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  1. doca

    P&O New Winter 2019-20

    So I did - apologies! Maybe worth considering then. I wonder how secure it is for the future. No apparent requirement to book direct to get it either On board spending money per stateroom on sailings of 13 nights or longer (including world cruise) - £150 On board spending money per stateroom on sailings of 6 to 12 nights - £60 On board spending money per stateroom on sailings of 5 nights or less - £30
  2. doca

    P&O New Winter 2019-20

    A mere £47,000 at today's price! I'll skip that one.....
  3. doca

    P&O New Winter 2019-20

    I'll take a look - presumably, then, it will be possible on 12 March to see what's going to be available to book shortly afterwards? Prices available too? I'm a novice at early booking - always reckoned it was an expensive way of doing it.
  4. doca

    Early booking tactics?

    I suspect what’s going on is price manipulation over a shortish period of time so that they can make a big thing of ‘huge’ discounts in a forthcoming special ‘sale’. Expect some big, but essentially fake, reductions.
  5. doca

    Early booking tactics?

    I think it depends very much on what you're looking for. If you're not too bothered about location you'll almost certainly get a better deal nearer to the sailing date, but if you're looking for a particular type of suite, for example, in a particular location, as we are, the chances of it appearing late in the day are very small indeed.
  6. doca

    Early booking tactics?

    Thanks, Sinbad - that's very helpful. We're very flexible on dates, reasonably flexible on ships and even pretty flexible on the cruise itself - so long as it's Southampton-Southampton. The two things that are crucial, though, are price/value and the location of the suite. I suppose pre-registering isn't really appropriate in these circumstances (too many variables) - I think I'll need to take a look on 21/22 March to see what's available.
  7. doca

    Early booking tactics?

    So if I'm looking for a particular suite, I have to register with an agent, or with P&O - even as a past customer? I'm not Caribbean, Baltic or Ligurian (just Pacific) so presumably I can't make a booking until 21/22 March, whether I pre-register or not? I like to be able to find exactly what I want (at the right price) online - then make the actual booking with an agent. Is this not going to be possible unless I pre-register?
  8. doca

    Early booking tactics?

    This came out today from P&O - most people will have seen it. Big question (for me, anyway) is how does it work with Bolsover, and is it really the best time to get the best deals? I'm looking for a particular suite, and I've usually managed to get a good deal a long time after the initial launch, but maybe the launch is the best time to get that deal? Is there any point in registering - what does that do? And are the prices really at their lowest (last minute deals excepted) at launch? Advice appreciated........ Register your interest early 12 March 2018 8.00am - 18 March 4.00pm On sale exclusively to Caribbean, Baltic and Ligurian members of our loyalty club 19 & 20 March 2018 8.00am to 8.00pm On general sale 21 March 2018 8.00am Holidays departing from October 2019 - December 2019 22 March 2018 8.00am Holidays departing from January 2020 - March 2020
  9. Sorry but that's utter nonsense. 1 How does making a bargain booking in any way adversely affect anybody that P&O let down? 2 How would not making such a booking in any way help those same people? 3 Presumably you'll stick by your 'principles' and refuse to take any more cruises with any Carnival owned companies such as P&O?
  10. I'm not sure that simply booking a cruise at a good price has anything at all to do with selfishness and principles. Any more than getting a good price after the Costa Concordia disaster hit prices, or buying a copy of the Daily Mail despite its support for the Nazis in the 1930s. Actually, that last one IS a matter of principle!
  11. I don't think anybody's suggesting that agents don't earn their commission (they're not in business just for fun). Just, perhaps, that P&O need to look after their customers (without whom there'd be no agents) as well. Agents will have been put to a lot of trouble over this fiasco - but not remotely as much as the poor customers who have been let down by P&O without adequate compensation. In the US it would have been very different, I suspect.
  12. http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/292636/po-cruises-cancels-50-night-sailing-for-technical-maintenance
  13. They haven't - for obvious reasons. That was taken from an agents' website.
  14. Pretty shabby treatment by Carnival/P&O, given that it's going to be very difficult for early bookers to get anything like the deals they will have got on this. Rumours already that the real reason is that it was underbooked and cheaper for Carnival to cancel this cruise than have the work done later. They're looking after the agents, though - they know who's really important to them! “P&O Cruises will be paying agent commission on X801 cancelled sailings. If agents are able to transfer guests on to an alternative sailing they will also receive their standard commission on the new booking plus the commission on the X801 booking.”
  15. Is this true, or just a hoax? "We apologise to those guests due to travel on Oriana's X801 but our technical team has advised us that it is necessary for Oriana to undergo a three week technical maintenance from January 6 2018. As a result we will be cancelling this cruise. We have contacted all those affected guests today and we are extremely sorry for the late notice and disruption. Paul Ludlow. Senior Vice President, P&O Cruises"