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    Bolsover Cruise Club

    Sinbad, you are not the only one with future cruises booked via Bolsover, and quite likely to suffer some sort of financial loss as this situation evolves. But screaming about your personal situation without appearing to care for how others are affected will not endear you to anyone on the forum.
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    Bolsover Cruise Club

    wow aren't you a dog with a bone Sinbad, cant you just look outside your own little bubble a minute and see what is going on, of course not it doesn't then fit your own agenda. By the way the story in the independent isn't entirely accurate so don't use that as your bible. The latest information to come from ABTA and the Government is that the package travel regulations are not changing but being extended for a short while, this will mean that tour and cruise operators , where they have cancelled a holiday, can offer a Refund Credit Note initially rather than a refund, this will only be active until 31 July 2020 when if not used the credit note can be exchanged for cash at that point not in two years. Shouldn't really believe fake news. And I agree with Wshutt above that it is very unfair to blame Bolsover Cruise Club, they don't make up the rules just pass them on. We need to pull together as a country through this and think of the bigger picture.
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    As it's very wet and windy outside, I seem to have a bit of time on my hands so thought I would report on our recent cruise on Marella Discovery. Our cruises over the last couple of years have been very port intensive (thank you, Azamara in the main and Emerald Waterways) so when we saw that the itinerary for this two week trip would allow us to tick off two bucket list visits (transit of the Suez Canal and visiting Petra in Jordan) whilst offering plenty of relaxing sea days in between, we decided it was definitely for us. Having previously sailed on Discovery II, we were aware that Marella's Grand Suites offer generous accommodation at a value for money, all inclusive price. No disappointment there, then, I love to be outdoors but need to be very careful in the sun, so sea days spent mainly on the well proportioned balcony suited me, whilst finding a sunbed for one proved much easier for my wife than if we were searching for two together. The early morning (06.00hrs) flight from Birmingham was testing but checking in was pretty well organised, though the layout at Naples Airport meant we seemed to walk miles trundling our luggage to where the coaches were parked and ready to whisk us off to the ship. With priority boarding, we were in our suite in no time and luggage followed swiftly, allowing us to spend the whole afternoon and early evening in Naples itself. We visited the San Carlo Opera House and the amazing Bourbon Tunnel underneath the City. The food on board, in general, was very good - not Azamara standard but, hey, we were not paying Azamara prices. We dined in all of the venues available (not all at once, you understand) and found the Speciality venues to also be good value. Surf and Turf steak house, Kora La for Asian cuisine and a super experience watching our chef prepare our Sushi in the Sushi Bar added variety to the Main Dining Room, the Italian Gallery 47 and The Glass House options. Breakfast invariably involved a brief visit to the Buffet Restaurant on the deck immediately above our suite to pick up food to eat in the privacy of our balcony, though we did tend to eat lunch in the Buffet Restaurant itself. We had pre-paid for the Premium Drinks package and found that, as on Discovery II, this met our needs very nicely. The entertainment was pretty good, with an excellent in house team supplemented by a Comedy Magician, a Singer Comedian (they overworked this guy a bit too much), a very good Dance Couple and two Classical/Crossover Singers. Much of the daytime entertainment thankfully passed me by as I was either reading, doing my beloved Killer Sudoku, or snoozing on the balcony. I did participate in the odd table tennis competition (with "odd" being the most appropriate word) and we deck walked a fair bit, using the well equipped gym on the odd occasion it was too windy for walking the track on deck ten. Being regular social dancers, we dropped in to the evening dance sessions most evenings before dinner but didn't do much dancing as the floor in the Atrium was, as usual, too small but was also very sticky. I invariably wear dance shoes in an evening on cruise ships but the suede soles made it almost impossible to move on this particular floor. I think they had put down a non-slip surface to avoid accidents but non-slip is exactly what you do not want on a dance floor!! No matter, the bar tenders in the Atrium soon knew exactly how my wife likes her Margaritas and I, my Pernod and water. In preparation for our two full days docked in Aqaba, Jordan, I had done a lot of internet research and we had concluded that, to maximise our time, a private 2 day tour was likely to be the best solution to avoiding tedious hours on a coach and in a large group. Booked through an agency called Petra Nights Tours, we could not have been more pleased with our trip. We were picked up at the quayside in Aqaba at 08.00hrs on day 1 by our driver, Osama and, with a brief coffee stop offering fantastic views over the mountainous terrain, we dropped our bit of luggage at our hotel, the excellent Petra Guest House Hotel at around 11.00hrs and were introduced to Sammy, our guide for the next 4 hours through the amazing Petra site. Despite all the walking and my wife's dodgy knee, we returned for the candlelit Petra By Night experience that evening. According to her Fitbit, she walked some 28,000 steps that day. The evening was rounded off with a couple of drinks in the Cave Bar at the Hotel - converted from a 2,000 year old tomb. Osama collected us from the Hotel at 07.00 hrs the following morning and transported us to Wadi Rum for an unforgettable 3 hour private Jeep Tour through this awe inspiring landscape, followed by lunch. The climb up a massive sand dune to admire the views, dragging a wife with an increasingly dodgy knee, just about finished me off but what an amazing experience. Back in Aqaba in plenty of time to board before the evening sailing, Osama gave us a brief driving tour of his beloved city before dropping us back at the quayside. He invited us to his wedding next year but, as we explained, we still have so many places to see and a diminishing amount of time in which to see them. The one word that sticks in my mind from our 2 day experience in Jordan is "Welcome". We heard it said on so many occasions. Sailing down the Red Sea, we picked up our security escorts for peace of mind through the possibly risky bits into the Gulf of Aden but then had not one but two unplanned calls due to medical emergencies, one into Djibouti, the other into Salalah. This meant we were considerably delayed in docking in Fujairah but our flights from Dubai were re-arranged and I was subsequently grateful for the decision to take out late return insurance when booking my airport parking. We were able to remain in our suite until 17.00hrs on the day of departure, then to have a relaxing final dinner on board before our airport transfer. Well done to TUI and Marella. All in all, we enjoyed a great holiday. Would we sail with Marella again? Most certainly, we would consider them - but they have to be going where we want to go. Next stop - Japan in April!! DavidH
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    Bolsover Cruise Club

