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  1. The Harpers

    Hair straighteners

    Yes you can x
  2. The Harpers

    P&O 2021 and 2022

    Something to look forward to then. is it the one that calls at New Orleans?
  3. The Harpers

    P&O 2021 and 2022

    Got my brochure today, so excited. Fancy 35 night Caribbean in 2022. Anyone else got theirs?
  4. The Harpers

    Late offer cruise

    My hubby and I are due to travel on Arcadia to the end for 19nights on 10th October. Unfortunately we can no longer travel. The holiday is sold out and prices for our cabin were £2200 per person before they sold out. We have got car parking included and presume we can just change car details, also my TA says we can do a double name change. Our cabin is C34. If anyone is interested in going instead we would like £1500 per person for it. Please private message me if you are interested.
  5. The Harpers

    Drinks package

    We were on Ventura in July I didn't notice any difference, unlike on royal Caribbean!
  6. The Harpers

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    Wow, that's a lot. Mine was cheaper as no longer going in school holidays, but dont think I would have paid that. Our cruise to Med this October has gone up £800 each since we booked when brochures first came out, it's a big difference
  7. The Harpers

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    Just booked for October 2020, now includes Qatar which will be interesting. Fingers crossed that one goes ahead
  8. The Harpers

    Venice to ban Cruise Ships?

    Oh dear, first my Dubai cruise for next Feb is cancelled then this. Booked to go on Arcadia this October and was hoping to do it before ban came into place
  9. The Harpers

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    Hi, we were booked on this as well for my youngest 16th birthday. He will be gutted when I tell him
  10. The Harpers

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    Hi, we are due to go on Arcadia in October which we booked on brochure release and it is now £800 per person more, like someone said earlier, that's another holiday! I have noticed the excursions going up though. I went to the Caribbean with my daughter in January and have just booked for the same cruise next January the excursions have come out and they all seem to have gone up, some by £6, one by £15.
  11. The Harpers

    Drinks Package

    Hi, I have been on Royal Caribbean where they occasionally do free drinks package( price of holiday increased accordingly). People do seem to drink more than normal and the prices of drinks for us not on a package is ridiculous. I hope P& O dont put their drinks prices up, but I bet they will!
  12. The Harpers


    Thanks very much for your replies
  13. The Harpers

    Booking excursions

    Hi, we do the same as you lieutenant, anything to help with the cost but not risk them selling out
  14. The Harpers

    Port Queries

    Hi, we did Rome in 2017 used a fab company called romeairportshuttle.com. we had a minibus for the 5 of us with wifi and drinks of water. We said where we wanted to visit and he took us really close then gave us a phone to call him when we wanted picking up. Fantastic, would definitely recommend them. Paid at the end of the day
  15. The Harpers

    Indoor theme park from port

    Hi, anyone visited the indoor theme park in Dubai whilst on a cruise stop? Thinking of going next year with hubby n two teenage boys. Can we get a taxi from the port?