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  1. Hello, we are regular cruisers on Oriana because we prefer adult only ships with a good dance floor. Oriana fits this bill perfectly yes the average age may be high but we have never had a problem with this, you get a good range of ages and like all ships you do what is good for you
  2. Just back off Azura and stopped at Santorini, it is a tender port but the ship cannot use their own tenders large tenders come from the port. The cable car is 5 EURO each no return ticket can be purchased, you can walk up and the path has been repaired so is OK to walk on, just be aware of the donkey dung. As Azura was the only ship not all the donkeys were about. Walking around the town is very easy with plenty of shops to look at a very enjoyable day with nice sunny weather
  3. On Oriana in November C deck 2:30 check in arrived at 2 and on by 2 :20. We were given our green "n" card at the bottom of the escalator and those arriving by coach seemed to get there card as the got off the bus
  4. Just back of Oriana and they scan your cruise card when you get on the coach, they only charged for 2 journey out and back even when we did more. Also they where not there to scan on 1 port so did not get charged, also put it in the Horizon if the shuttle is complimentary
  5. As you get off the ship go to the train station and get the local train past Pompei to Sorrento. You can but a ticket for the local bus from the tobacanist outside the port to the train station, just be aware of pickpockets as they are all over Naples
  6. We normally drive and stay the night before but have had 2 coach transfers as part of the package. We found Eavesway to be far superior new coach free wifi the inter cruise coach was older and not as comfortable
  7. I have booked our own shore excursions with no difficulty, in St Petersberg, Gibraltar, Caribbean, Rome to name a few, they meet you at the gate and you pay at the end usually in cash. Just look at the forums for suggestions then visit there website
  8. I am happy to pay as added to our account, but just come home after 2 weeks on Azura for a family wedding and found that they had added gratuities for our 15 year old grandson which we had removed
  9. Just returned off the Azura from the Caribbean had a couple of audio blackout glitches managed to restart it on 2 occasions. heard that they were updating the sound systems while off for the refit.
  10. Just back from Azura, Freedom use the Meridian as the main dining room, there was talk that the Peninsular would also be used for freedom, in a lot of nights there was a lot of empty tables Leanne
  11. There is a link on P&O website which shows ports that shuttles are charged for.
  12. On Oriana they use Harlequins for dancing, on Ventura they use the atrium dancing was delayed on formal nights as they use the steps for photos and have 2 big flower pots on the floor. On Arcadia some nights used the retreat and the Globe
  13. Just had an email from P&O and Arcadia will not be calling at the Egytian ports for security reasons. Now visiting Salalah and Aquaba instead. never mind may see the pyramids next year
  14. still waiting for our cabin to be allocated only 8 days to our pre cruise stay in Dubai ready for it now!!!
  15. Hi We are on Arcadia and sail on the 25th from Dubai still awaiting cabin allocation never been this late before . Probably not helped by us flying out early for a pre cruise break booked with P&O on the 23rd. ah well will just have to wait and use my grey tags