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  1. At the end of the day cruisers will do what they want, either to tip or remove them. Is there an answer? I very much doubt it. Personally I’m getting a bit bored with it. I do think that rather than building huge monstrous ships the cruise lines could use some of their profits to pay decent wages then this debate wouldn’t continue to go on endlessly.
  2. I don’t think you have much to worry about these days Master at Arms. Look at what Jonny Peacock is doing on strictly and he dances on a blade...
  3. Where are you Mitch, no updates recently, are you ok?
  4. Mitch it looks like you have found my hidey hole. It’s a good spot and you are protected from any wind..
  5. I posted on your other thread, whoops a daisy, anyways I take 3 cases no matter what the length of cruise. I cover all eventualities but unfortunately I’m not one for shoes,.. lol. Glad you are enjoying it...
  6. Mitch I’m a 3 case person as I take the kitchen sink, not so many shoes though....
  7. Have a brilliant holiday... just a thought as you have prescription drugs. I was once told that it’s a good idea to take a copy of the prescription with you to prove where they came from.
  8. No one necessarily chooses to be single it just happens as we all loose someone eventually. The same can be said with children some couples can’t have them and not through the want of trying. the single traveller gets penalised all year round when going on holiday with single supplements and single rooms or cabins are loaded as well. Some holidays, if you book early enough, give cheaper rates for children. Even more recently look how many cruises have been offered where the third and fourth person go either free or for a very small price. Single people don’t get that choice. Children need an education and the syllabus is there for a reason. If hey are taken out of school during term time then they have to go into catch up mode which will surely put stress on the child, potentially the rest of the class, and also the teachers. So all should be thought about before taking them out for a holiday.
  9. Shame they can’t get Artemis back. It was bigger than Adonia but small enough to get into unusual places which some of these bigger ships can’t. Arty also had more entertainment areas,
  10. On my first ever cruise I was offered a tour of the bridge and other places not accessible and it was free.
  11. I wonder which ship they will change to adult only to replace Adonia, perhaps aurora and it has a nice tiered back.
  12. I had the same problem a few months back trying to log in and that was both on a mac and windows pc. I had to do a name change and I lost my posts and likes in the process. It took a few weeks to sort out. I kept the name change and got my posts back but lost other info.
  13. On top of everything else now there's been another earthquake
  14. Only because they have to be sent...... lol.