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  1. so as a single traveller i am paying the same as a couple. i dont think so not for me.
  2. mitch

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    ive given up worrying about it,basically if i am happy about the cruise i book and the price other than ref single supplements etc that i know aint going away any time soon. then i dont even look up the changes and as for other passengers claims about bargains had well i know car salesmen that tell less lies.
  3. mitch

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    it is definateley increasingly unaffordable for a product that is becoming less and less special. many cruiselines rcl esp are becoming far too gimmacky for my taste. so much is now extra that was once included. speciality restaurants,bars and entertainment with a surcharge. i personally prefer a cruise thats relaxing ideally no surcharges etc i prefer to budget myself pay for the drinks i have and trips i take. ideally tips included in the price of the cruise. not a fan of drinks packages etc. p&o and fred olsen were about right but p&o seem to be cutting back everywhere on the basics and adding more and more chargable stuff. i appreciate you can take it or leave it and dont have to have the extras but many of the now extras were the norm. i will still cruise health allowing but i will be choosing far more carefully and going less often.
  4. mitch

    Happy New Year.

    happy new year davybe and to all on the forum and beyond may it bring all that you wish for and more.
  5. mitch

    Tourist Tax in Venice.

    no it wouldnt put me off but ive been there done that. the problems in venice though are more fundamental, the locals are being forced out due to property prices and corporates and airbnb landlords buying up property. i cant see the proceeds going where its actually needed to protect venice from disappearing into the water or to help locals. italian politics and finances are notoriously corrupt so i dont see it doing much good.
  6. mitch

    Pensioners smuggled Drugs?

    i suppose even drug smugglers get old lol.
  7. mitch

    Pensioners smuggled Drugs?

    its on the bbc news website as well. it is a british couple they say. mind there was a huge customs/police presence at soton when we got back on arcadia in nov. never seen so many at least 6 dogs as well.
  8. mitch

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    i think it is something they need to look at as in my case if things get any worse i will need to consider a wheelchair or scooter. but i would not need a fully accessable cabin as i can still use a normal bathroom etc i just cant walk far. so i do think they need to restrict accessable cabins to those that need them. the problem with some of the scooters was that they were huge. access in lifts was rediculous at times. i think because it was a 29 night cruise the average age was mid 70's so mostly retired etc i imagine on shorter cruises the demographic may be different but as people have said how did so many get on board surely someone noticed that someone booking in for a sky/sun deck cabin was in a wheelchair/scooter?
  9. mitch

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    thats what they were trying to sort out they were appearing everywhere.it was like wacky races at times. several times they broadcast asking people not to leave them in corridors otside cabins.not just scooters but ordinary wheelchairs. i was on sky deck which is quite a tight area none of which are adapted as far as i know and there were 3 wheelchairs and a scooter up there and at night the scooter was put in the corridor to charge. the cabin opposite mine they had a wheelchair and the mess they made of the door trying to get in in the wheelchair was horrendous i reckon the door would need taking off sanding down and repolishing etc. because we were at the end of the corridor next to the door out onto deck 10 there wasnt much manouvering room to get an angle into the cabin without hitting the door.
  10. mitch


    merry xmas and may the new year be all that you hope for and more all the best mitch
  11. mitch

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    that would be a false assumption HLM esp in my drinking days i guarentee i would spend more than a couple lol. unfortunateley they wouldnt include casino spend as even now if you did i spend far more than your average couple. in fact the last 2 cruises the casino have issued me with a letter giving me free chips on my next cruise taken within 6 months.unfortunately i wont be able to take them up on it this time unless they can sort my back out before april.
  12. mitch

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    i also sympathise with those needing an adapted cabin not being able to get one because able bodied people have booked them. the cruiselines should insist on having medical evidence of need. on the 28 night cruise on arcadia there were many able bodied in accessible cabins because they were bigger and they got in first. but likewise there were also over 20 undeclared mobility scooters on board mostly from the too fat to walk brigade. there were allsorts of problems with daytrips etc because they had far more "disabled" passengers than they knew about in advance so they were scrambling to get enough or any suitable transport for the numbers wanting it and caused delays at the gangplank etc. scooters etc are supposed to be declared on booking but a majority on that cruise were not. it led to a lot of problems.
  13. mitch

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    i have no real objection to fluid pricing its supply and demand if a cruise is selling fast they will push the price up to extract as much as possible.likewise if its not selling they will reduce the price until it starts to sell. what i do object to is having to pay more for a single cabin than for single occupency of a double cabin esp when the single supplement for a double is 100%.
  14. mitch