    Absolutely. Difficult at times to sit back and take the advice of others, however in instances like this its a good idea to take their advice. They are not going to give bad advice as they don't want to lose a customers future bookings.
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    Taking this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the forum members, have a good one, all health and happiness in 2020
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    How is everyone

    Most of us have had holidays postponed or cancelled or just confused about when we come out of lockdown, isolation, or not able to see, hug kiss our loved ones. so my question is how is everyone? In the Forum names without faces we know so well, even though we have not knowingly met. my otherhalf has been unwell, nothing to do with corona virus I at times caged, don’t like not seeing my family, apart from FaceTime when we all tell each other we fine and dandy. I hope your all safe and well best Wishes jenjen
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    How is everyone

    We are doing very well and are managing to keep busy. We are lucky that we have a garden to sit in plus we can walk in the country without meeting anybody. Living in a small village makes it so much easier. We do feel sorry for those living in the city. My only gripe is, what it is about stay at home that a few people do not understand. I would hate the minority to spoil it for the majority. I like you miss the family we are able to ZOOM occasionally but it is not the same. Our last holiday was on Ventura arriving back in Southampton on 17th March. Having been away for 5 weeks we have not spent time with our family since the end of January. Keep safe everyone, here’s looking forward to happier times and our cruise booked next year (we hope)
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    P&O ships futures.

    Although of course anything is possible under the extreme circumstances we find ourselves in, I don't see a re-merger of P&O and Princess as they are now so far apart in both product and market. Of course, whilst not formally merged, P&O share many services/resources with Cunard. They are both headquartered in Carnival House, Southampton and appear to share staff at many levels. A lot will depend on how big the dent in the cruise market is. Another forum I look in on has run a survey about whether people want to carry on cruising and of nearly 3000 respondents so far, two-thirds say they will return as soon as possible. Whether that is the case when push comes to shove remains to be seen but even a third downturn in numbers will lead to some fleet rationalisation I think.
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    Bolsover Cruise Club

