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  1. fantastic idea....something different
  2. i believe the equinox is 2 years older......2009, silhouette 2011 but both ships have same facilities
  3. tj42

    Singapore & it's Treasures!

    sounds fantastic!!!
  4. tj42

    Happy Christmas

    merry christmas and a happy 2018!!!
  5. i didnt even know you could take alcohol onboard
  6. tj42

    Brilliant Boudicca

    sounds amazing
  7. tj42

    first time from Southampton

    the grand de vere is a fantastic hotel and includes parking
  8. very disappointing!!!
  9. tj42

    Azamara Pursuit NEW FOR 2018

    just had a look at the new itineraries.......exciting!!!
  10. I would like to see Hawaii featured (without the singing at the end!!)
  11. fantastic value drinks package!!
  12. its always nice to have a balcony for the fresh air and extra space I think
  13. tj42

    Island cruising.

    look forward to any pics