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  1. ok bag to be collected tommorrow 18th between 7 and 11. final checks done and it weighs in at 22kg , under the limit so were good to go.
  2. mitch

    Britannia refit

    typical i am on the cruise before the refit, that means they will start clearing stuff half way through and if arcadia is anything to go by,they will try to get into southampton early so everything will close early on the last day/night. the last few days of the arcadia cruise before her refit shops etc started closing down in the last few days, by the last day half the space was empty. as they got into uk waters the casino had to close at 8pm. bummer!
  3. mitch

    Britannia refit

    i picked up some gift sets on arcadia last nov for xmas pressies, they were very reasonable for the brands they were.
  4. i have found them excellant, on return you collect your bags as normal and take them out of the terminal and they have a van literally outside, actual position varies depending where they can get in but its v close. you hand your bag over and he tells you the day he will deliver. i think 4 days after is the latest so far for me i am near chesterfield i suppose it depends where you are in the country and which way round hes going. i have used them 4 times now as i cant manage the driving that far and the train is easy from here but a big bag on the train would be a nightmare and i dont fancy the coach as the nearest pickup is one of the motorway service stations and the faff of getting there and back with taxis etc. i use a large barrel bag and nothing broken either touch wood. i think theyre great.
  5. i am off again lol it starts today as the baggage handling company has rung to say they will pick up my bag on the 18th, so better start packing. for those that didnt read my other ramblings this cruise may be a little sedate as 18 months ago the day after returning from the last cruise i had a heart attack shortly after getting up that morning,anyway a quick trip to sheffield northern fixed it with a stent and 3 months of physio followed. during which they stopped the cause of the blockage the anti inflamatories i had been taking for years and then discovered i had arthiritis in my spine that the anti inflamatories had been hiding and that i had a slipped disc which was pressing on the sciatic nerve. anyway a spinal injection in feb seems to have eased that to the stage that i thinkk its time for some r&r. were off to madeira,la palma,tenerife,gran canaria,lanzerote,cadiz and lisbon, so should be able to stock up on port. realised recently that the cruise is a food heroes cruise, teach me to pay attention when booking. so ive booked 2 of the cookery club classes the eric lanlard inspired masterclass and the thai street food. as i dont think i will be doing much walking as the back does play up a bit although the medics have given me extra stuff to take if i need it. with luck the weather will be kind and there will be plenty of lying by the pool drinking rum. i am cheating by getting a local ironing service to do my shirts for me so all i have to do is fold and pack. i will update as we go lol. bring on the rum.
  6. mitch

    Cruising from Liverpool?

    it would cut my journey in half so yes i would give it a go.
  7. mitch

    britannia tips and info

    right, as i wont be walking far this cruise i have booked 2 of the cookery club classes on the first couple of days. the eric lanlard inspired afternoon tea masterclass and thai street food. £40 a pop so i will let you know how it goes. i love thai fish cakes so be interesting to see if i can diy them or wether i end up poisoning myself.
  8. mitch

    Let the Train take the Strain?

    relatives went on the train through the rockies in canada/usa, i think it was 3 or 4 days and took them to niagra etc. they loved it.
  9. mitch

    britannia tips and info

    i had a tens machine for my arthiritic knees helped quite a lot i was able to step up the physio by using it. i still get it out now and then on bad days.
  10. mitch

    Drinks package

    the drinks package was just in use when i went on my last cruise on arcadia but i didnt see any issues caused by over indulgence.
  11. mitch

    britannia tips and info

    i guessed that was the issue davybe lol. prior to the injection the gp put me on gabapentin, that helped although i did need pretty high doses and it did cause drowsiness, but i work from home so it wasnt too bad.
  12. mitch

    britannia tips and info

    the initial option was an op to push the disc back in and then screw a plate to the vertebrae above and below the disc to stop it coming out again but because i had the heart attack 18 months ago they didnt want to do the op until i stop taking the heart meds and blood thinners. so the specialist suggested the spinal injection and for 6 months its worked a treat and it was a simple out patients job in and out in a couple of hours. it may take some persuading as apparently nhs dont do it as routine but the specialist put up a case due to the problems i was having particularly with the pain down the legs and they okayed it. although it looks as though it may be wearing off i dont have pain down the legs etc just in the back and if push comes to shove with better pain releif i will probably last a good while yet if nec. maybe i should start surfing?
  13. mitch

    britannia tips and info

    i thought the new website was worse than before pesky,i seem to remember finding the info previously for other ships. and i m afraid i am one of the leppers although i have given up the tobbacco for the ecigs. thats not bad if 16 has one i am on 14. although i may have slipped up its next door to the laundry lol. at least i wont have to go far to iron a shirt. thanks davybe, i had a spinal injection in feb and its no where near as bad as it was, had terrible pains down the legs and could hardly walk at least now i can move and am reasonably pain free. dont think i will be doing much in the way of excursions. may have a go at the cooking classes a couple of those look tasty.
  14. not been on for a while due to back issues,slipped disc pressing on sciatic nerve required a spinal injection so not too mobile for long periods. anyway to the point, going on britannia on 23rd sept and wondered if there were any ship specific tips any one has? also anyone know where the smoking areas are? i searched the p&o website but couldnt find it. hope everyone is well. mitch
  15. mitch

    What a win

    ive been on quite a few forums following the cricket and the awful comments following taufels stirring are horrendous, however when you look at those complaining and making a fuss, they are all either indian,australian or scottish. not a kiwi among them. i think the kiwi skipper and his team have handled themselves impeccably given the way lady luck conspired against them. given taufel is on the icc rules committee he should have kept his mouth shut and dealt with it internally through the umpires system but its no suprise really given his history against england and the ashes coming up later hes obviously getting his digs in early. he wasnt keen when people highlighted errors he made during his carreer.