    Having just read this blog I am shocked at what SINBAD has written. We were booked to sail on 24 July with CUNARD. I have had lots of e-mails from them explaining all the options that we have. As we are both 70 and I have heart trouble CUNARD advised me not to sail. I rang BOLSOVER but the lines were very busy but, the next morning I got a call from them to see what they could do for me as my number came up as a missed call. This is why we book with BOLSOVER because they CARE. I explained what CUNARD had e-mailed to me and asked if our deposit could be used to book another cruise. This she did. The next day the girl rang me to explain what CUNARD wanted me to do because if I cancelled the July one they would give me 125% FCC not as you say 110
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    Happy New Year

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    Where is everyone

    I'm still here but only just realised it was back in May that I last asked for information about a Christmas cruise booked on QV, which Dancing Queen was kind enough to give me some useful tips on. Can not believe, after having a very traumatic year with not only my own health but my daughter's too that my husband & I managed to get 12 of us on a short cruise in August to celebrate our Golden Wedding (only just, but that's another story) and now it's only 1month, 25days & 15 hours - not that I'm counting of course - till our Christmas cruise!!! I'm so sorry to hear Davybe that you have had to cancel your cruise because of ill health and I wish you well. It may not be the same for you but it is the thought of the next cruise that has got me through some very difficult times over the last year and I don't think it was by chance my family bought me a nautical themed clutch bag with "Refuse to Sink" embroidered on it to carry my vast quantity of pills I now have to take??? All the very best to you and other fellow cruisers who have health problems ...... remember refuse to sink!!!
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    P&O 2021 and 2022

    Younger clientele in general spend more money whilst onboard and you cannot blame P&O for looking for new younger cruises to replace those older more traditional ones that will be no longer able to cruise with P&O. they have to look at the future and have to fill Iona and another large ship in 2022.
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    hi all, firstly apologies for not posting on the cruise but yet again the internet on the cruise failed for 3 days and we had to wait initially until we got to madiera to take on parts and a tech then a day for him to sort it after which i lost the will lol. esp as we got the same guff from the girl in the library as we had on arcadia when we lost it for 7 days. so not a good start lol. the bay of biscay was a little lumpy en route to madeira the first 2 days/night but i didnt think too bad but to hear some you would have thought we were in a hurricane or something. the first afternoon at sea i had signed up for one of the cookery club courses and that gave me a new respect for the chefs on board as trying to pipe macarons and mix cup cakes when the ship is rocking aint easy lol. the class was excellant even though half of those originally signed up for it didnt make it. it was a bit rocky lol. and we got to eat what we made. the following day i did the cookery class thai street food and we did a thai beef salad chicken satai skewers and thai fish cakes, less rocky but again excellant and great fun. the 2 classes were £45 each and well worth it i thought and an excellant way of passing 2-3 hours and the chefs taking the class were brilliant and coped with all levels of culinary expertise, i have none lol. due to my problems with knees,back and a slipped disc i wasnt able to do any day trips but enjoyed the weather on deck and in the smoking areas, fortunately after the bay the weather the rest of the cruise was good with lots of sunshine and almost zero rain,even got a little sunburned on my back which is unusual for me as i am so careful as i burn easily. i did toy with the idea of doing the cookery class with marco pierre white but at £100 i decided it a step too far likewise the dinner with him cooking for 20 of you and sitting with you at £150. he did a q&a and book signing which somehow i missed completely in the programme, senility setting in i think. but the benefit of sitting in the smoking areas and getting up at silly oclock, twice mr pierre white joined us in the leppers corner and was an absolute delight chatting and introducing himself to all of us degenerates. as usual my main gripe other than the internet is the other passengers, my god they can moan for england, one woman wouldnt shut up about how she thought it was too windy, other than the first 24hrs during the day it rarely got above a slight breeze. although even then they need to sort out some of the doors out onto the outside decks as opening some of them were downright dangerous at times and makes me wonder if they do any tests on the designs before they build them. dont know if it was because marco pierre white was on the cruise for the last 4 days but the food throughout the cruise was excellant. even though i was severley limited by medical issues the cruise was excellant, internet apart. however the next one is going to be cancelled as i need to get these physical issues sorted or the next one will be in a wheelchair or scooter and i would like to avoid that if i can. the bag is being delivered back on sunday by the baggage handling company as that was the earliest one of their vans was up this way, and they did offer to courier it up earlier if i wanted but as its only dirty washing now i wasnt fussed. as ever the bag was waiting in the cabin when i got there so they were as good as ever.
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    Bolsover Cruise Club

