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    HAL Alaskan Cruise

    Got back from this cruise and a stay in Vancouver recently. Fantastic time. Holland America Line have to be my favourite line ion terms of service and food. Was only bettered by a luxurious river cruise with Uniworld in our experience of sailing with P&O, Royal Caribbean and HAL once before. As for the venues themselves it was stunning and the memory of floating quietly in Glacier Bay watching the ice calve will stay with me for many years.
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    Cruising on TV

    Caught up with both Jane McDonald and The Cruise last night. A bit same-old, same-old with Jane - as much about her as it is the cruise. I fast-forwarded through a few bits of her in Aus before getting on the ship! Re The Cruise, I am on Coral Princess in Alaska later this year. It is one of their smaller ships so sadly I may not get the chance to play the ever-so-exciting "Elevator Roulette" 🙄. I do so hope we get the chance to see the Entertainments Team doing their "Bavarian Thigh-Slapping Routine" - not! 😁 Unfortunately, I don't have a birthday whilst on board so wont have three violinists playing happy birthday and a plethora of officers presenting me with roses - after all, they obviously do that for everyone with a birthday on board.....
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    lest we forget

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    quiet sea day and not much to photograph so a couple of annoyances for you. my cabin is the last in the corridor next to the door that opens on to deck 10 the only thing there is the sliding roof over the swimming pool. anyway for the first three nights after leaving southampton i could hear a cricket chirping i kid you not. and the volume went up each night. i would go out into the corridor go doown towards the crows nest and it continued but the volume lower.so i went back to the room and opened the door to deck 10, as soon as i stepped through it the noise stopped. anyway by night 6 i had had enough so went to reception and they were more amused than anything. but the duty hotel manager was there and she said she would come up with someone else. so iwent back and shortly after i could hear them chatting as they came down the corridor and saying it is it is a cricket its got to be. i went out and showed them how it stopped when you went through the door. i then left them to investigate. a few minutes later she knocked on the door and said look at this and theres a wooden ramp retro fitted outside the door and eventually they had lifted it and lo and behold a huge cricket lying there chirping away. so problem solved with a size 9 from her assistant. the other you could say a little more delecate problem is i still have to work so usually come back to the cabin around 3ish to do said work. anyway next door need a new bed or at least to get it oiled as their afternoon delight is rather annoying. well thats all folks beutiful weather today properley toasted so off for a shower and prep for formal, night night.
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    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    it is definateley increasingly unaffordable for a product that is becoming less and less special. many cruiselines rcl esp are becoming far too gimmacky for my taste. so much is now extra that was once included. speciality restaurants,bars and entertainment with a surcharge. i personally prefer a cruise thats relaxing ideally no surcharges etc i prefer to budget myself pay for the drinks i have and trips i take. ideally tips included in the price of the cruise. not a fan of drinks packages etc. p&o and fred olsen were about right but p&o seem to be cutting back everywhere on the basics and adding more and more chargable stuff. i appreciate you can take it or leave it and dont have to have the extras but many of the now extras were the norm. i will still cruise health allowing but i will be choosing far more carefully and going less often.
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    The cards are written, the presents are wrapped & the tree is decorated so all I have to do now is look forward to the big day. i would like to wish everyone on the forum & at Bolsover a merry Christmas & a happy, peaceful New Year.
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    *Dancing Queen*


    Presents wrapped and delivered, cards were posted earlier this week so all I've got to do now is pack before we head off for a Christmas at sea. Best Wishes to all for a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
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    My cards are posted, no tree as yet but plan to do it on Monday, have a great Christmas everyone. I have loved reading and being part of this forum. Here’s to many more cruises. Our first one is in May
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    Renewing a Passport.

    Just my opinion of cause, but we use the post office it’s the most reliable and over the application with a fine tooth comb and it is secure in these days of identity fraud We like the peace of mind.
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    How Does Music Affect You

    One of my favourites always was Myfanwy, but since it was played at my Mum's cremation I have difficulty listening to it.
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    How Does Music Affect You

    Abide with me is one that I avoid whenever possible. My best friend's Dad was a big football fan and had it at his funeral. My friend & I are both Arsenal fans and have been subjected to Abide with me at numerous FA Cup Finals since and both find it difficult. My partner also chose two popular songs to be played at his funeral (Time to Say Goodbye - Katherine Jenkins & You Raise Me up - Westlife) and I still find these difficult to listen to, especially if they turn up unexpectedly! I really wish he had carried out his threat to have "The Best of TImes is Now" from La Cage Aux Folles instead - at least that would bring a smile to my face rather than tears to my eyes! Hi DavidH - I'm good thanks. I was in my local Church Choir in the seventies and I recall once a bride walking up the aisle to the theme tune of BBC TV's 'This Week' - which I understand comes from Sibelius' Karelia Suite. It seemed very odd to us at the time though!
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    Captain Kidd II

