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    Just back off the Aurora

    Hello all. My first post. I agree with all the above posts relating to infectious diseases. Air conditioning is not mandatory for germs to spread, any captive audience in a confined space will suffice. I was an Engineering Officer with P&O-Orient Line between 1956 and 1963 and remember when a complete deck's accommodation was commandeered as an isolation area, packed with patients with Asian Flu when we docked at Tilbury. I forget the year but the ship was either the Orcades or Oronsay and neither ship was air conditioned at the time. Having said all this I just hope that the crew and passengers on Oriana's final cruise are all healthy as my wife and I are booked on it celebrating our diamond wedding. Looking forward to cruise for three reasons. It will be our fourth run on our favourite ship Oriana. Secondly it will be our second anniversary at sea, (our golden was on Artemis in St Petersburg) and thirdly I was on the first Oriana on its maiden voyage in December 1960 and now sailing on its final one. End of an era perhaps?
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    After a dozen sailings with P&O we decided to try an alternative cruise line for comparison. We thought we had heard good reports of Princess so booked a 7 day cruise to France and Spain to try the Sapphire Princess out. We arrived for embarkation well ahead of our allocated time. At 10:35 we handed our car to CPS and by 11:35 were sitting in the buffet on board the ship. To say this was an excellent experience was an understatement and something P&O should certainly get to grips with. We were fortunate to have qualified as “Elite” passengers, the highest level tier, due to our P&O loyalty points which only places us half way up the P&O ladder! Our Balcony cabin had a good, large outside area with 2 chairs, footstools and large table. Inside was rather disappointing as it was quite small and insufficient seating to allow both of us to sit on seats rather than the bed. The bathroom was also small but the shower was very good. Overall the cabin was very clean and kept that way by our steward throughout the cruise. The ship seemed to have a very happy crew who were very helpful and friendly. I did wonder if this was due to the significantly higher auto gratuity charges of $14.50 per day per person. I thought the ship seemed jaded and in need of a refit. It did not seem that disability friendly but it did make a change to see signs in Chinese and English. Entertainment we excellent and varied. One of the things I was particularly looking forward to was the food and have to say I was very disappointed. We have had much better menus on the various P&O ships we have sailed on and with more variety and if a better quality. We tried the speciality Steakhouse and have to say our local Miller & Carter is much better with a price about the same as the Speciality restaurant surcharge! The best part of the menu were the chocolate desserts. Drinks were expensive with a £7 supermarket bottle if wine costing $42 and drinks seemed to be around €10 a drink. The ports of call had me scratching my head as the ship was as much as 2 hours travel away from the advertised port. We went on a ship organised excursion to Santiago di Compostela as we wanted to see the Cathedral there only to find there was very little to see inside due to renovations being undertaken until 2020. A warning would have been good but the trip, for us, was still worth it. Disembarkation was again excellent being timely and very efficient. For the first time cruising we could spot our bags immediately. Would we book another Princess cruise - probably not unless they were stopping at particular ports that other cruise companies were not offering.
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    Cunard Christmas Canaries Cruise

    Thank you so much Dancing Queen for the very detailed information, that was just what I needed and has put my mind at rest considerably. I love Christmas and usually I am the one organising Christmas with my family & grandchildren but since September last year my health has taken quite a battering and last Christmas was rather a "non event" despite everyone's best efforts so in view of this my husband booked this cruise for me. We did 70 days of the World Cruise and a Baltic Cruise on QV so know and love the ship ( in fact we have booked the same cabin as we had for the world cruise) and as we are doing a short cruise in August with all our family & the grandchildren to celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary we won't feel too guilty being away from them at Christmas. Having had tests & consultations myself nearly every week since September 2018 I do hope your husband gets positive results and you will be able to join the cruise this year- maybe we can say Thankyou, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in person? I must confess it is the thought of the next cruise and the photo's and memories of those I have already done that have got me through some very difficult times over the last year so I will now go out and purchase a new "tasteless" Christmas jumper & hat for my husband and an equally "tasteless" Christmas Tiara & earrings for myself and look forward to my Christmas cruise!!! Much appreciated.
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    Azura Better than expected.

