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  1. I had the same problem a few months back trying to log in and that was both on a mac and windows pc. I had to do a name change and I lost my posts and likes in the process. It took a few weeks to sort out. I kept the name change and got my posts back but lost other info.
  2. On top of everything else now there's been another earthquake
  3. Only because they have to be sent...... lol.
  4. Nicely organised..... I spent the morning wrapping Christmas presents.
  5. I'm sure you will enjoy it. I must say I would need more than one suitcase for a 24 nighters and that's with doing a bit of laundry.
  6. That's about the best way to describe it.... lol
  7. When is the name going to be announced, it's been that long I have forgotten what name I suggested...🤔😊
  8. It has just been mentioned on the news that another storm is on its way to the Caribbean 😪
  9. When you think about it, if all cruise lines donated a couple of percent of their profits it would soon help the islands get back on their feet if they can get the skills and equipment in place. it does make me wonder what the itineraries will be for the Caribbean now as the schedules on line seem to be the same as before the hurricane hit.
  10. I wouldn't imagine they would do much. They will be busy changing their itineraries.
  11. I've just been on Venice live web cam and whilst it is raining it isn't flooded.
  12. When I was on Artemis I met Lionel Blair who, once he knew me, often came and had a chat. The same with Clem Curtis (RIP) he was always chatty and sociable.
  13. Hi Mitch. It looks like the cruise lines have changed their policies on ecigs. At one time it said you could use them in cabins but not anymore. I can understand it if it's the sort you see that give off plumes of vapour but not the cigarette type ones that I have seen people use. Anyway most of the smoking areas I have seen have seats but it will depend on which line you choose. Good luck with finding out. PP
  14. It is still 2017 there is plenty of time to sort itineraries out. At one time the schedule didn't come out until around April the year before.