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    how about a cruise to nowhere.

    boy tough audience lol. ok assuming duty free was duty free, the cruiseline up their game on the entertainment and insurance etc were possible . then would you curmudgeons be interested?
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    how about a cruise to nowhere.

    A pile of books, a mug of tea & a view of the sea (preferably from a balcony but a window would do) & I'd be perfectly happy.
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    how about a cruise to nowhere.

    You are lucky enough to be still on this planet. Not so for over 44,000 poor souIs is that not positive enough for you. I look around and my garden has never look so good, my neighbours are people you stop and talk with instead of just the odd hello. the books I always said I would read are now done. i understand the use of my laptop and iPad more and can Zoom and FaceTime with ease.
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