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  1. Sorry but that's utter nonsense. 1 How does making a bargain booking in any way adversely affect anybody that P&O let down? 2 How would not making such a booking in any way help those same people? 3 Presumably you'll stick by your 'principles' and refuse to take any more cruises with any Carnival owned companies such as P&O?
  2. I'm not sure that simply booking a cruise at a good price has anything at all to do with selfishness and principles. Any more than getting a good price after the Costa Concordia disaster hit prices, or buying a copy of the Daily Mail despite its support for the Nazis in the 1930s. Actually, that last one IS a matter of principle!
  3. I don't think anybody's suggesting that agents don't earn their commission (they're not in business just for fun). Just, perhaps, that P&O need to look after their customers (without whom there'd be no agents) as well. Agents will have been put to a lot of trouble over this fiasco - but not remotely as much as the poor customers who have been let down by P&O without adequate compensation. In the US it would have been very different, I suspect.
  4. http://www.travelweekly.co.uk/articles/292636/po-cruises-cancels-50-night-sailing-for-technical-maintenance
  5. They haven't - for obvious reasons. That was taken from an agents' website.
  6. Pretty shabby treatment by Carnival/P&O, given that it's going to be very difficult for early bookers to get anything like the deals they will have got on this. Rumours already that the real reason is that it was underbooked and cheaper for Carnival to cancel this cruise than have the work done later. They're looking after the agents, though - they know who's really important to them! “P&O Cruises will be paying agent commission on X801 cancelled sailings. If agents are able to transfer guests on to an alternative sailing they will also receive their standard commission on the new booking plus the commission on the X801 booking.”
  7. Is this true, or just a hoax? "We apologise to those guests due to travel on Oriana's X801 but our technical team has advised us that it is necessary for Oriana to undergo a three week technical maintenance from January 6 2018. As a result we will be cancelling this cruise. We have contacted all those affected guests today and we are extremely sorry for the late notice and disruption. Paul Ludlow. Senior Vice President, P&O Cruises"
  8. Fair point, and I suppose if you're early enough the buffet's not too horrendous. Don't get me wrong on that, though - the food's fine, and the staff are lovely. It's just the pushing and shoving Brits overloading their trays, tables and mouths with food I can't take. We actually apologised on more than one occasion for the behaviour of some of them. The staff take it very well, but quite understandably they have a pretty low opinion of the British based on what they see and the way they're treated.
  9. Maud, why the buffet? It's hell on earth by comparison with the breakfasts in the MDR! As for the canapés, there are two reasons (from personal experience): 1 Too much food to eat, and rarely hungry enough 2 They really aren't particularly nice canapés anyway
  10. The two penthouse suites on Azura (and Ventura for that matter) are excellent, with plenty of space. As you say, it's an enjoyable experience. Rather pricier now than they used to be, but if your only possible upgrade is to these, from a B2 grade suite, I'd go for it. Problem with that is that the B2 suites wouldn't be ones that I'd want to book.
  11. Rule 1 for me - never, ever agree to an upgrade when booking. I know exactly where I want to be, and there is only one place that would better it (and I won't get that). Everything else would be in reality a downgrade. So often the case that 'upgrades' prove to be anything but.
  12. Absolutely no apologies needed! And Yorkshire's a fine county. I do admit to a bias against Estuary English and London Essex English, though - but it's largely as a result of the behaviour of a lot of the people using it. I did say bias!
  13. Northerner? No - just making the point really that we all have our personal likes and dislikes.
  14. Never mind the baseball caps - it's the Estuary English and Essex/London accents I hate the most. We all have our personal dislikes, don't we.
  15. Each to his own, but for us a balcony absolutely makes the cruise, and if we can find a suite at a reasonable price that's even better. Trouble is, once you've tried a suite you're reluctant to go back, and that certainly applies to a balcony. We all have different needs, though, and if you spend little time in your cabin it may not matter too much. We spend quite a bit of time there, and it's good to have somewhere really nice to relax.