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  1. David Jamesatrine

    Britannia Mediterranean Cruise 16th April, 2017

    Monte Carlo berth is too small for Britannia, hence my point should Monte Carlo be on any Britannia call!
  2. David Jamesatrine

    Britannia Mediterranean Cruise 16th April, 2017

    7pm 8.30 and 10.30
  3. David Jamesatrine

    Britannia Mediterranean Cruise 16th April, 2017

    The shows are at 7pm 8.30 and 10.30
  4. David Jamesatrine

    Britannia Mediterranean Cruise 16th April, 2017

    They did on our cruise when we where on Britannia in 2015 they only had 2 shows per night and the venues always full, on our latest cruise 3 shows per night and you could always get a seat. The shows were excellent hope they are the same as the ones that we watched. Have a good time.
  5. David Jamesatrine

    P&o Gratuities

    There are 3600 passengers on Britannia I have only taken an example of 3000!
  6. David Jamesatrine

    P&o Gratuities

    Gratuities on P & O now £6.00 per person per day. Work this out £6.00 per person x 3000 passengers on Britannia over a day = £18,000 x 7 = £126,000 per week. That's what I call tipping!
  7. David Jamesatrine

    Any suggestions for Cagliari?

    Visited this port in April on Britannia. There is a tourist bus that takes you around the local area if think the charge s 10 euros. However the town itself is not that inviting not much to do. It was quite windy when we were there but hopefully when you go it should have warmed up a little. My advice is to do some research on the area and decide if you will go on a ships tour or on your own.
  8. We had cruised on Britannia in 2015 its first year to the Canaries and we decided to try the Mediterranean the price we thought was good for a balcony with a restricted view on G Deck. This balcony was fine and the view was not that restrictive if I would book this type of cabin again to gain a cheaper price. We overlooked a life boat, but it did not restrict our view too much. The cabin was fine and provided a reasonable amount of space. Our cabin Stewardess Carol was excellent. Keeping the cabin tidy at all times. We found the entertainment in the Headliners Theatre by the show team to be excellent. The background effects on the Britannia where brilliant. Now that they have 3 main shows per evening one can now get a seat, in 2015 you had to be there ½ hour before, a good improvement. All the other guest entertainers also very good. Horizon provided generally good food, however I found that the fried eggs always seemed cold to warm! Other times seemed to be a lack of green vegetables to go with some of the food. Monte Carlo! Oh dear Britannia you did it again, unable to visit port due to wind in the afternoon. No plan B for another port. On other cruise lines when unable to visit a port for some reason they have arranged for another port why cannot P & O do this. One of the reasons I booked this cruise was because of the visit to Monaco and after speaking to many other passengers they also booked because of this venue. An apology from the captain is not good enough not even a free drink to compensate! Very poor! I feel that P & O will have an awful lot of complaints. Should this port be removed from the Med cruises and replaced with another? Last year on the Oceana and Monaco was on the destination again we could not tender because of the swell but at least the captain went there to look to see if possible and sent a tender out. I was thinking of booking the F1 trip to Monaco, but if P & O`s record of this port is anything to go by the trip could well be ruined by not being able to attend the race! We dined in the Meridian Restaurant with freedom dining. Very little waiting time and all in all the restaurant was very good and service excellent, the food however was a little mixed some very good and other not so good. The guest speakers on board were very good, daytime activities on board ship are now old hat and quite boring some other activities need to be arranged. We also seemed to be always faced with long queues to get on and off the ship, would like to hear other passengers views?
  9. David Jamesatrine

    David James

    Britannia in Gran Canaries 2015