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    Britannia has lots of lifts but it doesn't have a central staircase or a promenade deck.
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    cruise chef

    Balcony Or Not To Balcony?

    Simply If you can afford it, do it. Life is to short to regret not going the extra bit. Think of all the free fresh air rather than recycled air conditioning. Better for your health!!!
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    I haven't sailed on Britannia only Azura. The reviews i have generally read, and the feedback from past travellers is that the britannia doesn't have any lifts apart from the middle of the ship. With the Britannia being a large ship i would find this quite irratating, and apparently the balconies are smaller if you are thinking of a balcony. Azura i can say is lovely, the outdoor space is very well laid out, very spread out, and seems to have a lot of space, the sea screen outside is pretty special too. Whatever you choose i'm sure you will have a fab time!
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    Captain Kidd II

    Balcony Or Not To Balcony?

    All depends on your budget but I have tried an outside cabin and a balcony cabin. The balcony wins hands down. There is just so much more you can do with the balcony.
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