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  1. loveholidays53

    Would you pay to reserve your sunbed?

    Well I think sunbed availability should be all down to the cruise line and not the passenger. I have seen people put towels on both sides of the ship (top of pool area) so when the sun moves they just move to the appropriate bed. Beats me why anyone would rush to get a sunbed around the pool areas, packed like sardines, food/drinks left on the floor from bringing it out of the restaurant it looks like a cheap 1 star hotel. I like to get as far away from the pool areas on any ship and search the ocean for sea life. Don't get me wrong I love to mix with people just not in that environment it's far too noisy for me. If people want to pay for those sunbeds you can have them with pleasure. I think there should be staff assigned to the areas and any sunbed which has not been sat on for 1 hour (time for coffee/lunch etc) the towels should be taken off. To me if your intention is to go to on board activities then don't get a sunbed and block it for others use, it is totally selfish. There should also be no reservations of beds before 9am..
  2. loveholidays53

    Would you pay to reserve your sunbed?

    I'm with you on that one Dozydo, it's my favorite place...
  3. loveholidays53

    comparing Princess cruise lines with PandO

    I agree with Tindall1039 about P&O. I also like being able to make myself a drink whenever I want in the cabin- I don't want room service.
  4. Throughout the first 2 days of the cruise on Oriana there was staff at every entry point to food and then it was written in the daily magazine that it was expected that everyone would automatically do it themselves - but sadly that was not the case.
  5. I feel I should not need to post this but I could not believe my eyes and ears. Just returned from a cruise and one thing that really got my blood boiling was some people not using the hand sanitizers when entering the food areas and got stroppy when asked to do so. I could not believe hearing some ladies entering the main evening restaurant moaning that it will spoil their nails. I wonder if the same people would be the first to moan if there was an infection outbreak and we were all confirmed to our cabins !! I was also amazed at the amount of ladies who left public toilets in such a mess leaving them inoperable for the next person - look down the loo before you leave it just as you would at home... and also not washing their own hands before leaving the toilet area. These are basic hygiene standards and I know that the loo's work differently to those at home but common sense prevails ladies. Just remember everyone when handling spoons/tongs to serve yourself something from the buffet area the previous person might not have been as clean as you - not a nice thought is it !!
  6. loveholidays53

    Oriana in the Canaries

    Have just returned from a cruise around the Canaries on the Oriana. We did not have good weather and the seas were rough until the last couple of days but the ship was very noisy which we had never noticed before. We had table 16 in the main restaurant (right at the back of the ship) and the noise was a standing nightly topic where everyone said they thought it was ready for the ........... yard even though it had just been out of action for 3 weeks having major work done. We have sailed on the ship approx 5 times previously and always thought it to be a very steady ship but it rocked and rolled like an old train. Not sure if the stabilizers were being used but the general thought was maybe not due to the very cheap fares for the cruise they would have to cut corners and using stabilizers would use more fuel. There did appear to be some shortfall in some of the food - afternoon tea in the buffet area was not as good as we have known previously and roast beef was on the menu 3 times in the main restaurant- which I love, but not a yorkshire pud in sight and when I asked it was said that it was the Chefs choice not to have them. Small things/touches seemed to have been cut but maybe that was the price we paid for the holiday. We did have a great time and the entertainment was good but would sooner pay a little more and keep the standards the same and after all it was P&O who set the price.
  7. loveholidays53

    Increase in tip's for P&O

    Have just returned from the Canaries on the Oriana (the cheap black Friday deal) and the service was brilliant therefore had no reason not to pay the gratuities up front and when we worked it out we would have paid the same amount in cash for the service of cabin steward and restaurant waiting staff. We did notice on the last night for those passengers who paid the staff direct in the dining room that the staff opened the envelopes and the cash went into a specific drawer possibly to be shared out at the end of the night - but who knows. We said the only time we would go to reception and change the amount would be on a long cruise (over 16 days) because the amount just becomes too high to warrant an acceptable amount to us. It would be far better to add an amount onto the holiday and tell everyone that gratuities are included- it would stop all the hassle.
  8. loveholidays53

