year. I've been helping out with selling poppies and won the local Asda store just outside Fareham... I have just been so impressed with the generosity of local people willing to donate pretty large amounts for their poppies and broaches. And of course, all going to a great cause. So if I'm not posting so much on here this week you know where I am.
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    ive just booked this for £343 for 3 of us - bargainx x
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    I'm on Duty this week

    NOBODY CARES! please stop with these comments, at least SR posts informative and good advice, you are just here to fuel a personal vendetta!
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    I'm on Duty this week

    I really do wish people would keep thier personal issues off this forum, you are turning every single thread into something that is just not nice to read. Before anyone starts I am not saying you are not allowed an opinion etc etc ect BUT there is a time and a place, maybe remember that lovely saying, if you dont have anything nice to say (or in this case, anything related to the topic), dont say anything! It is just a simple fact of life that you will not get on with some people, or you wont like what some poeple have to say or you wont agree with them or you wont like them, but nothing good comes of venting those feelings, especially on a public forum where written words can be taken very differently by different people. Please let this be the end of it. Back on topic, well done to anyone and everyone that helps out with charity, and the promotion of good causes, especially this where I expect we all have it in common that we or our family were directly affected in some way or another.
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