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    it does make me chuckle all this fuss, several studies have shown that our antiseptic city lives have caused increases in asthma and other respiritory complaints over and above the problems of air quality and the over prescribing of antibiotics are causing all sorts of problems. studies showed that individuals in rural areas particularly farming communities were far healthier and much more resistant to illness than their city dwelling counterparts as they were exposed to far more bacteria etc and build up a natural resistance. the vacinne for smallpox was developed from antibodies from a milkmaid who got cowpox from working with animals and her natural immunity resulted in many a life saved. i am all for sensible cleanliness but people do take it to extremes mainly driven by the constant adverts promoting the germ killing abilities of inumerable products. soap and water will sufice in most cases. antibacterial this and that are not needed hot soapy water is more than adequate.
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    When I was young, yes a long time ago, there was no food packaging in shops (we didn't have supermarkets) everything came from the shelf, cold slab or bin. We didn't have wipes, spray antiseptics, toilet cleaners, oven cleaners, washing machines, freezers. I sat on seats that others had used, wore hand me down clothes, ate everything that was put in front of me. Was shouted at by teachers at school, caned on several occasions and introduced to the slipper on several occasions but still respected the teachers. By todays standards I don't know how I have survived.
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    Pesky Pirate

    Using your Mobile.

    They had a life πŸ™ƒπŸ˜Ž
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    But I am only in my 60’s and I can relate to what OWT said, it is because people use all these antibacterial wipes and cleaners that we are no longer able to fight diseases. I don’t think we need to go back 75years. My kids in their 30’s & 40’s have survived and we didn’t have the antibacterial cleaners then for me to use. The only item that was sterilised was the baby bottle for the first few months.
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    I have looked on while this thread has developed and think that it is mostly about opinions which can vary wildly as to what is clean or not. I think the OP expected more support for their opinion but, because most people are not of the obsessive type, did not get it. My original thoughts were slightly askew from the way the thread developed. I don't see any designated use for certain areas of a cabin being stated when you get in there, okay certain parts are unstated such as "don't pee in the kettle" (don't understand why you would want to btw) but the rest is down to whatever your opinion might be. Opinions cannot be right or wrong except when they are stating facts which can be right or wrong. A drawer at the side of my bed can be used for whatever I want to use it for. Any bacteria or virus in it will usually die within a few hours. So, for as long as I continue cruising it will continue to be my dirty underpants drawer. RayO
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    I have never read such a load of old rubbish since the last thread on this topic. I am not aware that any normal viruses can be passed on through perspiration, and if I was the type of person that worried about lurking germs in any hotel/cruise ship drawers, then I think I would probably stay at home and avoid all social contact.
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    Not sure what infant mortality rates have to do with what I said. We also survived WW2 and all the shortages and hardships that came with it such as rationing, yet we are the ones living longer. Surely the reason for living longer is because doctors have diagnosed and conquered some of the old killers such as TB, respiratory problems, some forms of cancer and several others. Be interesting in 20 years time to see the predicted life expectancy. I for one won't be here to see the answer.
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    Seeing that you were on a P&O cruise I bet there was not much meat but plenty of the 2 veg
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    Go commando and that sorts it all
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    *Dancing Queen*

    P&o gratuities

    Why should it involve us ( the paying passenger ) I agree with others what the crew earn is none of our business, we will now have a level playing field which I'm delighted about and as a result of that the crew 'should' be paid an acceptable wage by P&O rather than relying on gratuities, it isn't a case of people not caring now they've got what they want, the money to pay the increase in wages will come from somewhere be it an increase in fares or purchases on board but the main thing is hopefully the crew will now receive a decent wage, the amount has nothing to do with any of us it's between the employee and employer, in other walks of life 'personnel costs' come from profits so why should this be any different, we wouldn't walk into M&S and demand to know how much a cashier earns and yet in effect any purchase we make has contributed to their salary.
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    It's the last night of the proms & I'm sitting here surrounded by the 17 flags that I've accumulated from the great British sail aways over the years. I knew they would come in useful for something.πŸŽΌπŸ›³πŸ˜€
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    "She fell of a Cruise Ship?"

