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  1. Advance Boarding for cruise ships

    If you have the right loyalty level you get on early anyway. You can still only get there as early as traffic allows... can’t see the point really.
  2. P&O New Winter 2019-20

    Mitch the single supplement isn’t usually 100% when they first go on sale. I should get a price first on both a single cabin and then doing the same with a double cabin. The double may work out cheaper.
  3. What has happened to the Forum

    I only have a few emojis on the website and I don’t see four options for anything
  4. Travel insurance for USA resident

    Is it not possible to book the insurance that is usually in the cruise brochure.
  5. Poor customer service

    Just because a cruise has changed to that with a theme, being strictly or whatever doesn’t mean you have to participate. I would be more upset if the ports changed and they hadn’t bothered to say anything.
  6. Early booking tactics?

    Don’t forget that a single person will invariably pay double the price if they leave it until the last minute. Sometimes it is cheaper to book when cruises first go on sale due to fluid pricing. If a single don’t forget to compare prices with paying a supplement for a double cabin as opposed to going straight for a single cabin as the latter does not always give the best deal. A supplementary cabin can be cheaper.
  7. Aurora to become adult only.

    I think Aurora is a good choice for adult only. I believe we have lost Adonia which is not a bad thing, I wonder if Oriana is next.
  8. Increase in tip's for P&O

    I believe that the tax issue is dependant on how many days are at sea. I friend of mine worked on ships and he was tax free and Uk born, bred and resident.
  9. P&O Service Reward Program to increase

    I wouldn’t mind receiving a 100% rise over 4 years, how many people in the UK have received that. 🤪
  10. Increase in tip's for P&O

    The fares may become more attractive to the consumer until they get on a ship and find that they wondered why on earth they didn’t fly somewhere instead because service is bad.
  11. Increase in tip's for P&O

    I still don’t think that we should be paying a wage subsidy. It is a gratuity for good service and if staff do not provide it then the discretion is there Either not to give more or reduce them if necessary. We pay huge fares to cruise and wages should be incorporated in that fare, they should not expect passengers to subsidise them if they do not come up to expectations.
  12. Increase in tip's for P&O

    I don’t think it could be said that someone who pays the discretionary tip is subsidising those who don’t as they are not paying extra to cover the difference. It isn’t really just a few pounds either for a family of four when it’s an additional £392 on a two week cruise. It is discretionary and if the service isn’t up to scratch do they actually deserve it. The waiters don’t do anything more than put a plate of food in front of you so in my view the cabin steward deserves more especially with the state some folk leave their cabins in. It must be like delving into a mine field. Yes I do tip, sometimes begrudgingly with the waiters, but I haven’t removed them. However if I am on a p and o cruise and service is as bad as some folk make out I would have no hesitation in having a word in the appropriate corner and if they didn’t pull their socks up then they certainly wouldn’t get any extra.
  13. Increase in tip's for P&O

    If service is getting as bad as some folk make out then there’s sufficient reason to remove tips. However I still maintain that a tip is for good service and not a service charge which this seems to be. It used to be a suggested amount now it’s a few hundred pounds added to your account before you even get on board.
  14. Increase in tip's for P&O

    How many increases is that within the last 18 months or so. They just be loosing revenue with the reduction of prices and want us to make up wage increases again!
  15. 2022

    Hi Gary and welcome to the forum. At one time it was the year prior when you could book a cruise but now it seems to be earlier and earlier so to speak. I would imagine that it might be 2020 when they go on sale but you might be lucky for the back end of next year. No doubt someone else might be able to provide a more positive answer. 🙃