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  1. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    looking around this ship you do wonder how or indeed if some of them have insurance as talking to them they have a shopping list of ailments. one of the medical staff this afternoon spent several hours on the sunbathing deck lugging a huge red case around monitoring 2 different people one seemed to have breathing problems and the other was having blood pressure done it seemed hourly. why they werent in their cabin was beyond me but they were determined it seemed to get the last bit of sunbathing in as its been quite a nice day here.
  2. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    well yet another medical emergancy, he had to put his foot down and we arrived in la corunna at 3am. the medical insurers will be taking a hit from this cruise.
  3. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    i am usually quite pleased with the ships services and try not to nit pick and go with the flow, but on this cruise the internet has been particularly bad and the ships photographers virging on incompetant. i entered 8 photos in the passenger photography competition but when i went down to view the entrys none of mine or another passengers were there and this was after a false start as they were already 2 hours late putting them out. so they had to take them all down and find ours and print them and set it all up again. needless to say ours they put at ankle height so you could hardly see them. so i am not hopeful. now i dont claim to be david bailey or whatever his name is but the offerings of the onboard photographers given the prices they charge are very poor and lack imagination.
  4. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    well here we are on the way home and yet again my azores jinx strikes. we cant dock in the azores as a storm is approaching were just nipping in at around 4am to drop off a sick passenger and then departing immediatley for la corrunna again. thats every port a passenger has left the ship in an ambulance, 2 in barbados. not suprising i suppose as apparently the average age is 73.
  5. mitch

    Cruise Log

    on our current cruise on arcadia we had some form of hawk on board somewhere and for several days out of southampton it was seen particularly in front of the crows nest. it even caught something one day and sat on the rail eating it. several people got photos.
  6. mitch

    lest we forget

    ok i am ex army so perhaps a little more sensitive than most on this subject. on arcadia today a rememberance service was held in the theatre very good i have to say. then on deck 9 at the stern a service was held and the ensign lowered to half mast last post 2 minutes silence etc. very good. however some of the sun worshippers on deck 9 never moved from their sunbeds etc some chatted all through the 2 minutes silence at least one woman asked people standing to move out of "her" sun. one woman did put a sundress over her bikini and stood for the 2 minute silence bravo. all i have to say is millions died so they have the freedom to show such disrespect to others. rant over.
  7. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    barbados was wet till lunchtime but we were in the distillary or the distillary bar so it didnt matter and when we came out we didnt care lol.
  8. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    barbados distillary tour, always ends in the bar lol
  9. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    the rum was good, night night!
  10. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    st lucia another wet welcome but it cleared pretty quickly and a lovely afternoon had turning a darker shade of pink.with the factor 5000 applied liberally at regular intervals i am never going to look like a battered old suitcase like some of the sun worshippers.added to the rum miniatures and the hot sauces for my nephew, its a wonder hes got any taste buds left. double distillery tour tommorrow in barbados so pictures and comments may be late lol.
  11. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    when we arrived in antigua this morning look who was already here.
  12. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    antigua today and it is persisting down, fortunateley the trip consists of getting on a mini bus driving to a rum shack and geting in the rum shack and drinking rum and eating conch fritters,fish and jerk chicken and drinking rum. getting back on mini bus and back for 1pm for late lunch. doing some shopping on the way back. 2.30pm its all cleared and its sunbathing time.
  13. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    yesterday in st martin before the heavens opened,beautiful sunshine till mid afternoon but then for two hours it came down in torrents. fortunateley i had got off shopped and got back on again before it started. so i had some lunch and did a load of washing and got it in the dryer. went back after 20 minutes and the rain had come and someone had taken my stuff out of the dryer still pretty damp and put in the clothes they were wearing when they got caught in the deluge, it was obvious thats what they had done as there were 2 shorts,4 socks,2 t-shirts etc etc. i was going to sit there and ambush them when they came back but rum called. plus 2 couples were put ashore in one port for fighting in the laundry,bahamas i think.lol. the women started it then the husbands joined in.
  14. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    tortola today and unfortunately my disc decided it would do the rhumba on my sciatic nerve so was only able to walk to the terminal building and back so a day of enforced rest hopefully i will be able to photograph the sailaway. but anyway heres todays plunder you may see a theme other than the coral lizard thats because i like death in paradise.
  15. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    quiet sea day and not much to photograph so a couple of annoyances for you. my cabin is the last in the corridor next to the door that opens on to deck 10 the only thing there is the sliding roof over the swimming pool. anyway for the first three nights after leaving southampton i could hear a cricket chirping i kid you not. and the volume went up each night. i would go out into the corridor go doown towards the crows nest and it continued but the volume lower.so i went back to the room and opened the door to deck 10, as soon as i stepped through it the noise stopped. anyway by night 6 i had had enough so went to reception and they were more amused than anything. but the duty hotel manager was there and she said she would come up with someone else. so iwent back and shortly after i could hear them chatting as they came down the corridor and saying it is it is a cricket its got to be. i went out and showed them how it stopped when you went through the door. i then left them to investigate. a few minutes later she knocked on the door and said look at this and theres a wooden ramp retro fitted outside the door and eventually they had lifted it and lo and behold a huge cricket lying there chirping away. so problem solved with a size 9 from her assistant. the other you could say a little more delecate problem is i still have to work so usually come back to the cabin around 3ish to do said work. anyway next door need a new bed or at least to get it oiled as their afternoon delight is rather annoying. well thats all folks beutiful weather today properley toasted so off for a shower and prep for formal, night night.