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  1. june63

    Oriana sold by P&O Cruises

    We booked her last cruise to the North Cape some time ago now so it is fortuitous that it will be her last. Will be sorry to see her go as we have never experienced any of the problems that have been written about on many forum's
  2. june63

    Gratuities increase.

    On our last cruise we specifically asked the waiters and they were quite clear that they were allowed to keep any tips given to them personally.
  3. june63

    Northern Lights

    On the other site I am Silver Surfer 2010
  4. june63

    Northern Lights

    You will be most welcome. This is a nice webcam to view during their daylight hours, it is showing lost of snow and the forecast is for more to come this week and the other one is the current weather http://portalta.borealiswebcam360.com/ https://www.wunderground.com/weather/no/alta This is the site used by others https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2333681&page=19
  5. june63

    Northern Lights

    A Meet & Greet meeting has been arranged for Saturday 10th March in Andersons between 10-30 and 12-00 everyone is welcome and some senior officers will be present as well. Understand that up to 75 have indicated that they will be coming. This has been arranged through another forum/FB but if anyone is interested you are welcome to come along, it's always good to be able to be able to chat to fellow passengers during cruise
  6. june63

    Northern Lights

    As suggested by Sharon, here are my tips as given to Fred Olsen passengers last March!It is much better to wear a number of thin layers than just a few thick ones. The air trapped in between thin layers warms to your body’s temperature and acts as valuable insulation. Make sure your clothes fit well and that some of your layers are of differing sizes so that you can still move comfortably….have a trial run before you go.If you are travelling in a heated coach for an hour, you don’t want all your clothes on…but how easy will it be to add the final layers, in a coach in the dark?In cold conditions, it’s better to wear wool, silk or synthetic polypropylene next to your skin. Avoid cotton: if you sweat (as well you might dressed like this on a heated coach), cotton gets cold and clammy, and doesn’t dry out easily.On top of your base layer, you’ll need to wear at least two or three additional layers, which should be made of fleece or wool. Remember this applies to your legs too – its easy to add layers to our top halves but legs are not so simpleOnce dressed….ladies should say to their husbands “Does my bum look big in this?” if he says no – which of course you have trained him to do – then maybe you don’t have enough clothes on!!!!It’s a good idea to wear two pairs of gloves – one thick pair of mitts (mitts that don’t separate the fingers keep your hands warmer) and a thin pair of gloves underneath that allow you the use of your fingers when you need to do something fiddly, like make camera adjustmentsYou’ll need proper winter boots with good grip for walking on snow and ice…. And socks of wool…..not cottonTake a woollen or fleece hat which covers the ears, as well as something to cover mouth, nose and cheeks. Noses and cheeks are especially prone to frostbite, and should be kept covered whenever possible – skin can freeze in minutes in very cold weather.If you do need the toilet – remember that you are wearing multiple layers and it could take some time!! Remember the advice your mother used to give you – go before you leave!!You don’t want to spend too long standing in a queue whilst a dozen ladies before you take 10 minutes each to do what is needed.Hazel
  7. june63

    Northern Lights

    Northern Lights watching - things I wish I had known before I went!
  8. Of course the auto tips comes off your On Board Credit so that you start earning discount on your purchases earlier than if you delete the tips and pay dirextly
  9. june63

    charging for towels!

    You cannot get away from the fact that it is STEALING and therefore the cruise line would have every right to charge for it. The vouchers system used in a lot of the hotels would work and you have to hand in your voucher at the end of your holiday or be charged.
  10. june63

    Future Cruise Deposits.

    As far as I am concerned I would rather loose £50 that 15% of the cost of a cruise (if it came to that) if I had to cancel for whatever reason. It's these draconian employerts that are the problem not P & O
  11. june63


    In some of the Caribbean ports depending on your age - we found our 'bus pass' was equally acceptable
  12. june63

    Has anybody travelled aboard Oriana recently?

    Friends of ours are just back and say that the refurb is very good and the change in menu is a vast improvement. It takes all kinds but I am really looking forward to our cruise to the Med on 23 April and to get first hand knowledge of all the improvements
  13. june63

    I've heard a rumour.......

    Definitely not a rumour and 2017/18 cruises are going on sale from 7/8th December. Still not for me but what is going to go to make way for her?
  14. june63

    Cricket on Arcadia

    cricket and tennis in the nets up high