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    oh no it was never going to be a straight reduction but at least now its the same for everyone apart from singles still get shafted.
  15. mitch

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    that was always going to be the result i think,on my last cruise a table of 8 singles i was the only one that left the tips on the onboard account. the rest all removed them mainly saying they have to pay too much for the cruise anyway due to the single supplement so we were paying 60-100% of another persons fare with none of the benefits of that persons fare. obc etc. to be fair they all tipped the waiters at dinner on the last night so i have no idea what the net result would be as i dont know who else they tipped or how much.
  16. mitch

    Space in Arcadia balcony cabin

    i was on arcadia for 29 nights oct/nov inside cabin s 21 its a single cabin but i would say they would fit under the desk/dressing table in that cabin .
  17. mitch

    Celebrity Pricing?

    i got quite close this year ive booked aurora 12 nights for £1598 in july.which isnt too bad considering single supplement is involved,also 28 nights on arcadia in oct for £3139. works out at £133 and £112 per night. considering i am paying for 2 thirds of another person for nothing in return i ought to get 2/3 of that persons obc as well. aurora may be a bit big for my tastes but i will give it a go, hopefully my back will be sorted by then.
  18. mitch


    never been given an upgrade nor would i expect one. some people are just well i will let you add your own expletive lol.
  19. mitch

    Celebrity Pricing?

    i try and get as close to £100 per night as i can, that aint close lol. i too will be elsewhere.
  20. sorry this is late starting but weve had little or no internet since leaving southampton,that is a saga all of its own but suffice to say no joy with staff/reception on board and it took southampton 5 days to send a bog standard reply to say they will try and get back to me in 28 days. any way embarkation smooth as silk and cabin s21 is huge considering its a single,its a 4ft bed with 6 inches of spare space between the bed and bedside tables on both sides so could easily be a double. the cruise down to bermuda slightly choppy and v overcast with plenty of rain showers so didnt really warm up before the day before bermuda. as usual lovely bunch of people in the smoking areas and the usual sunbathing non smokers moaning were smoking in their chosen sunbathing area. pics are of cabin s21, sunrise in bermuda,bermuda st georges local gossip being ducked on the ducking stool, beach on bermuda drive, lighthouse bermuda.
  21. mitch

    New Year cruise

    amsterdam can be v cold at new year, layers are the answer expect to see people in a polo neck with jumper plus jacket and a snow/overcoat. tights,leggings thicker trousers/cords.and snoods,scarves and hats. it can feel colder due to the canals and the amount of surrounding water. misty too.theyre good at gritting and clearing pathways but take care the bikes it seems have right of way over everything.
  22. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    thanks davybe, ive been under the physio for 3 months now and increasing doses of gabapentin, it does help but ultimately it doesnt look as though the disc is going back of its own accord, so as its affecting the siatic nerve which effectively is the killer bit it looks as though it needs forcing back so to speak. hopefully once i get to see a specialist i will know more.hopefully this time of year they wont be on the golf course as much lol.
  23. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    ive had to cancel the next due to the back being so bad it was due to be transatlantic return on cunard but it wont cope with 2 weeks atlantic. i wont bore you with the issues of getting a specialist appointment eyc but short story is i had booked an appt but then derbyshire changed their booking procedures so i came home to find it cancelled and i had to start again. so i am waiting for the initial contact. but it looks like i will have to have surgery so i dont know if i will get another cruise for a while. i have a 29 day one on arcadia again in oct booked but will have to wait and see if thats feasible.
  24. mitch

    j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

    well its officialy done and dusted, the suitcase arrives in 10 minutes or so just had a call from the baggage handling company guy hes about 10 minutes away. so when it arrives the washing starts and thats the end of another holiday lol.
  25. mitch

    lest we forget

    ok i am ex army so perhaps a little more sensitive than most on this subject. on arcadia today a rememberance service was held in the theatre very good i have to say. then on deck 9 at the stern a service was held and the ensign lowered to half mast last post 2 minutes silence etc. very good. however some of the sun worshippers on deck 9 never moved from their sunbeds etc some chatted all through the 2 minutes silence at least one woman asked people standing to move out of "her" sun. one woman did put a sundress over her bikini and stood for the 2 minute silence bravo. all i have to say is millions died so they have the freedom to show such disrespect to others. rant over.