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    Magical Mystery Tour

    Thanks, but I cant'd Cruise critic anywhere.Where is it located
  2. peterspill

    Magical Mystery Tour

    We due to depart on a cruise on Sunday 5 November from Southampton going to Boston, New York, Port Canavaral & Miami. On the Friday before departure had a phone from Bolsover telling us of an intinerary change and that we would not be going to Boston or New York because of impending storms. We had booked a show in New York and just managed to cancel these and get a full refund from my ticket agency, We were now going to Bruges and Le Havre which was like taking coals to Newcastle for us Londoners. These stops were also cancelled. That is the reason for the title of this piece. The Captain then managed to creep through the side of the storm and were off to Gran Grania which was not on our original programme and is in the Euro Zone and we only had US dollars on us. Thanks for credit cards. We then were to travel to an RCI island Coco something and the tenders couldn't land because of high waves,. We did however get to Port Canavaral and Miami. We believe that Royal Caribbean are offering some sort of compensation and we were advised of these in a note sent to our cabins, but we have yet to receive any formal note following our cruise on how to action these but I believe it is a discount on our next cruise
  3. peterspill

    Future Cruise Deposits.

    I don't know what planet the other respondents come from but on Royal Caribbean you can book a time slot to visit a future cruise consultant and should take no more than an hour of your time to book your next cruise. What is all this rubbish about spending half a day queuing up to see a sales consultant. For the last few cruises we have booked on the cruise and there are some fabulous offers available and takes very little time
  4. peterspill

    Post top cruising tips here .

    Forget to the champagne take a stack of bottled water as they charge $5 for a small bottle of water. It would be cheaper to drink beer and cola which costs a lot lless
  5. peterspill

    Would You pay For Travel Brochures?

    I would never pay for brochures because imagine the problem of 3 of you trying to sit round a computer while you scroll through the pages and some may need more time to digest the information on each page. When we book another cruise my wife looks through a number of brochures and marks the relevant pages. I then look at what she has highlighted and may add a few other suggestions and make written comment on the cruise that I may fancy. How on earth can you do that on a computer screen and don't propose to print out selected pages when printer ink is dearer than champagne
  6. peterspill

    Royal Caribbean Dining Times

    We went on Anthem earlier in the year which had the same dining arrangements. The way it worked is that you rotate to a different restaurant every night but with the same waiters and table guests. Personally I didn't like this arrangement and each restaurant had quite different menus
  7. peterspill

    Anthem Of The Seas 29Th Auguest 2015

    I am booked on the Anthem in May 2015 and have had no information about booking tables for dinner. I did read something about this on their website but have not been told what action I need to take
  8. peterspill

    The Oasis Transatlantic 15 October 2014

    Furby is really being pedantic and splitting hairs on the number of passengers I commented that were on-board. I thought that the rest of my review would have generated my sensible comments.
  9. I have just returned from a back to back cruise on the Oasis which went from Southampton on 15 October 2014 with a follow on 5-day cruise to Nassau and Cozumel. The boarding process was a disaster and being a Diamond Plus member who usually board very quickly. However it seemed that there was a problem boarding and we had to wait over two hours outside, although the many non-paying journalists were allowed in early. There was a crush of people and many of whom fainted and were injured. It transpired later that because the Immigration officers were on strike on the day before, that they were unable to clear the ship in Rotterdam so this had to be done in Southampton on the day of departure. There was no one from Royal Caribbean explaining and left us to our devices. We booked these cruises over 18 months ago and they hadn't got their act together. For example on the first dinner the abridged wine list didn't show any prices and we had to ask for a price, which they had to check. This was a very embarrassing experience as I had to decline the first three wines that I selected. In the end ordered glasses of the house wine. Once again I requested a large table of 10 and ended up with a table of 6. I don't think that I have ever had a large table that I have requested every time. There were other issues such at the reception took 20 minutes plus before they answered the phone. Were also doing the following cruise and had leave the ship at Fort Lauderdale. After our shopping trip we tried to board the ship as we had In-Transit cards which should have allowed easy access. No way we had to join the end of the queue and it took us over two hours to get back to our cabin. The menu in the Chops restaurant was a poor photo copy in about 6 point and you needed a magnifying glass to read. Yet they had 18 months advance notice of the cruise. There were no Oasis souvenirs on the shops because of delivery problems, so 6,000 passengers were unable to buy these. And the Oasis will never ever come back to the UK There was a near riot with passengers getting irate as the police wouldn't let anybody through. This ship it itself fantastic but a bit too big for me with over 6,000 passengers on board. It seems that they operate a dual pricing system as the Internet charges for the 12 cruise were $19.95 per hour, yet on the following 5 day cruise charges were $29.95 per hour. The meals were very good and the Windjammer had plenty of seating available and selection was quite varied. The shows that I saw were excellent as was the ice show
  10. In recent years we have booked a grand suite and are also diamond plus members, and I felt that this ship didn't do justice to these guests. There was a special al a carte breakfast for suite guests, but the service was very slow. We did complain and it got slightly better. There was no special dining area for lunch like there is in the Independence and the al a carte lunch closed at 1.30pm which is too early having finished breakfast at 10am The Windjammer buffet is always a bun fight in finding somewhere to seat and by that time the food is cold. This is an older ship and the balcony was a disaster as it was too enclosed with too much steel. I know you can't do much about that, but we didn't want to sit outside as it was very claustrophobic The vegetarian rolls in the promenade cafe were virtually the same every day with very little selection. We can't have room service all the time It was felt they were passing off any old ship in order to provide a limited and poorer service and as Brits don't complain normally, they weren't bothered. The staff did their best to look after us but they were flogging a dead horse. I can never under stand why the Maitre D or someone else cannot telephone guests who do not turn up to their dinner table in the evening.to see if they wish to use it, which I have no problem with. This would then make it possible to assign someone to our table. We had 4 people missing from our table and we would have welcomed other guests to join us I for one will never use this ship again
  11. peterspill

    Issue Of Tickets Booklet

    I have travelled with Royal Caribbean for many years and am now a Diamond Plus member and have in the past received the final ticket booklet about 6 weeks before departure. Now I am told its 2-3 weeks before, which really is insufficient time to print out luggage labels etc, specially if I am away on business and haven't access to a printer