    Your guess is as good as mine, but I know where my money lies. Hopefully she'll get the bill. HLM.
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    Sue P

    Thanks for all the Baltic advice

    About 18 months ago I posted for the first time on the forum to ask advice about cruising to the Baltics, My husband and I had only been on one cruise before (P&O to the med) and I was finding all the various options quite overwhelming... The response I received was incredible with so many people taking the time to offer help and suggestions on cruise lines, itinerary, local tour companies etc etc. It made the planning so much easier and I was so grateful for the help. So I thought it only fair to report back on our return.... I included as many of your suggestions as was physically possible and we travelled with Celebrity Silhouette from Southampton, visiting Zeebrugge, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Talinn, 3 full days in St Petersburg, and Warnemunde. We booked SPB tours (who were excellent) for St Petersburg, including a night at the ballet (where we had a private box!). We explored Copenhagen, Stockholm and Talinn on our own and took the boat (as suggested) to Rostock from Warnemunde and again explored on our own, all of which was incredibly easy. The only ships tour we took was to Ypres and Flanders Fields from Zeebrugge, which was very good and thought provoking... We had an amazing time throughout and we even had fantastic weather! So a massive thank you to everyone for helping to make our trip so memorable.
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    P&O's new drink packages?

    There is nothing wrong with getting your moneys worth but when some people have freely admitted on here in the past and seem to be proud that on Captains welcome aboard party they get there early to get a position by the bar where the waiters come out with the drinks and accost them. Lets be honest we have all seen some grabbing 2 drinks each at a time and having them all lined up on a table.
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    I think that the Saying "Eat my Short's' is not meant to be taken literally , just my opinion.....Davybe
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    Pesky Pirate


    Depends on what they have been doing........ the aircon might have broken down..... πŸ€ͺ
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    I don't leave anything personal lying around in the cabin. Firstly I don't want to make extra work for the cabin steward and secondly I don't like the idea of a stranger touching my clothes.. On our first cruise I was shocked to find my new nightgown spread on the bed with a towel animal head wearing my prescription sunglasses which I had left in their case beside the bed. I wasn't amused! Since then everything goes in a drawer. I'm sure there are worse things put into the drawers than my worn once or twice night wear.
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    No one is whinging sinbad10, just a general discussion of how they are going to recuperate the money. Certainly it will ensure that everyone pays which is a good thing. Yes Thomson include them along with Azamara, Seabourn, Seadream, Crystal, Noble Caledonian, Hebridean, Voyages to Antiquity and many river cruise lines. Problem is that if all cruise lines do this there will only be smoking and dress code left to argue about!! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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    Was BoJo Right

    In Fairness Mayday the "Buffoon" image is one he has cultivated? One of my old bosses use to tell me" look how they walk" you can tell a lot about a person from how the walk(Present themselves) Boris is a skulker .always looking to see who is watching ,he will mess his hair up before being interviewed, or seen in public. I would not put any trust in the man proven liar ....Davybe
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    The Edge Sea trials

    I’m not sure how anyone can really have opinions until they have sailed on her. Given the high prices I doubt if we will be among the passengers, although she seems to have some interesting features. The emphasis seems to be on suite passengers. The outside of a ship has no impact on my enjoyment. It is what is inside that counts.
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    Anyone on Oceana last week?

    I think they meant they were 'goldies' as in the top tier of the Loyalty club before it changed. Now they would probably say we are 'Ligurians' you know. As if that gave them extra protection.πŸ˜‚
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    Well I can honestly say that some of the comments on this thread have made me laugh out loud - absolutely hilarious. Thanks a lot folks, you've really cheered me up.
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    *Dancing Queen*


    They do say soap is bad for you or at least that is what the cosmetic companies tell you when they are trying to sell you all their lotions and potions, I can remember an Estee Lauder assistant commenting on how nice my skin was and asking what cleansers etc I used .. she was horrified when I said just soap and water !!
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    I really can't see what's disgusting about it, if you find something like using a bedside draw for nightwear disgusting I wonder how you manage to go on any holiday. Where do you draw the line? Do you not use the cutlery or the sun beds because others have possibly picked them up and put them down again, or layed on a bed in their costumes etc. Me thinks we need to be realistic. HLM.
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    *Dancing Queen*

    New from P&O

    I think the crew would tell a very different story, the spin doctors may have sold them more tables/cabins = more tips but it will also mean more dissatisfied passengers = less tips. I have always supported the auto gratuities but the more I read on forums I'm beginning to ask myself who is the biggest fool here !! I accept paying tips is part and parcel of the stewards wage and I don't have a problem with this but what I do have a problem with is paying for a service if I don't get it and with the best will in the world the stewards can only do so much in a day so customer service will suffer.
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