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  1. Rain

    My back lawn looks like tufty, a slight trim is required I think. Gardening is good exercise but to try and dig through solid soil is a bit too much. It should rain at night and be sunny during the day.....
  2. Rain

    Come winter we shall be saying it’s too cold... 🙃
  3. Rain

    I know what you mean, and the rumbling I heard was actually my neighbors getting ready to go on holiday.....
  4. Rain

    Let’s get a bit lighthearted... Does anyone else want it to rain..... the most I’ve had is a couple of drips 💧 on the window and the man upstairs moving a bit of furniture.....
  5. Hygiene

    Perhaps we should go back to being dirty boys and girls again lol ....
  6. P&O's new drink packages?

    So you drink and need or want a drinks package of some description, you decide that you prefer to eat on the ship or not. What does it matter. It’s each individuals choice and just because you eat on the boat in one port doesn’t mean that they do so all the time. Mind you the way cruises are reducing times in port sometimes you don’t have time to do sightseeing and eat....
  7. Hygiene

    Well you can’t beat a mucky thread to make you smile.....🙃
  8. Hygiene

    Is soap bad for you.... it depends on which website you look at. 🛁
  9. Hygiene

    Dare I say, I have seen lady cabin stewards being helped by their other halves when servicing cabins, usually wearing green. I don’t know which department but it isn’t only the steward who is in your cabin. I don’t leave anything lying around..
  10. Hygiene

  11. Hygiene

    They might wear gloves but do they change them between cabins or having cleaned the bathroom first...
  12. All Freedom Dining on Iona

    More room for nighties etc....
  13. All Freedom Dining on Iona

    Knowing p and o all of them 😱
  14. Hygiene

    I’m a white bin bag person. I have separate bags on the go for colours, whites etc so all I have to do is empty the bag into the machine.... saves a bit of time sorting out. Trouble is you can never get everything back into the suitcase.... 🤪
  15. Hygiene

    Well it was a bit bigger than 2 Brussels sprouts and a chipolata....