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  1. i am going on 7 oct, no changes as yet from p&o. i will go with the flow. i can deal with extra sea days or port changes. the islanders have been far more inconvenianced than any disruption to a cruise itinery would do to me.
  2. last night/night before there was a windows update. it causes problems on mine with passwords and sage accounts i have to go into cache and mess with stuff each time to get stuff working again. happens every time windows do an update. ive now got a list of stuff i have to restart each time windows play silly beggars.
  3. must confess will be doing xmas shopping on the cruise lol. mainly as brother-in-law is partial to rum. have booked day trip on one of the islands to 2 distilliaries, might not make dinner that day lol.
  4. ya hay, ironing complete. first practice pack weighed in at 30kg oops. simple fix toiletries, sunscreen,shower gel etc removed along with a book, transferred to rucksack/hand luggage. second pack 23.2kgs job done. amazing how heavy liquids are, in future i think i will just buy what i need on board reckon theyll have most stuff. it can sit in the corner now until the 3rd. organised or what lol.
  5. going through the tick sheets and list making brought back a lot of memories lol. the wife and i did quite a few cruises between 1995 and when she died in 2003. sat ironing this afternoon i had the thought at least i havent had to go clothes shopping. that was a nightmare endured prior to every cruise trips to nottingham or meadowhall or where ever to get "the new outfit". it usually involved an entire day in whatever shopping centre "trying on", followed by several fashion shows at home. followed by another trip to same shopping centre to return half of what was bought on trip one followed by more buying. repeat 3 times for each shopping centre. at least. dont even ask about shoe shopping lol esp as she was tall almost 6ft and had size 8 feet.
  6. at last after several weeks of searching its booked. a little background to the issues that caused such a prolonged decision. i am a widower so the first issue the dreaded single supplement. i havent done a cruise for some time or even booked a brochure holiday for the last 10 years i have booked a flight and arranged my own hotel and saved at least a thousand pounds on a fortnights holiday to destinations that can provide some sun. however earier this year i damaged my already arthiritic knees so any flight over an hour or so is out of the question hence the search for a cruise from a uk port. additionally i am one of the lepers that smoke albeit now an electronic version so it brings its own restrictions,combined with the inability to stand for more than 10 minutes i needed to find out if there were seats available in smoking areas or if you were relegated to a pontoon towed behind the ship. so emails were necessary to cruiselines. and following said emails it seems additional info has appeared regarding smoking areas on some p&o ships. the weekend has been spent preparing and repairing baggage etc and the first practice pack has started, the aim to get enough in for a 24 night cruise and keep the bag below 23kgs. the main bag will commence the holiday before me on the 3rd oct with the baggage company as i dont fancy battling the rail system with a large bag, a walking stick and a rucksack. for £72 return it seems a no brainer,and the rail fare wasnt bad just over £100 return from chesterfield with an upgrade to first class down to southampton. so the boxes are getting ticked the list of washing and dry cleaning is complete, ironing all but the last load done. the self travelling bag is almost packed for the first time,initial weigh in will be on wed/thurs, then the task of slimming it down will begin to get to its target weight for the 3rd. do i really need that hawaian shirt or that second bottle of sunscreen.
  7. wow, ok thats new. also ive now booked on the arcadia on 7 oct. going through the info i notice theyve changed the smoking info it now specifies deck 11 sky outside east bar,deck 10 outside retreat bar,d9 lido table area outside aquarius bar. much more detail than before when it just said d9 port etc. i wonder if that was prompted by the emails i sent.
  8. i came accross this in the p&o website questions and answers. Yes, military benefits are applicable to UK citizens only. We are pleased to offer on board spending money to: Current serving personnel Veterans Reservists MOD Civil servants NATO personnel in the UK for the following service divisions: British Army Royal Navy Royal Air Force Reserves Royal Marines Merchant Navy for bookings made from the 1 August 2017 when booking a P&O Cruises Select Fare only** If you are eligible to receive these benefits please call our Customer Contact Centre (please visit our website for contact details) quoting 'HMR'. We do not require you to send any documentation prior to your departure but please make sure you take the below with you on board your cruise: Identification for serving personnel official military ID card Proof of service issued by the MOD for retired personnel (MOD will issue retired personnel with discharge papers which is fine for you to take as a form of ID) The amount of on board spending money is applicable for the 1st and 2nd passengers in a cabin only and depends on the grade of cabin booked and the duration of the cruise: Nights Outside/Inside Balcony Suite 2-6 £10 £15 £20 7-13 £20 £30 £40 14-21 £50 £65 £75 22+ £75 £90 £100 Please note the latest this benefit can be applied is 7 days before departure and it is not possible to apply the Military benefit once you are on board. ** Not combinable with Early Savers, Savers, Onboard Bookings or Thank you for cruising offers or Partnership benefits.
  9. just found this little bonus as well whilst going through the p&o website. in the q&a section better dig out my proof of service lol. Yes, military benefits are applicable to UK citizens only. We are pleased to offer on board spending money to: Current serving personnel Veterans Reservists MOD Civil servants NATO personnel in the UK for the following service divisions: British Army Royal Navy Royal Air Force Reserves Royal Marines Merchant Navy for bookings made from the 1 August 2017 when booking a P&O Cruises Select Fare only**
  10. sorted, arcadia on the 7th oct carribean and back from/to southampton, lots of sea days so i will see how it goes and maybe go for the roundtrip transatlantic qm2 next year or 2019. thankyou all for your help. off to pack lol.
  11. thanks towny,i am going that route too i think for now.going into bolsover this afternoon to see if i can get the 7th oct roundtrip carribean. its got quite a few sea days so i will see how i go and maybe go n atlantic in the summer.
  12. ha ha the pennies have arrived lol. so off to bolsover cruise club this afternoon. to see whats left for oct.
  13. hi cruise chef, oh no i am not fussed about being indoors,in fact i am quite happy with the indoor smoking ban. i was worried that from the description in the brochures of the smoking areas, mostly prom deck fwd or aft i had visions of it basically just being almost a bit of corridor and had to stand. standing is my problem at the moment in fact went base over apex in the chemist this morning, very embarassing. the knee just locked mid step. mind its a while since i had a good cigar. those places are usually quite comfy bit gentlemans clubbish might be the place to do the daily emails lol.
  14. thanks tom,ventura is one of the ones i asked p&o about,so youve solved that one. they havent come back to me at all yet.
  15. hi all, heard back from cunard all they say is there is seating in at least one of the smoking areas. litterally that was it. it answers the problem but the terse tone seems to say what they hold smokers to be. an inconveniance at best. or am i being paranoid.