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    With flexible pricing you cannot tell what will happen. More people book summer holidays after Christmas so the prices will go up. Sometimes there is a drop 12 weeks before sailing but it is all dependent on the popularity of the cruise. If there is a cruise you really want to go on, and the price is right for you, book and do not check for change. Just enjoy the cruise as there will aleays be someone who has paid less.
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    Cruising on TV

    Not sure what Butlins is like as I have never been to one. I have however been to other 'holiday camp/complexes and to me cruising on many ships is no more than a holiday camp/complex at sea as both offer very similar amenities both with their own advantages and disadvantages. I think we need to remember that with all the new ships coming on line over the next few years there is basically only one place the cruise lines are going to attract new customers from and that is those who currently frequent holiday complexes in the sun. These complexes offer in my personal experience very similar experiences to that of a modern cruise ship but with advantages. They don't charge extra for speciality restaurants, very seldom is there a problem finding sun beds, the rooms are much larger than cabins with walk in showers, good range of toiletries and usually have balconies, drinks if not inclusive are at sensible prices. Therefore to attract people away from these complexes the ships have to offer something similar. Time will tell.
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    "It's beginning to look a lot like" …..I should join in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. DavidH
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    Merry Christmas to all!
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    My Daughter has a Great Dane who can open the Fridge and cupboards ? no food is safe around the dog,Last year she open a cupboard door and ate a full cream cake ,my Granddaughter had made for a school .Today she has eaten some Pine cones, hope she eats the sprouts ??....Davybe
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    merry xmas and may the new year be all that you hope for and more all the best mitch
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    I would like to echo those sentiments I still have some presents to wrap, but the tree is up, cards written and am looking forward to festive time with the Children, and Grandchildren and count my blessings we have them living near by. Merry Christmas. And a Very happy New Year.
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    Congratulations to Bolsover Cruise Club

    They would probably win many more if one did not have to provide your e-mail address in order to vote. I did vote once many years ago but then was deluged with junk e-mails from everywhere for months after.
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    It is quite often a bun fight when trying to find the cases. Why people decide its a good idea to push other people luggage into the wrong area is beyond me, those nice people we cruised with suddenly become snarling and aggressive,when collecting their luggage. Our last cruise we waited ages on the coach until the two airheads ,who could not find their luggage ,eventually arriving with their P&O slippers on as they had packed all their shoes....Davybe
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    weather- is it worth trying to anticipate

    But of course, Davybe. Over the years I have come to realise that " What's hers is hers and what's mine is hers as well". DavidH
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    How Does Music Affect You

    Hi DavidH, my idea was to get a thread going that members would join in with their differing views at a time when the forum seemed to have stagnated. Hope I have succeeded.
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    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    The World Bubble has not yet burst, but will eventually? The Industry is looking at an overall growth of around 6% per annum. I have not found any evidence that the bookings are down for the UK market as yet? From a personal point of view prices are rising to fast ,and I have noticed that Celebrity are one way or another bringing their prices down ,all be only by small amounts, some cruise lines offering low deposits suggest they may be struggling to fill cabins.? It is true that land based holidays can now be better value for money, but then again 14 nights in the same spot has not got a great appeal to me, nice to see different place . My Daughter who has just started cruising thinks it's good value for money? new cruisers may find the prices OK us older cruisers think they are getting to dear....Davybe
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    sorry this is late starting but weve had little or no internet since leaving southampton,that is a saga all of its own but suffice to say no joy with staff/reception on board and it took southampton 5 days to send a bog standard reply to say they will try and get back to me in 28 days. any way embarkation smooth as silk and cabin s21 is huge considering its a single,its a 4ft bed with 6 inches of spare space between the bed and bedside tables on both sides so could easily be a double. the cruise down to bermuda slightly choppy and v overcast with plenty of rain showers so didnt really warm up before the day before bermuda. as usual lovely bunch of people in the smoking areas and the usual sunbathing non smokers moaning were smoking in their chosen sunbathing area. pics are of cabin s21, sunrise in bermuda,bermuda st georges local gossip being ducked on the ducking stool, beach on bermuda drive, lighthouse bermuda.
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    Have You Been On A Cruise To Cuba?

    Hi RiverSong, My wife and I, together with a couple of friends, called into Havana on Marella Discovery 2 as part of their Cuban Fusion cruise. It was somewhere that was on our bucket list and the call did not disappoint. Docked from 07.00hrs on Friday 26 January 2018 to 14.00hrs on Saturday 27th, we enjoyed the ship organised "Havana Highlights" half day tour on the first morning, then spent time on our own in town before taking in a super show at Cabaret Parisien in The Hotel Nacionale on the Friday evening (again, ship organised). The following morning, our friends were driven around in a vintage car, whilst my wife and I strolled the streets and sampled the markets. At no stage did we feel out of our comfort zone. A great place to visit. DavidH
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