    Thank you Pies - I had seen your post above which had already given me hope!! Like you, this is our first break in a year and much needed. Realistically, it is a floating hotel and with a multitude of guests with access all over, not just their bit of corridor and dining area - it is bound to get worn more than a normal hotel, so that is not the end of the world. We are also naturally friendly and smiley people (!) and will be more excited and grateful for a rest rather than looking for faults. As long as it is clean and convivial and the food is good - I think we will have a great time 🙂 I will report back afterwards!!!
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    P & O going down hill

    There were issues on Britannia even from the early days that people were going to the Grab n Go on port days and literally stripping it of all the sandwiches and wraps to take ashore which is not what it is intended for and dont blame P&O if they have stopped filling Grab n Go on port days if that is what they are doing.
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    Speciality Restaurants

    Still get confused when people complain about when cruises used to be all inclusive food wise. When we first started cruising in 1997 there were no speciality restaurants or extra pay coffee shops but there was very little choice MDR/buffet or room service and that was your lot and the price of the cruises were a lot higher than what they are now without taking in inflation or higher costs i.e. oil, food, wages etc. If you expect to go on a cruise and have everything included in the price then I am afraid the price will increase considerably and I prefer lower cruise fares and choice because at the end of the day nobody forces you to eat in speciality restaurants or extra pay coffee shops you can still eat and drink in MDR/buffet and pay nothing extra to your cruise fare. I dare bet those that have never been in Epicurean/Sindhu and other like restaurants on other cruise ships because of cost if they suddenly became inclusive of cruise fare they would be at front of the queue for booking. Sorry but you cannot have it both ways everything included and cheap cruise fares.
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    Forum Admin

    What's with the silly pop up???

    Hi all, Thank you for raising this, the error is now fixed. If you are still experiencing this issue please sign out and sign back in. You may notice it one more time then it will be gone! Thank you for patience. Regards, Bolsover Cruise Club
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    Drinks Package

    Princess, Cunard and many others are a lot dearer so hardly extortionate and is one of the cheapest.
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    The Harpers

    Booking excursions

    Hi, we do the same as you lieutenant, anything to help with the cost but not risk them selling out
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    An excellent choice Nimrod and I'm sure you will love QV . We have celebrated Christmas on a ship for the last 30 years and I don't think it is as 'Christmassy' as it once was but don't be put off by that as it is only my opinion and probably due to the fact we don't join in a lot of the events as we once did, we tend to host a cabin party these days and share the day with friends we have met over the years - it works for us our own little family away from home !! The atmosphere will be there from the minute you step onto the ship, it will be beautifully decorated and of course Christmas music will be playing which all adds to the excitement of what is around the corner, as Davybe says Christmas day will be a sea day there will be various activities happening around the ship so really it's down to you and what might be of interest to you, one thing I particularly enjoy is going to the Queens Room to see Santa arrive on Xmas morning, even though we don't have children I do like to see the excitement on the children's faces in anticipation of the present they are about to receive oh and you won't be forgotten either Santa will pay you a visit too, another event which always used to happen but hasn't for the last couple of years ( although that might be down to whichever cruise director is doing the organising ) is an afternoon pantomime, now I'm not particularly a pantomime person but Xmas isn't Xmas without one is it !! the ships choir will also entertain you in the evening assuming you are in the Britannia restaurant ( they don't do it in the other restaurants ) Christmas dinner is served in the evening - do keep an eye on the times in the daily newspaper as they tend to alter slightly for Christmas day to allow for a more relaxed experience for both passengers and crew, you will find the crew love to take part in the celebrations and many of them will be wearing their Xmas hats so do think about taking a couple of your own as they seem to really appreciate passengers making the effort too plus the paper hats you get in the crackers are a bit 'naff' anyway, another nice tradition albeit an American one is the crew go around the ship on Xmas morning giving out small glasses of Eggnog - a bit like Marmite you either love it or loathe it. I always take Christmas decorations to decorate the cabin but that is personal choice some do, some don't, you might like to take a few Xmas cards too from home to give your cabin a more homely feel plus a few blank ones because table mates tend to give them also. There won't be much else happening after Xmas day but then it will be pretty port intensive so that is to be expected, New Years Eve is always a grand affair and of course the bonus is being in Madeira for the fireworks which are spectacular I think you will be suitably impressed. Please ask away if there is anything specific you want to know and I will do my best to answer you, we too hope to be on this cruise but at the moment my husband is awaiting some test results so we are unable to commit ourselves until we know the outcome. Wishing you a very Happy 70th Birthday in advance and the icing on the cake is that you will be enjoying it on the very beautiful Queen Victoria.
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    Room comparisons on P+O

    Having returned from my first cruise on Britannia at the weekend, I agree with sinbad10 a beautiful ship. Balconies are small compared with other ships, my cabin was Port side on F deck midship and found the balcony adequate for one person - Personally I feel two adults and two Children would be very cramped. Azura and Ventura have spacious extended balconies on C deck (my favourite deck) which are part shaded and part open, they will accommodate four people comfortably. Hope you find your ideal cabin, and cruise.
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    Freedom dining for singles

    The advantage of club dining for a single is that you will meet the same familiar faces each evening (mostly singles usually on a larger table) and develop a rapport throughout the cruise rather than have to start again each evening. It may be that that will be the most meaningful or in depth conversation that you've had with anyone all day. By removing club dining it takes that choice away unless there is some way that the maitre d' can fix a table for singles to meet up each evening, i.e. replicate club dining. It isn't really about the advantages or disadvantages of freedom dining in general. Joining a table of couples or larger groups invariably means that they will drift off after dinner to do their thing, leaving the single person alone. On a table of singles there is more likelihood of them grouping up to watch the show or do a quiz. The removal of that choice means that I will be far less likely to go on a cruise where freedom dining is the only option. RayO
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    P & O going down hill

    A few of the passengers we have sailed with over the years, "Their lift reach the top floor'?😃...Davybe
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    Following the Dress Code.

