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    oceana sold immediateley

    just announced that p&o have sold oceana.
  2. given the current difficulties of covid 19 and the wide range of different rules imposed by possible destination ports of call. would it be feasible or attractive to have a cruise down to warmer weather for a week or two but not to dock anywhere, simply cruise around the canaries or something staying on board and sunbathing. ramp up the on board entertainment, lectures demonstrations etc. but just bimble around in the sun for a while. it would suit me lol. any takers?
  3. boy tough audience lol. ok assuming duty free was duty free, the cruiseline up their game on the entertainment and insurance etc were possible . then would you curmudgeons be interested?
  4. they could just bunker at one of the canary islands, not let anyone off just take on provisions and fuel. i would be up for it for sure.
  5. mitch

    oceana sold immediateley

    sorry countrygirl, jumped in without looking.
  6. mitch


    fortunateley i am usually up around 6 am so am usually one of very few in for breakfast at that time. not a fan of the buffet at lunch due to some of the less than hygenic habits of some passengers, if i have any of them in front of me i bypass anything theyve gone near. some of the ships have grab and go sandwiches by the pool all prepacked so they are a favourite at lunch. and i have to say i have never had a health issue on 20 odd cruises.
  7. mitch

    How is everyone

    in a way i am lucky in that i am isolated all the time, widower work from home,disabled so cant walk far, certainly cant get round a supermarket so i have always used online shopping. so nothing new for me lol. ive been lucky in that ive been able to get morrisons to deliver when ive needed it and i use wiltshire farm foods for some meals when i cant stand to cook. only drag has been the cancellation of hospital appointments for my back to get me mobile again, until they lift the restrictions i have to live with the pain. i will be looking for a last minute break when the cruises come back. theres some nice countryside just behind us and a short walk and sit down near the river helps no end. stay safe all.
  8. as a widower travelling on my own all cruise lines pretty much charge me at least as if i was one and a half people many as if i was a couple. the single supplement sucks. however in particular p&o give you an onboard credit if you book the select price and although i pay in effect for 2 i only get 1 obc, likewise the military benefit if there were 2 people in my cabin i would get double what i currently get. on my last cruise i came back on 8th oct, as usual discussions at times revolved around what people had paid etc and talking to a couple ex-military like myself and in the same grade cabin i had paid only £200 less than them and yet they had twice the obc. how can that be right. even the single cabins suck, yet again ive registered for a 2022 cruise and yet again its cheaper to go for single occupency of a double cabin than to have a single cabin. rant over
  9. thanks for your efforts, i would love to do petra and some of the nile sights but ever reducing mobility and restrictions on my ability to vist countries in the region for reasons we wont go into will restrict it to my wishlist. glad it all went well for you. very jealous.
  10. mitch

    Costa coffee

    your right sinbad, i went on britannia in sept no costa card, didnt enquire about other packages though.
  11. mitch

    Costa coffee

    £2.50ish i think. for a standard size £3 odd for a large.
  12. mitch


    i am in the trentann camp i thought it was just me lol
  13. mitch

    Aurora restricted view cabins

    i always book an inside so cant help.
  14. mitch

    single cruisers turned over again

    i registered for the pre sale of 2021/22 cruises for a 28 nighter starting nov 21. for a pe inside the lowest grade it was quoted as £2756. the single 3k+, anyway they called this morning to say the pe had sold out to the higher grades ligurian etc so the next one up would be £2821. looking at the website today its already 3k+ and the single still more. so it has paid to get in early but if the few singles havent sold out how can they justify them still costing more than a double for single occupency. so thankyou bolsover lol.
  15. mitch

