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  1. LazyRizzo

    P&O's new drink packages?

    Yes, we are aware of that. And it wouldn't matter if it was a single measure of gin in the tonic....I have found the part in the T&C now where it states that a double shot or a large glass of wine counts as two drinks, and we have noted the 15 minute limit until you can order another drink (ha ha not that we drink that much or that fast!) In fact we have done a rough calculation by looking at the sample drinks prices, and including the draught soft drinks, primo Costa coffees and mocktails, it isn't too bad I guess.
  2. LazyRizzo

    P&O's new drink packages?

    I realise I am jumping on to a topic from 2018, but we are considering the P&O ultimate drinks package for our cruise in July. Working it out to include a large G&T before dinner, a glass of wine with dinner, a couple of shorts or a pint after dinner...and then factoring in the Costa coffees and the soft drinks (my daughter drinks diet coke by the gallon, and her fiancé drinks coffee all day!) we are thinking maybe it does work out ok for us. Has anyone been on P&O recently (i.e last 6 months) who has had the drinks package, and what did you think?