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    Bolsover Pre-Registration Rap

    This made me laugh when I saw it. Great effort from Bolsover to explain the pre-registration process.
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    Where is everyone

    There is no problem having strong views and beliefs but there is a different in that and being rude and offensive which Solent Richard often was and when you are banned from varying forums even though he puts a differing spin on his own blog then that tells you something. Not sorely missed.
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    Where is everyone

    Hi OWT, But Solent Richard was banned for his continued stalking and harassment of members not only here but other forums, something he continues to do to this day not only on his own blog but across the few other forums he's still allowed to post. This forum is certainly better without the likes of him, even if there are quieter periods. HLM.
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    hi all, firstly apologies for not posting on the cruise but yet again the internet on the cruise failed for 3 days and we had to wait initially until we got to madiera to take on parts and a tech then a day for him to sort it after which i lost the will lol. esp as we got the same guff from the girl in the library as we had on arcadia when we lost it for 7 days. so not a good start lol. the bay of biscay was a little lumpy en route to madeira the first 2 days/night but i didnt think too bad but to hear some you would have thought we were in a hurricane or something. the first afternoon at sea i had signed up for one of the cookery club courses and that gave me a new respect for the chefs on board as trying to pipe macarons and mix cup cakes when the ship is rocking aint easy lol. the class was excellant even though half of those originally signed up for it didnt make it. it was a bit rocky lol. and we got to eat what we made. the following day i did the cookery class thai street food and we did a thai beef salad chicken satai skewers and thai fish cakes, less rocky but again excellant and great fun. the 2 classes were £45 each and well worth it i thought and an excellant way of passing 2-3 hours and the chefs taking the class were brilliant and coped with all levels of culinary expertise, i have none lol. due to my problems with knees,back and a slipped disc i wasnt able to do any day trips but enjoyed the weather on deck and in the smoking areas, fortunately after the bay the weather the rest of the cruise was good with lots of sunshine and almost zero rain,even got a little sunburned on my back which is unusual for me as i am so careful as i burn easily. i did toy with the idea of doing the cookery class with marco pierre white but at £100 i decided it a step too far likewise the dinner with him cooking for 20 of you and sitting with you at £150. he did a q&a and book signing which somehow i missed completely in the programme, senility setting in i think. but the benefit of sitting in the smoking areas and getting up at silly oclock, twice mr pierre white joined us in the leppers corner and was an absolute delight chatting and introducing himself to all of us degenerates. as usual my main gripe other than the internet is the other passengers, my god they can moan for england, one woman wouldnt shut up about how she thought it was too windy, other than the first 24hrs during the day it rarely got above a slight breeze. although even then they need to sort out some of the doors out onto the outside decks as opening some of them were downright dangerous at times and makes me wonder if they do any tests on the designs before they build them. dont know if it was because marco pierre white was on the cruise for the last 4 days but the food throughout the cruise was excellant. even though i was severley limited by medical issues the cruise was excellant, internet apart. however the next one is going to be cancelled as i need to get these physical issues sorted or the next one will be in a wheelchair or scooter and i would like to avoid that if i can. the bag is being delivered back on sunday by the baggage handling company as that was the earliest one of their vans was up this way, and they did offer to courier it up earlier if i wanted but as its only dirty washing now i wasnt fussed. as ever the bag was waiting in the cabin when i got there so they were as good as ever.
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    Where is everyone

    Have been away on trips and like others of my age, spending time receiving hospital treatment, but most of the time when I have looked in many of the posts were all about P&O, in fact when I look at 'Unread Content 11 are about P&O which personally does not interest me. Many of the old regulars have gone elsewhere, this seems to happen with all forums. Some seem to go when Solent Richard and a couple of others departed whilst others went when the forum changed its layout. As always, just my opinion.
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    Where is everyone

    Just happened to pop in here for a peek and saw this thread. Still trying to retire to maybe travel more but it's just not working out. We would love to cruise to the UK and then over to Normandy. Just not in the cards for now. We did cruise last month--an 8 day Eastern Carib out of Charleston and we have worked out a B2B for New Year 2020 out of New Orleans on the Carnival Glory. Wishing all forum members well and especially for Davybe!
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    *Dancing Queen*

    Wheelchair help on P&O?

    I'm not sure but I believe you have to register with P&O if you require assistance, I think there is also a separate check in desk which fast tracks you through check in - Towny would be the one to ask.
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