    P&O Policy reagrding taking alcohol on board

    We are due to go on one of the cruises they have just released to replace the 50 day one cancelled on Oriana in Jan ( excellent deal for black Friday just could not resist ) Just received all of our paperwork with the updated email. We have no issues with the new alcohol policy as P&O drinks are by far the cheapest cruise line. We are also happy re: the personalised slogan tee shirts we had someone in the dining room in the evening in October and no one stopped him coming in so hopefully people will get the message. If you want to look like that stop at home and drink cheap booze. I am not a snob and I very much like the casual evenings but I still make an effort just as I do at home when I go out for a meal. Well done P&O, I feel both these things are long overdue.
  9. Just returned from P&O cruise and after asking 2 different members of the crew including, stewards and waiters the answer to your question is as follows: The P&O statement is correct - so the truth is being told but the most important thing to them are the feedback forms as they are judged by their line manager and can affect their future employment.
  10. To start I have to say that we are by no means mean in any way but we have just returned from a P&O cruise and chose to pay the gratuities through our on board account ( 1st time of paying this way) which was a good amount for 17 nights. We did feel that some of the waiters started to pay more attention to you during the latter part of the holiday ( we did get excellent service throughout) but felt that we had paid for that service without having to give more on the last night. During the last week we politely had a chat with the waiters to explain that we had paid their gratuity on our on board account. The service was not as top notch as it had been (but it was good) but there was a distinct lack of conversation from them, they were not rude but not as they had been previously. On leaving on the last evening we shook their hands and thanked them very much and added that we had given them glowing report on the feedback reports. We did however ask at reception where our gratuity money went and was told that 50% goes to the cabin staff and 50% to the waiters, so we did feel that we have given plenty for the expected service as part of our holiday price. We don't want to be uncomfortable when we adopted the preferred P&O way of paying. P&O cannot have it all ways, they need to make their minds ups what they expect.
  11. loveholidays53

    Ravenna & Civitavecchia

    We are calling at Ravenna and Civitavecchia and thought that it might be quite nice to go into the town of both places. Does anyone know if there is a shuttle bus to take us there or is it not too far to walk. We have been to these places before and don't want to do a shore excursions- all help would be helpful Thank you in anticipation of replies from fellow cruisers.
  12. Thank goodness that Admin has sorted this out, thanks. I cannot believe how many people spent so much time writing on this forum when all they had to do was ask the question of P&O- which I did 2 days ago and received a phone call this morning from Mr Christopher Edginton's department to confirm that this was not true at all.
  13. That happened to us on a BA flight but it turned out to be fantastic as they upgrading us to First Class !!! its another world and the way we would certainly travel if money were no object...
  14. loveholidays53

    Britannia the debate.

    I would like to ask a question of those who have traveled on Britannia. I am told that the way they serve the food in the buffet area has changed quite considerably, for e.g. the food is already made up and you choose a plate rather then serve yourself. I love getting a lovely salad at lunchtime with the food I like, therefore not wasting anything. I feel if I have to have a plate of food given to me I might waste food. If the plate system is in operation, is it only at lunch/tea time or does it continue into the evening and does it apply to ALL P&O Ships
  15. loveholidays53

    To Tip Or Not?

    I am happy to tip for good service but I have just read in the documents received today for our cruise in Sept that it only goes to Cabin Steward and Restaurant waiters (head waiter, deputy waiter and junior waiter) what happens to those staff in the buffet areas?? surely they cannot just share the money from the obligatory basket put out on the counter at the end of the cruise. Here's a little story for you.... we always tip for good service but on this one occasion we did not feel that our cabin steward was up to scratch for various reasons which I will not go into ( a first I might add) and as a one off we decided to give the tips ourselves to the waiters and cabin etc and not pay the set amount. We did not want to complain to get the poor chap into trouble but left a lesser amount than we would have normally done in an envelope on the pillow before going to dinner on our last night (as we could not find him to give it personally). When returning to our room the cabin steward had left us a note and a page from the brochure with the daily amount circled- in other words you have underpaid me...well how rude. So from that moment on we pay the set amount and no more except to give to the buffet staff.., its not our fault that P&O do not give some staff a living wage. Hopefully P&O will not raise this further as some other cruise lines have.