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  1. Pesky Pirate

    Cruising with Cancer

    Even the healthiest of people can catch something on a ship whether it be the dreaded Norovirus or the colds that spread through the ship. Personally I wouldn’t take that risk in her position even if she could get insurance which may be highly unlikely. If she wasn’t covered and the necessity arose the bill could be astronomical....
  2. Pesky Pirate

    Celebrity Pricing?

    Aurora I think seems slightly smaller than Arcadia and in many ways is a nicer ship especially with its tiered back, unless they alter it during the refit. ive been saying for years that singles should get the extra obc but they never listen to what passengers think.
  3. Pesky Pirate

    Discount codes./ coupons

    When I lived in the states there were discount coupons for various stores in the papers most days and not just for the cheap and nasty stores. Managed to save a fortune and you didn’t have to wait for points to add up like most cards in the uk.
  4. Pesky Pirate

    Help please

    One would imagine that with different nationalities on board, therefore, different plugs on board that they would sell the correct adapters or at least be able to provide one. If not then they should provide the relevant information on the website.
  5. Pesky Pirate

    Is it me?

    God help the future of our country if we have folk who can’t do simple addition!
  6. Pesky Pirate

    P&o gratuities

    Shouldn’t that be ‘I don’t see the point’ lol...🤪 i thought that that this topic could have been put to bed by now...
  7. Pesky Pirate

    Iona's deck plans.

    I dread to think what size any single cabins will be. They don’t appear to be big enough to swing the proverbial cat in at the best of times, probably like a rabbit hutch now and they will still charge extra for those booking them...
  8. Pesky Pirate

    P&o gratuities

    And still it goes on. Gratuities are going to be included so there is no need to pay anything if a person doesn’t want to or think there is any need. It doesn’t matter how much staff earn as no doubt the cruise line has found a way to make sure that they are happy and no doubt in one way or another it will be the passengers who bear the brunt of it, whether by increased fares or fluid prices. Costs of cruises have already increased and until this comes in we won’t know the outcomes.
  9. Pesky Pirate

    2020 bookings?

    Just had a quick look, not much choice as usual with P&O. Iona itinerary is very boring
  10. Pesky Pirate

    Using your Mobile.

    I bought the issue up with my bank and I was informed that they can, admittedly not a huge amount but enough to get by. Also it was online banking systems that people couldn’t access. You could still do banking etc in a bank. However this thread is about using mobiles and not about banking issues...
  11. Pesky Pirate

    Using your Mobile.

    True but at least they can give you some cash when the cards don’t work either.
  12. Pesky Pirate

    Using your Mobile.

    Online banking is fine until the banks computer systems go belly up. Look what happened to TSB a few months back.
  13. Pesky Pirate

    Using your Mobile.

    It just shows how oblivious people are to their surroundings and inconsiderate to others around them.
  14. Pesky Pirate

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    It’s not so much checking your account during the cruise that’s a problem but also making sure that your account is closed at the end of a cruise. I was on a cruise, got my bill etc etc. When I checked with the bank P&O were still doing the checks on my account. The people who had the cabin after me, their purchases were being debited against my card. It took weeks to get sorted. So yes I am one of those people who are in a queue on the last night, telling them to close my account. I always do periodic checks throughout the cruise as too.
  15. Pesky Pirate

    Using your Mobile.

    They had a life 🙃😎