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  1. the buffet is not formal on formal nights if you see what i mean. many dont wish to dress up so the buffet is the alternative. from what ive seen on cruises the staff love small guests so to speak and spoil them rotten. personally i enjoy seeing kids on cruises many dont and can get very tutty. just ignore them and enjoy.
  2. noro virus can happen anywhere at anytime. its more noticeable and inconveniant whenit appears in hotels and cruise ships due to the concentration of people it can spread very quickly but its not the fault of the hotel/cruiseship. everyone carries and comes into contact with many microbes and viruses most of the time they do no harm. its usually the elderley and people with an already compromised immune system that are affected. as towny44 says simple basic hygene precautions will usually be enough to protect you. certainly any cruise i have been on they have pushed the hand gels and even had staff stopping people as they enter restaurants to give them gel. but primarily it must be up to individuals to follow advice given. trouble is the compensation culture has meant individual responsibility has gone out of the window. 50 sick people on a cruise of thousands is hardly a major outbreak whilst unpleasant for those ill its not a major outbreak. noro usually in a fit person will only result in a jippy tummy and its associated unpleasantness for 48 hrs or so. whilst not nice during a holiday its not the end of the world.
  3. once ive booked i just set up a standing order to pay the balance monthly by the due date. obviously only works booking in advance.
  4. i did a xmas cruise sometime ago on ncl and whilst it was a good cruise in the carribean and there were several events laid on for the children and the decorations were superb i wouldnt say it was a special cruise warranting the mark up in price. it did make a pleasant change to the usual xmas at home. i am slightly biased as xmas isnt what it used to be for me as my wife died on the 16th december in 2003 so since then xmas hasnt been the same even now.
  5. may xmas and the new year bring you all you would desire.
  6. i just dont get the need to take your own booze on board. if i wanted to splash out on a cabin with a balcony i can understand the attraction of a sundowner but if i am paying that much extra to get a balcony i reckon i could afford room service or something from the inroom fridge/bar. the saving in terms of money bringing your own booze on board cant be huge. ive never understood the people who pay extra to get a balcony and then spend the entire cruise pennypinching. there were loads on the 24 nighter i went on in oct they paid for a balcony then spent the entire cruise on deck 9 by the pool getting all their drinks from the buffet on deck 9. i assume the rest of their time on the balcony with their own booze.they were all comparing how low their on board account was they only paid for drinks in the last week when they realised they had obc left.
  7. canaries cruise end of jan/early feb do i need shorts lol. have started the ironing for cruise 30 jan. whats the weather like do i pack the same as for carribean or more long trousers and warmer stuff. evening obviously pretty much the same but warm enough for shorts?
  8. trains and baggage booked lol. dont you just love weekend engineering works. 3hrs to get to southampton on a tusday 41/2 nearly 5 to get home. right need to up the physio so i can start the ironing. should just get enough done in 2 months.
  9. rang bolsover and the loveley lottie has got me on the 30 jan sailing. so i can warm these aching bones. now trains and baggage handing to sort.
  10. sorry sinbad i have to disagree with you there. whilst i like many others think p&o are taking the mick others shouldnt be criticised for booking a cruise at a good price. hopefully p&o will shift their compensation into line with their american operations as has already been said on here ncl etc offer far more in the immediate aftermath of a problem and then listen to other issues and add on obc or upgrades as well.their immovable attitude and some of their statements on twitter i think are particularly bad. they should at the very least hear people out regarding their expences particularly having seen what some have paid for medical ins. although if i had that much wrong with me i wouldnt be going on a 50 day cruise. i am going to try and get on the 30 jan cruise if theres any left.
  11. enjoy 2torts i dont think i can get away with it as ive booked ventura 12 nights in april and another 28 nighter in oct as it goes to bermuda. i may just mention it to my clients and see what the reaction is lol.
  12. as the dates coincide with the end of the 50 nighter p&o should allow those affected to go back to back for free and then refund them the 50 nighter at the prices theyre offering them at it wouldnt cost them much more and although 24 nights of the same ports isnt the same as was planned it would be better pr.
  13. actually the more i think about it i quite fancy the first one. good way to get over xmas et al.
  14. its been about for a while there a couple of other threads about it. i think theyve had a few issues particularly on the short weekend cruises with stags/hens. that said other lines stopped personal alchol being taken on board years ago. its not a major problem from what i can see, the drinks prices on p&o arent as high as other lines and it doent bother me less to lug on board.