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  1. from what ive seen other cruise lines dont allow any personal booze on board so i fail to see why its such an issue. or the need quite honestly to take booze on board there are plenty of bars on board. the last rccl cruise i was on in the nineties they were all over personal booze in cabins as someone on a previous cruise died as they were abusing alcohol in the cabin etc. if thats going to be the deciding factor on cruiseline ????????
  2. the trouble with any policy designed to stop something the barrack room lawyers all come out from under their stones with a pile of what ifs and maybes. when any sensible person can see what is the clear intention of a particular restriction. but from a pr point of veiw the cruiselines lawyers get involved and you end up with a fudge. really what they should have put was: no alcohol to be brought on board and no stags/hens with lude t-shirts etc getting legless and upsetting other passengers.
  3. again its the "benidorm all inclusive" effect, people have gone on these all inclusive binge fests that masquerade as holidays and now want the same thing on cruise ships. i hope that the impending over capacity that the march to bigger and bigger ships will lead to will not drag the whole sector down that route. some people will never be satisfied cruises are cheaper than ever before and p&o probably have one of the most reasonable bar tarriffs some will moan just for the sake of moaning and to expect prices to be remotely close to supermarket prices is just rediculous. and is probably a good reason for the govt to bring in minimum prices for alcohol.
  4. in part they are victims of the technology now enables them to commission bigger and bigger ships meaning they need far more bums on seats. in my opinion bigger is not better. some ships are now heading towards being disneyland on water. not my idea of fun and i wont be going there anytime soon. i will happily cruise less often on a mid sized ship with an interesting itinery. it will no doubt cost more.
  5. i think this tightening of existing policies is aimed squareley at the stag/hens that have taken to going on the short 2/3 night cruises the lines do between their main cruises. i think there have been one or two incidents over the last year involving inappropriate t-shirts and behaviour. the casino manager on my recent cruise on arcadia told several stories of very high jinks on the last couple of short cruises they had done. too lurid for a public forum. lol.
  6. in a way i think this is the effect of the "benidorm" all inclusive being moved on to cruise ships less and less is a cruise something special. theres almost a rush to the lowest common denominator. more and more "all inclusive" drinks packages. i have rarely seen people abuse alcohol etc on a cruise but it seems to be coming more of an issue over the last few years. the pressure to reduce costs has seen a down grading of the standard fare in main dining areas and the cruiselines have seen a way of gaining revenue by offering "upgrades". but in a sense driven by demand on the cruise in oct many of the residents of deck 9 buffet/pool area effectively spent nothing on the cruise never went to the main dining etc and their goal was a nil onboard account. and they all claimed to have paid less and less for the cruise in the first place. many do the same cruise or v similar every year.it was practically a pensioners annual get together. so i dont think the entire blame can be put at the cruiselines door. the customers have to take some of the blame too.
  7. i came off arcadia on 31st oct i thought drinks were very reasonable beer 3.5 to 4.5 depending on brand. ive paid more in pubs even up here. cocktails etc 4.5 to 6.5 depending on spirits involved and there was always a daily special both alcoholic and non alcoholic that was 50p or a pound cheaper than at other times.
  8. i think our pop man was caronna and in summer we had ice cream soda floats. the pop was pinkish tasted of bubble gum and had a scoop of ice cream dropped in it. i reckon he was in cahoots with the ice cream van as one would arrive a few minutes after the other.
  9. oh yes i had forgotten that yes we had a pop man as you say came once a week everyone recycled then, they should still do the money back etc it was great for kids to top up pocket money. we would scavenge bottles from all over.
  10. i am a licorice fan i always get allsorts at xmas and my favorite pontefract cakes. i got some for me when i ordered the selection for xmas but they aint geting my licorice lol. in fact it will probably be gone by then as the rugby internationals are on this weekend so i will be sat in front of the telly with licorice and another find dandelion and burdock, spotted in morrisons yesterday. oh the memories.
  11. this year i have done something a bit different for family and freinds. i have sourced a bunch of old fashioned sweets from various decades and made up my own selection boxes. i have parma violets sherbet fountains sherbet dibdabs white mice cola bottles drumsticks love hearts dusted milk bottles fizzers black jacks candy shrimps flying saucers fruit salad choc cinder toffee anglo bubbly. any of them bring back memories lol. what xmas oddities have you come accross
  12. in future i will afc at the moment i have booked for the itineries rather than cost but once ive done those i will be able to look for last minute stuff. ive looked at a couple of their late deals and they seem pretty good option. i wanted to try a longer cruise to see if i liked the sea days hence the 24 day one and in 2019 i am doing the back to back cunard to/from new york just cos ive always fancied it. next year ive booked an april canaries cruise and then i will look to pick up a late deal july/aug.
  13. that is good. there are lines out there who are begining to be reasonable. unfortunateley as i cant fly i am stuck with cunard/p&0 unless i wanted a tour of the uk or norwegian fjords neither of which appeal. i just thought they were missing a trick in that a higher on board spend would more than make up for a lower boarding price.
  14. no i accept that although most specifically single rooms are cheaper than a double and that is why usually i book my own holidays as particularly in the states a hotel room costs x regardless of no of occupants flight costs y. total cost of holiday is considerably cheaper than package from agent with single supplement. but you cant tell me p&o and others need a supplement of 100% to make a profit. also my point was that particularly on the cruise i was on most of the "couples" on deck 9 spent virtually nothing whilst on board whereas the "singles" spent a considerable amount in comparison. even the single berths now appearing on some ships are still almost the same price if not more in some cases than single occupency of a double cabin. i am not saying there is no justification for a supplement i question the level of that supplement. also usually over the last 10 years i have gone to las vegas partly as its cheaper to source my own hotel and flight but also the hotel/casino comp you on your spend and many times ive had several nights if not all comped. there is no such benefit on a cruise. nowadays even supermarkets give you perks based on what and how often you spend.
  15. thats the biggest problem i have at the moment as i cannot fly at the moment until they resolve a medical issue so i need holidays in or to and from the uk. it severely restricts your choice of operators. and murphys law applies they happen to be the ones with the biggest supplements. its galling as it happens i have far more flexibility regarding when i can go and how often i can go than ever before only to find the cost prohibitive at worst, restrictive at best. still at least i am fortunate enough to be able to have holidays i appreciate many cant and i dont want to appear a grinch. i have no problem paying a fair price for a product but i do feel many cruiselines take advantage.