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  1. Cruised on Carnival Freedom on 8 - 15th April 2017. Chosen for the itinerary (Key West, Grand Bahama and Nassau). (Price paid for a double cabin was £1505.94 and 3 people cabin £1931.30. We now think this was an exorbitant price we paid). Cabin was on 6th deck (located over shops) and was satisfactory. However overall cruise was probably the worst we have been on. The reasons are below: Cabin was only cleaned once a day (no turn down in the evening with refreshed towels, chocolates etc). In addition It was a poor standard of cleanliness in cabin and cleaned very late. A totally inflexible drinks policy (not even allowed to take water on board and we had our duty free confiscated). This policy is obviously to make as much money on their drink as possible and not, as I have read, to stop people becoming intoxicated whilst on board as in all bars they actively encouraged people to drink heavily. However, their dress policy was not adhered to. Saw people in dining room on formal nights with cut of jeans, hats and caps. Food was below standard - don't think we had a really hot meal whilst on board. Service was extremely slow. The safety drill was shambolic. We were very concerned if this was for real, passengers would be in severe danger. We didn't even have to take life jackets to drill (although the area they did the drill (on deck) was so small there wouldn't have been room for people to put the jackets on - so no check of life jackets for whistle/lights etc). Very disappointed in the cruise and would not do another Carnival (US) cruise.