    single cruisers turned over again

    my biggest gripe is the single cabins as they are usually more expensive than single occupency of a double which is crazy. my last 2 cruises and poss the next depending on them getting me a booking on friday have all been sole occupency of a double cabin at the 2 person price and its been cheaper than a single. how can they justify charging more than for 2 people pay for a cabin for a single cabin.
  16. i am off again lol it starts today as the baggage handling company has rung to say they will pick up my bag on the 18th, so better start packing. for those that didnt read my other ramblings this cruise may be a little sedate as 18 months ago the day after returning from the last cruise i had a heart attack shortly after getting up that morning,anyway a quick trip to sheffield northern fixed it with a stent and 3 months of physio followed. during which they stopped the cause of the blockage the anti inflamatories i had been taking for years and then discovered i had arthiritis in my spine that the anti inflamatories had been hiding and that i had a slipped disc which was pressing on the sciatic nerve. anyway a spinal injection in feb seems to have eased that to the stage that i thinkk its time for some r&r. were off to madeira,la palma,tenerife,gran canaria,lanzerote,cadiz and lisbon, so should be able to stock up on port. realised recently that the cruise is a food heroes cruise, teach me to pay attention when booking. so ive booked 2 of the cookery club classes the eric lanlard inspired masterclass and the thai street food. as i dont think i will be doing much walking as the back does play up a bit although the medics have given me extra stuff to take if i need it. with luck the weather will be kind and there will be plenty of lying by the pool drinking rum. i am cheating by getting a local ironing service to do my shirts for me so all i have to do is fold and pack. i will update as we go lol. bring on the rum.
  17. ah the tv, yes there were a bunch of hacked off welshmen as they lost sat tv the day of one of their rugby world cup matches, most went off to sulk but half a dozen sat around someones phone watching on a little screen as we were in port and they could get mobile coverage. it looked quite comical. unfortunateley i am self employed and still need to work occasionally on the cruise so its a must have although i can claim it back but its a pain when its not there.
  18. hi all, firstly apologies for not posting on the cruise but yet again the internet on the cruise failed for 3 days and we had to wait initially until we got to madiera to take on parts and a tech then a day for him to sort it after which i lost the will lol. esp as we got the same guff from the girl in the library as we had on arcadia when we lost it for 7 days. so not a good start lol. the bay of biscay was a little lumpy en route to madeira the first 2 days/night but i didnt think too bad but to hear some you would have thought we were in a hurricane or something. the first afternoon at sea i had signed up for one of the cookery club courses and that gave me a new respect for the chefs on board as trying to pipe macarons and mix cup cakes when the ship is rocking aint easy lol. the class was excellant even though half of those originally signed up for it didnt make it. it was a bit rocky lol. and we got to eat what we made. the following day i did the cookery class thai street food and we did a thai beef salad chicken satai skewers and thai fish cakes, less rocky but again excellant and great fun. the 2 classes were £45 each and well worth it i thought and an excellant way of passing 2-3 hours and the chefs taking the class were brilliant and coped with all levels of culinary expertise, i have none lol. due to my problems with knees,back and a slipped disc i wasnt able to do any day trips but enjoyed the weather on deck and in the smoking areas, fortunately after the bay the weather the rest of the cruise was good with lots of sunshine and almost zero rain,even got a little sunburned on my back which is unusual for me as i am so careful as i burn easily. i did toy with the idea of doing the cookery class with marco pierre white but at £100 i decided it a step too far likewise the dinner with him cooking for 20 of you and sitting with you at £150. he did a q&a and book signing which somehow i missed completely in the programme, senility setting in i think. but the benefit of sitting in the smoking areas and getting up at silly oclock, twice mr pierre white joined us in the leppers corner and was an absolute delight chatting and introducing himself to all of us degenerates. as usual my main gripe other than the internet is the other passengers, my god they can moan for england, one woman wouldnt shut up about how she thought it was too windy, other than the first 24hrs during the day it rarely got above a slight breeze. although even then they need to sort out some of the doors out onto the outside decks as opening some of them were downright dangerous at times and makes me wonder if they do any tests on the designs before they build them. dont know if it was because marco pierre white was on the cruise for the last 4 days but the food throughout the cruise was excellant. even though i was severley limited by medical issues the cruise was excellant, internet apart. however the next one is going to be cancelled as i need to get these physical issues sorted or the next one will be in a wheelchair or scooter and i would like to avoid that if i can. the bag is being delivered back on sunday by the baggage handling company as that was the earliest one of their vans was up this way, and they did offer to courier it up earlier if i wanted but as its only dirty washing now i wasnt fussed. as ever the bag was waiting in the cabin when i got there so they were as good as ever.
  19. ok bag to be collected tommorrow 18th between 7 and 11. final checks done and it weighs in at 22kg , under the limit so were good to go.
  20. mitch

    Britannia refit

    typical i am on the cruise before the refit, that means they will start clearing stuff half way through and if arcadia is anything to go by,they will try to get into southampton early so everything will close early on the last day/night. the last few days of the arcadia cruise before her refit shops etc started closing down in the last few days, by the last day half the space was empty. as they got into uk waters the casino had to close at 8pm. bummer!
  21. mitch

    Britannia refit

    i picked up some gift sets on arcadia last nov for xmas pressies, they were very reasonable for the brands they were.
  22. i have found them excellant, on return you collect your bags as normal and take them out of the terminal and they have a van literally outside, actual position varies depending where they can get in but its v close. you hand your bag over and he tells you the day he will deliver. i think 4 days after is the latest so far for me i am near chesterfield i suppose it depends where you are in the country and which way round hes going. i have used them 4 times now as i cant manage the driving that far and the train is easy from here but a big bag on the train would be a nightmare and i dont fancy the coach as the nearest pickup is one of the motorway service stations and the faff of getting there and back with taxis etc. i use a large barrel bag and nothing broken either touch wood. i think theyre great.
  23. mitch

    Cruising from Liverpool?

    it would cut my journey in half so yes i would give it a go.
  24. not been on for a while due to back issues,slipped disc pressing on sciatic nerve required a spinal injection so not too mobile for long periods. anyway to the point, going on britannia on 23rd sept and wondered if there were any ship specific tips any one has? also anyone know where the smoking areas are? i searched the p&o website but couldnt find it. hope everyone is well. mitch
  25. mitch

    britannia tips and info

    right, as i wont be walking far this cruise i have booked 2 of the cookery club classes on the first couple of days. the eric lanlard inspired afternoon tea masterclass and thai street food. £40 a pop so i will let you know how it goes. i love thai fish cakes so be interesting to see if i can diy them or wether i end up poisoning myself.