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    Azura Better than expected.

    Have not done either Ventura or Azura yet. Most of our cruises on Arcadia and we like here. We are booked on Ventura next February for 35 nights so will have something to compare after that. Have to add it is the destination we book not because of the ship. BUT will I say that after the cruise who knows.
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    Azura Better than expected.

    Welcome to the forum Pies? 😁 Our Coach driver pointed out that Azura was general liked, but Ventura was like Marmite ,some loved it ,others hated it.And having sailed on both I much prefer Azura....Davybe
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    Azura Better than expected.

    Thanks Davyb for your thoughts on Azura, I'm due to sail on her for the first time next year to the Med. Disembarkation from Britannia a the weekend was very efficient, we thought there may have been a problem on Azura as we had to wait 50 minutes on our coach for some of her passengers to join us. Hope the same Azura turns up for us both next year.
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    Room comparisons on P+O

    Having returned from my first cruise on Britannia at the weekend, I agree with sinbad10 a beautiful ship. Balconies are small compared with other ships, my cabin was Port side on F deck midship and found the balcony adequate for one person - Personally I feel two adults and two Children would be very cramped. Azura and Ventura have spacious extended balconies on C deck (my favourite deck) which are part shaded and part open, they will accommodate four people comfortably. Hope you find your ideal cabin, and cruise.
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