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    How about other UK ports ?

    I certainly agree with the comments by OWT and David above. As the mainstream cruise lines build ever larger ships, I think it would get more difficult for them to have regional departures, especially on a frequent basis. Liverpool could be reasonably well provided for, as long as the new cruise terminal eventually gets built. Places like Newcastle and Rosyth however would only seem suitable for those travelling by car. Additionally, Rosyth cannot take large ships as access is restricted by the Forth Bridges. Greenock can take fairly large ships but again, there is very little infrastructure there to support changeovers and a relatively small population to provide a decent supply of passengers. Another relevant issue is that the RCI and Carnival companies have made significant commitments to Southampton. RCI I believe made a large financial contribution when City Cruise Terminal was rebuilt and enlarged. Carnival the same with Ocean Terminal and of course with Carnival in particular, their UK HQ is in Southampton. Increasingly, the cruise lines are looking to cut costs and a way of doing this is to be based in one centre in order to get the best deals. At the end of the day, I don't see regular, large-ship cruising anywhere other than Southampton in the UK.
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    How about other UK ports ?

    Unless they have agreements in principle with some cruise lines, that's quite a risky venture but I wish them well. Maybe P&O are thinking of adopting the Costa Cruises practice of having more than one starting point - day 1 Southampton, day 2 Hull, day 3 Scandinavia etc. Mind you, not sure how many pax boarding in Southampton would fancy 2 calls into Hull in one cruise...
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    How about other UK ports ?

    Hi Graden, As I have no desire to cruise on "The Leviathon Of The Seas", I would welcome the opportunity to sail from more Northerly ports on the smaller ships. But, to where????? DavidH
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    Cruising after the 'virus'

    The whole situation is a nightmare and there is no easy solution. Do we know how long the virus might be in the body before showing up on testing? Could it be in the nose but not in the throat initially? Sadly, at this time I can't see how cruises can realistically operate without a vaccine being available. I do however sincerely hope the pathfinder cruises that are starting up now will prove me wrong...
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    Cruising with MSC Grandiosa

    Just seen in the news that a family were not allowed to return to the ship after leaving an excursion in Capri. The ship had organised a ferry from Naples which had been specially prepared for the tour group. One family part way into the tour decided to leave and do their own thing. They returned to Naples only to find their luggage on the quayside. MCS said that it would not be fair to the other passenger who had abided by the rules. I would like to think that the other cruise companies would do the same.
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    Cruising with MSC Grandiosa

    I say well done to the Captain- these people knew the consequences therefore I have no sympathy for them.
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    Out with one set of twins and in with a bigger newer set: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines confirms new ships Bolette and Borealis will take over from classic vessels Boudicca and Black Watch 21st August 2020 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has today confirmed it will retire two classic vessels, Boudicca and Black Watch, as the company prepares to welcome two new ships, Bolette and Borealis, into the fleet. The two new ships will take over existing itineraries for Boudicca and Black Watch, when cruising begins again with the company’s ‘back in the water’ plan for next year. When Bolette and Borealis join the fleet it will increase Fred. Olsen’s overall capacity by circa 30 percent – meaning more guests can enjoy exciting new itineraries. Both vessels carry under 1,400 guests and have new and larger public areas, whilst remaining true to Fred. Olsen’s small ship experience. Those guests who had cruises booked on the two classic vessels will be among the first to sail on the new ships, with their bookings being automatically transferred onto either Bolette or Borealis. Additional cabins will go on sale in early September. Peter Deer, Managing Director at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said: “I am pleased to say we are now at the stage of finalising our back in the water plans and we are very excited to be doing this with two new vessels within our fleet. “While we are still looking at a number of options for Boudicca and Black Watch, what we do know is that they won’t resume sailing with us when we do start to cruise again. “We know that these ships are much loved among our guests, as indeed they are by us, but it is time to evolve and look ahead to a long and bright future for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. “We will soon be revealing more details on our plans to resume sailing again, but in the meantime we hope many of you will join us on our virtual farewell cruises to see our two ships off in style.” As part of Fred. Olsen’s virtual cruise programme, the company will be holding virtual farewell sailings for both Boudicca and Black Watch on Facebook, with guests and crew invited to share their favourite photographs and memories of the two ships. The virtual cruises will be held for two weeks starting from Monday, 24th August. Guests who were booked to sail on Boudicca and Black Watch will automatically have their booking transferred to the same itineraries on Bolette or Borealis, and will be contacted by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines with final details in the coming weeks. For further information on Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, the new ships or to book online, visit www.fredolsencruises.com/newships, call Reservations on 0800 0355 242 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), or contact your ABTA travel agent. To join in the virtual cruises and to share your memories of Boudicca and Black Watch, search for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines on Facebook or visit www.fredolsencruises.com/memories
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