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    How about other UK ports ?

    Also done because QM2 attracts a lot of German cruisers doing TAs to New York.
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    How about other UK ports ?

    CMV did this with Tilbury and then further embarkation in Amsterdam the next day. Amsterdam was always day 2 so nothing repeated.
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    How about other UK ports ?

    The same cruise itinerary done continuously over a season, just like a lot of the US ships do in the Caribbean.
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    How about other UK ports ?

    Unless they have agreements in principle with some cruise lines, that's quite a risky venture but I wish them well. Maybe P&O are thinking of adopting the Costa Cruises practice of having more than one starting point - day 1 Southampton, day 2 Hull, day 3 Scandinavia etc. Mind you, not sure how many pax boarding in Southampton would fancy 2 calls into Hull in one cruise...
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