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    MSC Meraviglia

    Just back from a week on the Meraviglia. from the hype of this new ship I was expecting great things, especially as it was for my 60th and all the family were coming. Some hadn't cruised previously and I told them how good it would be following our previous cruises (not MSC). The ship is wonderful and we couldn't complain about the cabins or facilities on board, however the food is a long way below the quality we have experienced on other lines (Thomson, Royal Caribbean and P&O). The 1st night my wife's chicken meal was a piece of grilled chicken and fries. plain, bland and unappealing. Portions were small and service not the best. The waiters appeared too busy to provided an attentive service.This also extended to the bars where a 10 minute wait to get served was normal. The buffet restaurant is poorly laid out as all the food counters are along a wall and if more than 3 are trying to get food from 1 they start to block the next counter. There were several times when there were no plates. My daughter had organised for a travel cot. When we boarded no one appeared to know anything about it and it was several hours after when one turned up. Cirque du soleil was fabulous (although there was a fee to see it ). The "free" cocktail was poor, just fizz with a flavour. The other show "Virtual" was in my opinion poor. I dont think MSC will be our choice again