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  1. The Harpers

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    Hi, we are due to go on Arcadia in October which we booked on brochure release and it is now £800 per person more, like someone said earlier, that's another holiday! I have noticed the excursions going up though. I went to the Caribbean with my daughter in January and have just booked for the same cruise next January the excursions have come out and they all seem to have gone up, some by £6, one by £15.
  2. The Harpers

    Drinks Package

    Hi, I have been on Royal Caribbean where they occasionally do free drinks package( price of holiday increased accordingly). People do seem to drink more than normal and the prices of drinks for us not on a package is ridiculous. I hope P& O dont put their drinks prices up, but I bet they will!
  3. The Harpers


    Thanks very much for your replies
  4. The Harpers

    Booking excursions

    Hi, we do the same as you lieutenant, anything to help with the cost but not risk them selling out
  5. The Harpers

    Indoor theme park from port

    Hi, anyone visited the indoor theme park in Dubai whilst on a cruise stop? Thinking of going next year with hubby n two teenage boys. Can we get a taxi from the port?
  6. The Harpers

    First time

    I did that in January with my daughter. The stingray trip to Gibbs Cay with P& O is fab and does get sold out. We also did the swimming with turtles trip in Barbados, only saw 2 turtles but was amazing and lunch on the boat was lovely. Most places when you get off taxis are waiting to take you on island tours or to the beach. You want about 20/25 dollars each port plus a sun lounger and brolly each on the beach is around 10/15 dollars. In Grenada we picked up a tour for $15 to a waterfall, spice shop and rum shack which we really enjoyed, though the spiced rum was knockout stuff!! You will be fine with just US dollars. Hope this helps
  7. The Harpers

    First time

    Hi, welcome to the forum and world of cruising. We tried it 4 years ago and don't want to do anything else. My tip would be do plenty of research on the ports you are visiting, use whatsinport or shore bee and others. TripAdvisor also great for reviews on independantvtrips. I do think P&O excursions are quite well priced though. We booked local companies for Rome and Madeira and that worked well for us. Where are you going?
  8. The Harpers


    Hi, we are off on Ventura in July to Norwegian Fjords. I just wondered if anyone has caught the public bus from Olden to Briksdal glacier? Presume I can only pay in kroner and not euros?
  9. The Harpers

    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    Hi, I found this really useful, thank you. I have only been on Royal Caribbean and P&O. I prefer P&O in a lot of ways but I suppose if we hadn't tried it we would never know. It is scary to spend money on a new cruise line though, we want to do a world cruise and like the 2021 Fred Olsen itinerary, particularly as it does Havana, although we are not able to go until 2023/2024 so whether it will be the same we'll have to wait and see. I am nervous about going for so long on a new cruise line so may do a shorter one first, but if I don't like it would it stop me doing the world one? I don't know
  10. The Harpers

    Havana US ban

    Hi, thanks for that info. Our concern is also how long we leave it and risk it changing if there is an easing of us access and trade. It is looking like it will have to be the Fred Olsen world cruise for the no flying option so got to wait a few years until kids can be left alone that long, currently 18, 15 and 15.
  11. The Harpers

    Havana US ban

    Didn't think of that, thanks for the advice. I think it's also special insurance for a world cruise
  12. The Harpers

    Havana US ban

    Hi, yes I've seen Fred Olsen go on their world cruise. Hubby wont fly anymore so looks like I'm saving up!!! Just hope it will still be on itinerary
  13. The Harpers

    Havana US ban

    Folks, just reading the USA are stopping the easing of their restrictions on us travellers to Cuba. It's a place I'd love to go, will it affect British ships do you think?
  14. The Harpers


    That's great, thank you. Only been on Azura and Ventura so far and they are quite similar. Although we gave just booked for Iona in Feb 2021 so that should be interesting
  15. The Harpers

    New to forum

    Thank you, have enjoyed reading everyone's post so far- really useful