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  1. Oldworldtraveller

    How about other UK ports ?

    CMV did this with Tilbury and then further embarkation in Amsterdam the next day. Amsterdam was always day 2 so nothing repeated.
  2. Oldworldtraveller

    How about other UK ports ?

    You make a good point Graden and it is something that has been mentioned by others. However it's one thing for Fred Olsen with their smaller ships to use those ports mentioned as turn round ports but what of the larger ships which now make up more than a significant proportion of the cruise industry. Do the ports you mention for instance have the bunkering facilities, quay length, car parking, rail network etc. for ships in the 100,000 - 200,00 GT range with lengths up to 1,200ft catering for up to 6,000 passengers plus crew . The other question that comes to mind, are there enough passengers to fill ships of that size if based at the locations you have mentioned. As always, time will tell.
  3. Oldworldtraveller

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    You are correct Sinbad10, my mistake, it is indeed 25th March, 18th April and 16th May. However it is still almost 7 months before the first Cunard ship will set sail, will others follow?
  4. Oldworldtraveller

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    We are told it can take up to 14 days hence the reason for the 14 day quarantine period but I have read it usually shows after about 5 days. Cunard have cancelled all sailings until next May so personally I wouldn't want to place a bet on when cruising will begin again with any regularity but I don't think it will be before next summer. Even my river cruise on the River Seven has been moved from this month to September. As always, just my opinion.
  5. Oldworldtraveller

    Cruising after the 'virus'

    Certainly a fast result and it makes you wonder why they can't do the same with a swab test that takes samples from the same area as a 'Gargle' produces. Personally I think the major problem ships face is that whilst they can test prior to boarding, we all know the person tested may be carrying the virus but not displaying symptoms at that time. Hence the reason some countries require two tests not less than 48 hours apart before granting entry without quarantine. When the infection does show on a ship no port will want that ship within miles of them as happened with so many ships in the beginning. Certainly for people in this country until the FCO lift their ‘Do Not Cruise’ policy cruising is still a dream as no insurance company will cover you for going against the advice of the FCO. Yes, some insurance companies now cover you for Covid but not if you travel against government advice. Roll on the day we have a vaccine that works.
  6. Oldworldtraveller

    Goodbye Boudicca and Black Watch

    Out with one set of twins and in with a bigger newer set: Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines confirms new ships Bolette and Borealis will take over from classic vessels Boudicca and Black Watch 21st August 2020 Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has today confirmed it will retire two classic vessels, Boudicca and Black Watch, as the company prepares to welcome two new ships, Bolette and Borealis, into the fleet. The two new ships will take over existing itineraries for Boudicca and Black Watch, when cruising begins again with the company’s ‘back in the water’ plan for next year. When Bolette and Borealis join the fleet it will increase Fred. Olsen’s overall capacity by circa 30 percent – meaning more guests can enjoy exciting new itineraries. Both vessels carry under 1,400 guests and have new and larger public areas, whilst remaining true to Fred. Olsen’s small ship experience. Those guests who had cruises booked on the two classic vessels will be among the first to sail on the new ships, with their bookings being automatically transferred onto either Bolette or Borealis. Additional cabins will go on sale in early September. Peter Deer, Managing Director at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said: “I am pleased to say we are now at the stage of finalising our back in the water plans and we are very excited to be doing this with two new vessels within our fleet. “While we are still looking at a number of options for Boudicca and Black Watch, what we do know is that they won’t resume sailing with us when we do start to cruise again. “We know that these ships are much loved among our guests, as indeed they are by us, but it is time to evolve and look ahead to a long and bright future for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines. “We will soon be revealing more details on our plans to resume sailing again, but in the meantime we hope many of you will join us on our virtual farewell cruises to see our two ships off in style.” As part of Fred. Olsen’s virtual cruise programme, the company will be holding virtual farewell sailings for both Boudicca and Black Watch on Facebook, with guests and crew invited to share their favourite photographs and memories of the two ships. The virtual cruises will be held for two weeks starting from Monday, 24th August. Guests who were booked to sail on Boudicca and Black Watch will automatically have their booking transferred to the same itineraries on Bolette or Borealis, and will be contacted by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines with final details in the coming weeks. For further information on Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, the new ships or to book online, visit www.fredolsencruises.com/newships, call Reservations on 0800 0355 242 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm), or contact your ABTA travel agent. To join in the virtual cruises and to share your memories of Boudicca and Black Watch, search for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines on Facebook or visit www.fredolsencruises.com/memories
  7. Oldworldtraveller

    Ransomeware attack on Carnival

  8. Oldworldtraveller

    Oh for some 'joined up' thinking.

    Whilst it's an excellent thought I have to agree with Countrygirl, it would be a logistical nightmare. For example, those that are beached have been stripped, where do you get the crews from to make them seaworthy and operate them. The cost would be phenomenal. If you used those that are at anchor what happens when cruising returns, what do you do with the people on board?
  9. Oldworldtraveller

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    Words cannot express how sorry I am to hear this jenjen. Stay strong, I know we will all be thinking of you.
  10. Oldworldtraveller

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    I agree afcandrew. This is a useful site for getting truthful news. https://www.cruiselawnews.com This is a good one for cruise only. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news.html
  11. Oldworldtraveller

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    I see 33 crew out of 158 on Hurtigrutens ship Roald Amundsen yesterday tested positive for Covid-19. They are now trying to trace the passengers from the last 2 cruises. Does little to change the FCO view of cruising.
  12. Oldworldtraveller

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    Have a great trip DavidH. You are heading to one of my favourite areas for scenery, Scotland. I never turn down an opportunity to cruise the Western Isles. Last September and October I cruised there on Crown Princess and then on the beautiful Hebridean Princess. Hebridean Princess really is a fabulous small ship with the best food I have ever had. One lunch time they served fresh Salmon personally served from the fresh cooked fish. Each day a different type of freshly baked bread was available. There is something magical about leaving port with a pipe band playing.
  13. Oldworldtraveller

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    As afcandrew said, don't forget to come back. Everyone in the travel trade is complaining, the cruise companies cannot sail, travel agents seem only to be kept busy with cancellations and refunds, crews are back in their home countries itching to return to the ships to earn money for their families, writers and journalists have nothing to write about. Two cruise companies have ceased trading, ships are being scrapped whilst others are being placed in long term layup. Not much good news there. The good news is two new cruise lines are starting and river cruising has re-started in Europe. I am going on an English river cruise in September which at least is a start for the UK. I truly believe that if the English tourist trade act sensibly, give good serice and don't over charge they have a great opportunity to resurrect some of what they have lost over the years. The UK has stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and a history matched by few, maybe why in normal times tourists from around the world flock here in their millions. September last year I covered part of a 'Round Britain Cruise' and selected to return from Edinburgh to London by train. I was amazed at the beautiful beaches we passed just south of the border, long stretches of golden sand lapped by blue waters. This is now an area I want to visit for a few days. Maybe we should start a thread on our favourite ports, countries etc. to get people back on the forum and talking. Just a thought.
  14. Oldworldtraveller

    Risen from the ashes-

    Don't forget Tradewind Voyages that are starting up.
  15. Oldworldtraveller

    CMV in a last-ditch effort to stay afloat

    Have sailed with them many times and always received a happy cruise experience. The effects will be far reaching, Carnival will no longer receive the money for the two ships CMV were buying, crew and shore staff without jobs, suppliers etc. CMV were competition to many cruise lines, now that competition has gone will cruise lines hike their prices knowing there is now less choice.