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  1. It was just a comment to a previous post not a moan!
  2. Before P and O changed the loyalty gifts they were really quite nice from pens to compacts etc, now you get a poxy pair of really naff slippers and a pin which no one would want. p and o is part of the same group as Cunard I wonder if their standards are falling at the same rate.
  3. I think that the other reason for people not liking tenders is that it takes so long to get off the ship especially when coach trips get priority. If people behave erratically pushing and shoving for a tender port I dread to think what they would be like in an emergency.
  4. I think I would prefer to be late getting onto a ship knowing that it was clean rather than them doing a rush job like they usually do. Better to be safe than sorry providing they do a decent job. Have a brilliant cruise....
  5. As it is thought that alcohol is cheaper to buy on the ship why bother taking it with you. I don’t see the point but then I don’t drink alcohol.
  6. Merry Christmas. I hope Santa finds the funnels if you are on a cruise...🎅
  7. Oriana is doing the Canary Islands on 30th January and 11th February both 12 nights they ought to offer them as a very cheap alternative together with full refund and compensation to those affected with free upgrades and drink packages as well. I doubt that will happen....
  8. It’s an invalid number on p and os website
  9. At the end of the day cruisers will do what they want, either to tip or remove them. Is there an answer? I very much doubt it. Personally I’m getting a bit bored with it. I do think that rather than building huge monstrous ships the cruise lines could use some of their profits to pay decent wages then this debate wouldn’t continue to go on endlessly.
  10. I don’t think you have much to worry about these days Master at Arms. Look at what Jonny Peacock is doing on strictly and he dances on a blade...
  11. Where are you Mitch, no updates recently, are you ok?
  12. Mitch it looks like you have found my hidey hole. It’s a good spot and you are protected from any wind..
  13. I posted on your other thread, whoops a daisy, anyways I take 3 cases no matter what the length of cruise. I cover all eventualities but unfortunately I’m not one for shoes,.. lol. Glad you are enjoying it...
  14. Mitch I’m a 3 case person as I take the kitchen sink, not so many shoes though....