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    P&O's new drink packages?

    You would have to buy a package for every adult in the cabin. You can't buy one package and share it.
  2. HthrEdmndsn

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    This reminds me of a tour I did several cruises ago. There was an elderly couple sat on the fron seats. At every stop the gentleman stood up, blocking the exit, whilst his wife slowly shuffled off the seat, and was assisted down the steps. The whole coach load of passengers was held up. There was another door near the rear but the driver wouldn't open it as it was "only for emergencies". I think we must of lost at least five mins at every stop. Quite a chunk of a 15 min photo stop. I don't know how the wife felt but I would have been embarrassed to hold everyone up. I have never understood why wheelchair users should have priority either. Due consideration and understanding to their difficulties, yes. But priority I never understood.
  3. HthrEdmndsn


    I'm also on this cruise, and, like you have never been there before. My advice is to get your skates on. I booked mine 3 weeks ago, and was wait listed for one tour in New York. Luckily it came through a few days later. Shuttles are not provided in all ports.
  4. HthrEdmndsn

    What's with the silly pop up???

    No, because I always have a pop up blocker
  5. HthrEdmndsn

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    How do you find out if others paid less than you unless you ask? If you don't think you'll like the answer, don't ask! Ah yes. The good old days. When only people who knew what they were doing two years in advance could go on cruises.
  6. HthrEdmndsn

    Renewing a Passport.

    After the initial problem with my missing head (see above) I too was surprised with turnaround time. Email notifications of progress was reassuring. Day after application was submitted I got notice that it was approved. Then again when it had been despatched. Less than a week from beginning to end. You are not allowed to "get it wrong" by submitting online. If any questions are missed etc the problem area is highlighted, and the submit button is greyed out. The form is checked automatically as you enter the info and any discrepancies highlighted. Once the form is submitted (unless you have not disclosed anything, or deliberately lied about anything) your passport will be renewed.
  7. HthrEdmndsn

    Renewing a Passport.

    I renewed online last year. Biggest problem was my photo kept failing to register because the software couldn't "find the outline of my head". Trouble was my grey hair wasn't standing out enough from the beige wall I was standing against. Took loads of photos from slightly different angles, different lighting conditions and using different devices, and submitting all of them, one by one, until one passed the initial software test. After that it was easy peasy.
  8. HthrEdmndsn

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    That's exactly how it works. So put off any spends you can until after the autograts have used up any OBC.
  9. HthrEdmndsn

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Yes. And the base price is cheaper too.
  10. HthrEdmndsn

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    As I said. Use OBC for auto grats as you don't get discount. Save spending until you have used OBC up. Then you get discount on your spends.
  11. HthrEdmndsn

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I know exactly how it has been calculated. Items bought after OBC has been used gets discount. Items bought before OBC is used doesn't get discount. I reiterate that discount is applied to each individual item, not the final total.
  12. HthrEdmndsn

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Auto grats don't get loyalty discount. Money spent using OBC doesn't get loyalty discount. So use OBC to pay auto grats. Then everything you spend is cost minus loyalty discount. Discount is applied per item, not off the final total. I can afford to cruise twice a year, paying single supplement, on an income of less than £15,000 pa. I do not need your help. Thanks for the offer.
  13. HthrEdmndsn

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    No. You don't get discount on items bought using OBC. So wait until auto grats have come off your account, which will use it up. Then everything you purchase will attract your loyalty discount. Of course this only applies if you leave auto grats on, and not at all when they stop being charged.
  14. HthrEdmndsn

    How much did you pay???!!

    Just a query. If you hate this topic why have you contributed to it 10 months after the last comment, until it was resurrected on 1st October?
  15. HthrEdmndsn

    Iona Breakfast in MDR?

    Got off Ventura last week. Club dining restaurant was used for breakfast. And, at a more civilized time than the other one
  16. HthrEdmndsn

    Packing why is it so stressful

    Wouldn't want to put everybody off their dinner.
  17. HthrEdmndsn

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I agree with TrentAnn. In actual fact I find it much less stressful on my own. My husband was not the best timekeeper, and could not grasp the fact that if the aeroplane, or ship, specifies a time, they mean it! He would often "pop into the office for a couple of minutes" and emerge 3 hours later leaving me to pack and organise for all of us, including two boys! I would be pulling my hair out and he would shrug and say "it'll be reet (right)" so any holiday would start with a huge argument and two upset children. Anyway Black undies under a white dress sounds perfect for black & white night 😊
  18. HthrEdmndsn

    Packing why is it so stressful

    That's a good idea! But it's retrieving all the bits from bottom drawer, under the bed etc that's giving me gyp.
  19. HthrEdmndsn

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I've started packing my bits and pieces. Got backache already and haven't even started on clothes!
  20. HthrEdmndsn

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I know what you mean 🌝. Even with a king size bed I still end up piling stuff on the floor.
  21. HthrEdmndsn

    Packing why is it so stressful

    Where I'm from the fleece is worn whilst waiting for the coach. It can be wet, cold and windy at 5.30am up here in September. Will definitely need it for deck games for the first, and last, 2 to 3 days of the cruise. Never thought about hangars. Always manage with what's in the cabin.
  22. HthrEdmndsn

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I like the half used toiletries. Means I don't have to buy any for a week or two 😊 I leave my adult son at home so he deals with the junk mail. E mails I deal with when in port using my free data or free WiFi. Or it whiles away a few minutes of the 8 hour (on a good run) coach ride home.
  23. HthrEdmndsn

    Packing why is it so stressful

    I too am going on a 17 day cruise on Tuesday, on Ventura perchance? I find packing a chore more than stressful. The clothes are not too much trouble, I have my posh frocks and evening wear which don't get much of an airing at any other time. My summer clothes. Plus whatever else I have got clean 😊. Not flying is a great help. It is the bits and pieces. First aid kit. Make up with associated brushes, cleansers etc. Jewellry. Bathroom stuff. Various insoles for various shoes. "Just in case" things etc etc. I love being on a cruise. Not so keen on going on a cruise. If you get what I mean. My bugbear are those who start talking about packing 4/5 days before the end of a cruise! At the end of a cruise most clothes are in plastic bags in my suitcase anyway. Then it is just a sweep of the cabin, everything that doesn't belong to P&O gets thrown in. 30 mins max. I honestly can't see what the fuss is about. It's as if they can't wait to get off!
  24. HthrEdmndsn

    Promenade deck on P&O's Britannia

    I was referring to Britannia, as that what the op was asking about.
  25. I am on two medications. One for 25 years, the other for 10 years. The two questions that always reduces any insurance quote by 80/90% is how long and when was dosage last changed? As dosage never changed since starting the price quoted is barely different as if no conditions at all. The price hikes are for new, possibly unstable, conditions.