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    Hi Sinbad. In these unprecedented and uncertain times we as a Travel Agent can only deal with the terms that the Cruise Operators are setting and we have no knowledge or foreword if they are going to change these. Bearing in mind the thousands of customers and phone calls that we are dealing with then we communicate the changes of terms to the best of our ability to our customers, this is in addition to the communication that the cruise operators are sending direct to passengers. As the government have advised that the peak of this pandemic is not going to be for 10-12 weeks then the chances of your cruise actually running are slim to none, so the best advice would be to hang fire with any action, if Cunard cancel the cruise you would then get a full refund, if it is still running and you choose not to go then at that stage you could still cancel and get the same future cruise credit that you would get by cancelling now. I am sorry if you think we haven’t offered you good customer service, However, I have to respectfully disagree, our team is working flat out to the best of their ability to deal with this once in a lifetime event and we are amazingly proud of how great they are.
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