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    Cruising after the 'virus'

    Could I respectfully suggest Anchors-aweigh the size of ship doesn't really come into it. What does matter is the PSR (Passenger Space Ratio). This is a statistical measure that compares the total public space on a cruise ship to the number of passengers carried. Therefore the higher the figure the more space a passenger has. In very large ships this is often in excess of 40. Oasis of the Seas is 42, Anthem of the Seas 40, Brilliance of the Seas 43 and QM2 a huge 57. Looking at older smaller ships Oriana was 37, Arcadia 37, Boudicca 34, Norwegian Spirit 38, MSC Opera 34 and Maasdam 34. Big is not always bad.
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    Sinbad, unfortunately I have to say that I also find the grab&go cardboard sandwiches underwhelming, as well as being under filled. I do however avail myself of the occasional dessert to go with my pizza slice or burger, but I much prefer the old sadly lamented chicken burgers. On our last cruise on Aurora, even the fried chicken breast pieces had been replaced with chicken thighs, which tend to be a bit crunchy if you use them to fill a bap.😄
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    No, I don't think they are keen to do anything that will harm the industry even further. The ban is only effective in USA waters and has a get-out clause to end it early should the Covid-19 situation improve significantly. I guess you only have to look at the current situation in the USA to understand the ban. In terms of the other issues people have made on this thread, personally I feel I am unlikely to cruise again until any sort of social distancing on board ships is deemed not necessary. Also, when travelling solo, I would have to be able to eat with others as , for me, eating alone every night would be sooooo boring.
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    One thing for sure, I bet the prices escalate.... some cruise lines are already quoting double for single travellers. There’s also the problem of arranging travel insurance..
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    As far as I am concerned I go with what the foreign office travel advice is not a US government agency. The leisure industry is only just in the process of starting up in this country and I certainly won’t consider travelling abroad by any means until it’s a lot more safer to do so and I dread the thought of being confined to a cabin on a boat should there be an outbreak on board.
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    Whilst cruising has ceased for the foreseeable future there isn’t much to talk about one folk have stopped complaining about refunds and when they will get them, which the cruise companies seem to be doing their best. I look on the site but don’t log in as it’s easier to read the latest updates that way and don’t bother logging in unless I have something to say. Shall I be controversial and start a new smoking thread that will get folk going 😱 only joking... Fingers crossed things will get sorted in one way or another, hopefully one of these vaccines will be successful, and we can all start cruising again
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    Cruising after the 'virus'

    The problem with this media-led world of ours is that we are drip-fed a constant diet of worst-case scenarios. Sure it will be a different one - 'slimmed-down' in the case of the cruising industry - but allow yourself for a moment to think that there could well be an annual vaccine [within a year] that we can have alongside the 'flu vaccine. Then why should we not be given the freedom to roam the seas -and the counties of the world once again.
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    They were a good idea if they were used as they were intended for but unfortunately many just abused it by emptying first thing in the morning on port days as free food to take off the ship save them buying anything
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    P&O -does 'goodwill' exist?

    I got a nicely phrased email from one of the admin team at P&O. It pointed out the 'fluid pricing' policy and that no exceptions could be made. Referring to our birthdays during the said cruise, the company are allowing a further £50 OBC irrespective. My wife was so looking forward to that cruise as there were half of the ports we had never visited-so I went back to the girl I know at Bolsover. She pointed out just how few of the balcony cabins were left and after a quick chat with OH we [mainly 'she'!] picked out a cabin and we booked it. P&O are certainly 'loading' prices as the cabin code we booked at £2303 is now showing at £2999pp.
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    We have nearly always found the buffet system perfectly acceptable, and as we generally have breakfast after 9:30 it's not normally overcrowded. I have only rarely seen poor hygiene behaviour, it's mainly the queuing on the poorly designed Grand Princess class of ships that annoys me, Celebrity's Solstice class buffet design is the best we have experienced. I hope whatever replaces it post covid provides the same choice and ease of service that we enjoyed previously.
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