    The information above was correct when I replied to your email and as things stand are still correct. If the government change the regulations or plan to change the regulations in the near future then we would have no knowledge of this in advance. As an agent all we can do is pass on the latest information given to us by our cruise operator partners. What I think you need to appreciate is that this is a situation that has never happened before in the world and as such plans and regulations need to adapt with the ever changing pandemic, whilst there is no imminent danger some of these companies may be fighting for their survival if the situation continues for a lengthy period of time. Whilst I understand you are unhappy, our customers have always been and will remain our number one priority, we have been battling this situation since January, when the first cruises across Asia were cancelled, including the complex repatriation of stranded clients, to then facing global cruise suspensions as many countries closed their borders, our team is very fatigued, but they are all here together, battling along and with a team spirit that remains strong with lots of staff from all departments giving up their own time to help man the phones. So to suggest that we are only protecting our self interest is quite frankly very insulting and completely untrue. This will be my last reply on the matter as I have thousands of other customers to help who do appreciate the help and advice we are giving.
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    P&O Loyalty points disgrace

    I imagine that all cruise lines would adopt the same position, loyalty points are always only allocated once the cruise is complete.
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    Diamond princess

    Hindsight is one of the greatest gifts to social media posters.
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    This is not just any IT system - this is the P&O IT system 🙄. Many aspects of P&O shoreside leave a lot to be desired...
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    Happy New Year

    Yep!!! Tesco's have a prominent display of Hot Cross Buns and Mini Eggs. Pleased to say we'll be in Japan at Easter this year. DavidH
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    Spirit of Discovery

    I have read the review by Solent Richard and would correct one point other than which it is a good article. The distance for the car service as received from Saga "Regarding the Saga VIP Travel Service, for ocean cruises the mileage limit is 250 miles and for river cruises and long haul it is unlimited" I sailed on the ship in November and was very impressed. It truly is, 'all inclusive' even the excellent speciality restaurants. My cabin was the lowest grade but very well appointed.his was my cabin which was the
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    Having not been on Cunard Queen Victoria for three years, I was looking forward to this cruise, we went on P&O in June this year so feel with up to date memories It pains me say the prices on Cunard for drinks are quite frankly ridiculous two single measure spirits plus a mixer £26 bottle of wine £40 the shops were o erpriced. The ship is still magnificent all areas clean I don’t think the service is as good as it was I feel very sad about this as a long standing devoted Cunard passenger Just my opinion, and experience
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    Where is everyone

    Having worked for 34yrs in a uniformed emergency I know what rank and uniform does to some people at first hand and can make some into bullies because they hide behind the rank and discipline code.
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    Where is everyone

    Hi OWT. Apologies OWT but it never even crossed my mind that you'd knowingly started a controversial discussion, it's just that the mere mention of that name stirs people up, me included. He's tried to ruin many a forum and to some extent succeeded as a lot of those he abused left and never returned or had to change user names etc just to try and escape the abuse, yet to this day he continues to do it across several platforms. Wouldn't mind betting where extracts of this discussion subsequently end up!!! HLM.
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    Bolsover Pre-Registration Rap

    This made me laugh when I saw it. Great effort from Bolsover to explain the pre-registration process.
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    Where is everyone

    Just happened to pop in here for a peek and saw this thread. Still trying to retire to maybe travel more but it's just not working out. We would love to cruise to the UK and then over to Normandy. Just not in the cards for now. We did cruise last month--an 8 day Eastern Carib out of Charleston and we have worked out a B2B for New Year 2020 out of New Orleans on the Carnival Glory. Wishing all forum members well and especially for Davybe!
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    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    Thanks for the heads up, but I'm pretty clued on this stuff (though not complacent by any means) having had incidents in Florence, Barcelona, Istanbul and a couple of other places. Nobody's got anything yet. My usual approach is keep it close and keep it covered. I wear a bumbag, for convenience and as a diversion, but my money and card (only ever one) is in a lanyard around my neck under my shirt. Fingers crossed this will continue to work for me. RayO
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