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    Where to in our winter?

    Hi afcandrew and many thanks for the recommendation. It looks a beautiful hotel, however the price quoted is more than I want to pay for a quick break but thank you for taking the trouble to suggest somewhere. Hi DavidH and thank you for the suggestion. Had a look at Warners but unfortunately there is nothing available until the 31st July and we were looking for next week. Again thank you for taking the trouble to suggest somewhere. I am beginning to think that a hotel near the sea offering what they do in say Spain/Portugal at aa reasonable cost would make a fortune, however at 76 I am a bit old to start on another venture 🤣
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    how about a cruise to nowhere.

    Would Guernsey want a ship tendering in thousands of people off a cruise ship, I very much doubt it. They have done a fantastic job in controlling Coronavirus and very much doubt they would want to risk allowing cruise passengers ashore.
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    Where to in our winter?

    Good luck from me too. I just hope that wrinkles will be ironed out by the time we are due to cruise in April. I am certain that there will be wrinkles......
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    The Nolans

    It was MSC Grandiosa, can’t comment on the program as I did not see it.
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    oceana sold immediateley

    I think Princess will get rid the diamond after the bad publicity when the corona virus made the headlines I can’t see anybody would have confidence sailing on her, I am sorry to see cruise ships going but has anybody said anything about all the new ships on order, Cunard new ship was coming into service next year, but that’s been mentioned or I have not seen anything.
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    Sinbad, unfortunately I have to say that I also find the grab&go cardboard sandwiches underwhelming, as well as being under filled. I do however avail myself of the occasional dessert to go with my pizza slice or burger, but I much prefer the old sadly lamented chicken burgers. On our last cruise on Aurora, even the fried chicken breast pieces had been replaced with chicken thighs, which tend to be a bit crunchy if you use them to fill a bap.😄
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    I agree Towny, the buffet is my main eatery for breakfast and lunch only using the MDR for dinner in the evening. Obviously going forward there will be some initial changes as has already been said such as staff serving as they do during norovirus outbreaks but I wouldn't like to see that continue long term, I prefer to serve myself. As for queuing it'll happen whatever they do whether that be at the buffet or MDR. Here's hoping we get back to normality sooner rather than later. HLM.
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