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  1. All inclusive trial?

    totally worthless for me i only have 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks after dinner usually in the casino and mostly the casino pays. i had a costa card on a 24 night cruise on arcadia and literally it lasted the entire cruise. other than that i think my last bar bill was about 30 quid for a 12 night cruise. so long as you can opt in or out it wont affect me .
  2. Military benefit

    p&o give a benefit to the military and veterans, some companies extend it to police and blue light services. it varies widely.
  3. Military benefit

    i will be polite and say that as we live in a democratic country with free speech your entitled to your opinion. but i will exercise my right to disagree with you. the expectations and demands made on our armed forces and civil emergancy services relative to their salaries are rediculous and any benefit that a company wishes to give them in recognition of that service is welcome and deserved. but it should be an additional benefit over and above any benefit they give other customers. in the past very few uk companies gave any recognition to them, it is nice now to see that changing.
  4. Blood types

    the trouble as well is us demanding antibiotics etc for the slightest sniffle etc the docs etc need to be stronger and refuse them. antibiotics dont do anything for colds and viruses. time and sensible use of pain killers and antiinflamatories treating the symptems and avoiding other people to infect is the best thing.
  5. Blood types

    i think our over sanitised environment has a lot to do with it. there was a study of asmatics between those living in and around animals on farms and small holdings and those in modern housing etc and the results were startling those in what would be considered dirtier environments were healthier and suffered considerably less from respiritory problems far less than could be accounted for in any difference in air quality. the worst obviously were those in highly poluted city centres but even those in cleaner towns where air quality wasnt a factor were far more susceptible to bugs of all discriptions whereas those encountering the widest range of unsanitary conditions were healthier overall.
  6. New Ship/Central Atrium

    i was on ventura recently and my cabin was on the same deck as reception and the use of the atrium for the shops table sales and the line dancing etc made it almost impossible to get to/from the cabin. a real pain.
  7. Onboard shopping - NOT!!

    came off ventura on the 4th, the shops were under new management the prices esp "duty free" tobacco had shot up compared with oceana in jan and arcadia in oct.also only one brand of rolling tobbacco. it was far cheaper on shore. likewise the scents. several days the atrium was chaos with the shop table sales of more crap to pack. not a pleasant experience i would have been quite happy if they had closed the whole thing for a week. unfortunateley my cabin was on the same level as reception and the shops middle level so those days it was a nightmare getting to and from the cabin. again as has been said if your thinking of spending a sizable sum do your homework do you need it and what would you pay at home. i was lucky i got a deal at the new dixons offering on a couple of laptops and with the peninsular club discount as well saved almost £200. but in my experience thats unusual.
  8. Celebrate the Royal Wedding at sea

    ha ha theres no escape lol. you will watch. not my thing but hay were the best at these pomp and ceremonials. so why not.
  9. Insurance details

    at the end of the day you can only give them what youve got and its no good committing in advance to a particular company these days as they will rip you off on the premium if they think you will def renew as your going away over the renewal date. i would just start hunting a new policy 30 days before as usual so long as you have a policy or policies in place on the day of embarkation i cant see it being a problem.
  10. Military benefit

    because of the other levels of obc available and the need to choose effectiveley the cruiselines are not giving veterans anything extra they dont give anyone else.
  11. Insurance details

    just give them the current policy and give them the new one once you have it.
  12. like any insurance its a minefield you need to have an in depth conversation with a person rather than rely on these comparison site i use them to get initial info but then ring and talk to someone. it took me an afternoon last time but i saved loads compared to the cheapest that originally came up on the comparison sites.
  13. not a fan of jamaica, felt like i was back on patrol in n ireland. ok if your happy to be cooped up in a resort area but otherwise no.
  14. Do You Give Your Cabin Steward Excellent

    the difficulty with the system is that the cruiselines penalise low scores by deducting money from tips. that scews the whole system and is fundamentally wrong. the "reccomended" tips should be built into the cruise price and what individual passengers then do is up to them. the survey scores would then more accurateley reflect service received. which i think would then benefit everyone in the long term.
  15. Military benefit

    you need to check each time as to the better obc. the military obc can only be used on the main fares not saver or booked on board. a lot of the time its of no benefit as on board offers combined with the low deposit are usually more advantageous. i think theyre a bit mean over it but thats the same with many uk companies when you compare it to what companies in the usa offer their veterans etc. ive even found a few american companies extend their offers to uk veterans which is handy. the best thing i found is the veterans oyster card which gives you free travel in london.