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  1. All At Sea

    MSC boarding times

    Strict? Not MSC. They are Italian, don't forget...... Unlike P&O etc., MSC board passengers at several ports on a round trip, so only a few hundred will be getting on in Southampton. We've always just turned up and walked straight on. TBH I didn't even know that they allocated boarding times. Are you sure that 1600 isn't "board no later than" ???
  2. All At Sea

    How much did you pay???!!

    "I didn't pay. My teenage son has hacked into P&O's computers so we get our cruises free."
  3. All At Sea

    Four hours!! really??

    We've flown with P&O to the Caribbean on a few occasions and checked in 2 hours ahead of the flight without any problems. We have always pre-booked our flight seats - perhaps if you have not done so it is worthwhile arriving sooner to make sure of the best chance of suitable seating.
  4. All At Sea

    Yobs afloat

    Just back from 13 nights on Ventura - it was a completely different (and much nicer) group of passengers. Based on this, we have now booked longer cruises with P&O (12 and 14 nights) from Southampton for 2020.
  5. All At Sea

    Buffet or MDR

    Buffet for lunch on Princess if the weather is nice - especially on Royal/Regal which have a nice seating area by the pools.
  6. All At Sea

    MSC, Drinks package.

    Better to pre purchase. The pre-purchase price we have paid in the past does not attract the 15% service charge which is added if you buy it on board.
  7. All At Sea

    Beach House or Cafe Jardin?!

    Last time we were on Oceana we ate in Beach House each of the 7 nights. Well - it was our honeymoon, so we spoilt ourselves. Absolutely love the lava rock... we have an electric one at home (and we are having steak on it tonight!)
  8. All At Sea

    Miami Stay

    Miami airport is pretty bad - and it's worse for us living in the North west of the UK as we have to connect flights. We have found it is better to connect at Chicago or Philadelphia instead of Heathrow, because we do the customs and immigration at the hub airport, arriving at Miami on a domestic flight, which is MUCH easier. The "rental car village" at MIA is accessed via a train connection from the airport, and we struggled to find our way out of Miami - but we picked up the car straight after getting off the 'plane, so we were tired and it was dark. Next time, we will stay overnight at an airport hotel and go back the next day for the rental car. The Keys are beautiful. We stayed at "Gilberts Resort" on Key Largo, which has a massive outdoor bar and a beautiful private beach, and at "Azul" in Key West - a small guest house in a historic building. Once you are out of Miami, driving is fine. We had a "one way" hire - picking the car up at the airport, dropping it off at Fort Lauderdale cruise port a few days later.
  9. All At Sea

    Fort Lauderdale flights

    You've been very lucky. We've flown through Miami several times and have never found it pleasant or easy. Last time in Miami we had a 2 hour wait for wheelchair assistance. On other occasions passport control queues have been well over an hour. Miami is the main US hub airport for flights to Latin America, and can be utter chaos.
  10. All At Sea

    Fort Lauderdale flights

    Have you considered Orlando? Three hours drive if you rent a car "one way".
  11. All At Sea

    flights to malta

    We are flying with Jet2 next May and have already been able to access on line to book seats and meals.
  12. All At Sea

    Miami Stay

    20 minutes from Miami port is Hollywood Beach - a lovely beach with pedestrianised promenade alongside. Lots of hotels at most price points - the new Margaritaville resort has amazing swimming pools and private beach area.
  13. All At Sea

    Grand Harbour hotel

    We usually stay at the Dolphin - the building is a bit old and quirky, but it's in a good location and parking is reasonably priced. Plenty of bars and restaurants in easy walking distance, also very close to the shopping centre for any last-minute purchases. There is a taxi rank across the road.
  14. All At Sea

    Cruise terminal information

    Most "round the island" boat trips leave early and return late, but you can get a trip around the "three cities" grand harbour area from Sliema. If you can get across Valletta to Boat Street, there is a foot passenger ferry 1.50EUR that takes you to Sliema waterfront. A couple of firms offer two hour cruises from there. There's also good HOHO buses around Malta.
  15. All At Sea

    Do Any Cruises Offer A Las Vegas Stay?

    A few years ago, I took a cruise from LA, which included 3 nights Vegas pre-cruise and 2 nights on Sunset Blvd afterwards. It was a "tailor made" deal by a TA. There were several issues - limo transfers booked at wrong times, flight time & route changes - the TA didn't exactly cover themselves in glory. 3 flights to get from Manchester to Vegas, when Virgin went direct at the time. Our fault in a way - we hadn't used the TA before (and certainly will never again) but they had a nice shiny brochure with lots of tailor made offers. Ours was certainly cheap, but you do get what you pay for. Vegas was amazing - there's so much there apart from slot machines. Easy short flight from Vegas to LA with stretch limo to the ship.