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    Where is everyone

    I'm still here but only just realised it was back in May that I last asked for information about a Christmas cruise booked on QV, which Dancing Queen was kind enough to give me some useful tips on. Can not believe, after having a very traumatic year with not only my own health but my daughter's too that my husband & I managed to get 12 of us on a short cruise in August to celebrate our Golden Wedding (only just, but that's another story) and now it's only 1month, 25days & 15 hours - not that I'm counting of course - till our Christmas cruise!!! I'm so sorry to hear Davybe that you have had to cancel your cruise because of ill health and I wish you well. It may not be the same for you but it is the thought of the next cruise that has got me through some very difficult times over the last year and I don't think it was by chance my family bought me a nautical themed clutch bag with "Refuse to Sink" embroidered on it to carry my vast quantity of pills I now have to take??? All the very best to you and other fellow cruisers who have health problems ...... remember refuse to sink!!!
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    Pesky Pirate

    single cruisers turned over again

    I’ve been saying for years that single cruisers get screwed over single cabins... if a double cabin is £1000 per person then the single cabin should be £1000. They should also put them in better locations on the ship. in addition if a person does go for the double cabin with a single supplement then if there is obc they should also get the supplement percentage obc on top. Its not fair for singles wherever they go on holiday...
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