    It hasn't put me off cruising or dressing up for formal nights either. It's just starting to seem a little ridiculous to me now. I have just been reading a P&O Facebook group and someone asked if their partner could just wear a waistcoat instead of a jacket on formal nights. The answers are of course varied. However quite a few people have said their husbands get too hot so take the jacket off as soon as they sit down. So what is the point. 🙄 Either it's formal and everyone abides by it or not. Some 6* lines don't have a 'formal night' probably because they know their passengers will all be suitably dressed. I think it's time P&O stopped pretending to be something they are not. I now prefer Cunard and really hope they don't go the way of P&O. So far no mothballs or BO has been smelt in the lift.
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    Following the Dress Code.

    Exactly it. Dress doesn`t make the man or woman. Me? I dress smart to go out for dinner whether at home or on a ship but I don`t see the need to dress in an out of date dj and bow tie. Insistence on that is no more than snobbery and to be told if you don`t want to dress like that eat in the buffet is insulting. I`ve never been stopped by cruise staff re: my dress even when deciding to dress down from a DJ to a smart jacket/ shirt and tie so will eat anywhere I want to. I`d never eat out in a proper restaurant in shorts/ t-shirt and a baseball cap and would expect those dressed as such to be stopped and asked to eat elsewhere. If the are not then the cruiseline should dispense with the dress code and give it up.
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    Following the Dress Code.

    I used to think it was very important that people stuck to the dress code. While I think people should at least look smart I agree with Davybe I'm more bothered about people being nice these days. Some of the best dressed aren't always the nicest.
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    Following the Dress Code.

    Like it lump it dress codes are changing.I have no issues at all with what others wear,I am more concerned with how nice people are. Some one on QE said "Did you see that man who changed into a track suite after diner, he ruined everyones night" She got even more upset than I said "He Did not ruin mine"? But People know what Cunard expects from their clients regarding the dress code,But I did smile when on Formal night this man dressed in his national dress,I think he may have been an Afghan Goat herder ,he got some funny looks and lots of tuts....Davybe
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    Pesky Pirate

    Speciality Restaurants

    Cruises used to be all inclusive, well I thought so, but now if you want something different it has to be paid for, even room service. I think it would be nice that if a person wanted to eat in a specialty restaurant then they should get a percentage back as on board credit. It’s all about money grabbing these days...
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    Xmas and New Year cruise

    Well I'm a friendly northerner who has lived down south for many years and love it. I have also made lots of friends on cruises who I keep in touch with and occasionally meet up with but no one wants to leave their families at Christmas, that's my problem
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    Speciality Restaurants

    A couple of weeks ago I had a discussion with others regarding 'Speciality Restaurants' which I found interesting. One person said they were not 'Speciality' but rather restaurants serving MDR food, but cooked correctly. Another pointed out that in many cases they should be renamed 'Alternative Pay' restaurants as very few ships had 'Speciality' restaurants such as Sushi, Noodle, Curry, French etc. Another said for the money you pay you shouldn't have to spend more to get good food. What do others think!!
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    I was just reading a thread on CC about RCI placing an order for it's 6th Oasis class ship, and how there were similar posts when it launched the first with posters suggesting that it would lead to RCI going bankrupt and Carnival being able to snap it up cheaply because they were being sensible in not building such monsters. Funny that because 2 of the current 5200 passenger Iona style new ship orders will be joining Carnival's own line, as well as all the others going to Aida, Princess and P&O, all owned by the Carnival group, clearly so far the cruise lines have proved all the doubters wrong, and I suspect they will continue to do so.
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    Are the Critics Right??

    I don’t think it’s demographic it’s more traditional I don’t understand half of the young stand up so say comics goes over my head. I find more slap stick or life observing more humorous Victoria Wood, Les Dawson style both sadly gone.
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    Are the Critics Right??

    We just prefer them to be funny, bit old fashioned it seems today?....davybe
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    Are the Critics Right??

    I think like a lot of reports in the media they only reflect the views of the writer, which is why you can get totally opposite reviews about the same programme. However I do sometimes feel as though there is a capital culture slant on quite a few shows, especially new wave comedy which I generally think is rubbish, and yet the London luvvies suggest it is deep and meaningful!!!!
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    "Freya" wrecks Naming Ceremony ?

    They are too arrogant I think, or maybe just too stupid.
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