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  1. Oldworldtraveller

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    You make a good point Countrygirl but having a look at existing tonnage there are very few ships left that are ready for scrapping and the majority of orders are going to companies with modern fleets who just want to increase in size.
  2. Oldworldtraveller

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    I have just read that up to and including 2027 there are 124 cruise ships on order that will equate to 268,736 berths. Assuming an average cruise length of 12 days that translates into finding another 8 million plus passengers!!! 🤔Personally I can't see it happening but it makes you think.
  3. Oldworldtraveller

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    I have been visiting the Egyptian mainland and Black Sea area several times a year for the last 15 years and have never experienced any problems. The strange thing is there are more killings in the USA each year than almost anywhere else and tourists have ben killed in the Caribbean yet the cruise ships still flock there with thousands of passengers.
  4. Oldworldtraveller

    Is The Bubble About To Burst

    Is the cruise bubble about to burst. Two things have become most noticeable recently. The first is the amount of new ships on order and the second is the huge increase in the cost of cruises. Not a good combination you may think. We already know that the cruise industry in the USA has plateaued and the rate of growth in Europe is slowing. On average the cost of cruising is at least double the cost of a holiday in the sun at a 4/5 star resort where there are no add ons whilst cruising hits the wallet at every opportunity with what many consider extortionate charges. More and more ships are being sent to the Far East and Australia where cruising has taken off. So what of the UK and Europe, has the bubble burst and the cost of cruising become unaffordable. 🤔🤔
  5. Oldworldtraveller

    Cruising on TV

    Not sure what Butlins is like as I have never been to one. I have however been to other 'holiday camp/complexes and to me cruising on many ships is no more than a holiday camp/complex at sea as both offer very similar amenities both with their own advantages and disadvantages. I think we need to remember that with all the new ships coming on line over the next few years there is basically only one place the cruise lines are going to attract new customers from and that is those who currently frequent holiday complexes in the sun. These complexes offer in my personal experience very similar experiences to that of a modern cruise ship but with advantages. They don't charge extra for speciality restaurants, very seldom is there a problem finding sun beds, the rooms are much larger than cabins with walk in showers, good range of toiletries and usually have balconies, drinks if not inclusive are at sensible prices. Therefore to attract people away from these complexes the ships have to offer something similar. Time will tell.
  6. Oldworldtraveller

    Tourist Tax in Venice.

    As I said on another forum "Will be interesting to see how the cruise lines 'collect' the charge and on whom the charge will be made. Will it just be passengers or will it be the crew as well. Will it be 'transparent' on the holiday invoice or will the cruise lines say 'It's included in the fare' allowing them to charge what they like. What if you remain on the ship when you do not become a visitor until you step foot on the quayside." Currently cruise ships pay large amounts every day in berthing fees but I wonder how much of that goes back into the pot to improve the infrastructure and how much goes into the pockets of the companies that own the various operations!!
  7. Oldworldtraveller

    Sues cruise

    Did this route or at least very similar on Ovation of the Seas. When going through the Suez Canal you need to be on the starboard side to see the best of the villages etc. you pass.
  8. Oldworldtraveller

    Celebrity Pricing?

    In the end they all need to sell the cabins to keep the shareholders happy and I can't imagine a regular Celebrity customer swapping to P&O because it's cheaper. They are as different as chalk and cheese so yes personally IMHO I think it will be worth holding on for reductions with P&O as they need to sell the cabins and if people can't afford the fare they wont book.
  9. Oldworldtraveller

    Video of the "Edge"

    Thanks for that Daveybe, appreciate your efforts. The infinite style balcony first appeared on the river boats of Scenic and Emerald Waterways several years ago so its not anything new. The balcony cabins don't look any bigger than those on the RCI Quantum Class.
  10. Oldworldtraveller

    Video of the "Edge"

    Impressive ship with impressive prices to match at between £240 and £260 pppn for an outside cabin in Europe. I don't think so. Good video but would have liked to see an inside and outside cabin rather than the top end cabins.
  11. Oldworldtraveller


    To me Christmas is a time of year to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. The old who will be by themselves, those who cant afford anything special for Christmas. Years ago when I was a member of Round Table we used to take over from Meals on Wheels on Christmas Day and from funds we had raised made sure that these elderly people had a proper Christmas Dinner and some extra goodies. Sometimes the Christmas Card we gave them was the only one they had. The following song always makes me remember how lucky I am. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHtqiY1mVWE
  12. Oldworldtraveller

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Thanks towny44
  13. Oldworldtraveller

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    This thread has raised some interesting thoughts. From the various posts it appears that wheel chair users make up at least a noticeable proportion of the passengers yet I personally have never seen anyone in a wheel chair at 'Boat Drill' so are they exempt. If they are what would happen in a real emergency as crew would go to their stations and not have time to assist. We all know that an orderly performance from everyone will not happen as was seen from videos taken on board the Concordia. Has anyone any answers.
  14. Oldworldtraveller

    Space in Arcadia balcony cabin

    Just a thought @Rods song why not take a couple of soft sided cabin bags that will fold flat and your problem is solved. I bought one earlier this year, £20, and it has travelled now to many destinations without problem. It also weighs next to nothing so free's up that weight you need for other things if flying.
  15. Oldworldtraveller

    Cruising with Cancer

    Have they looked at their medical insurance cover to see if the insurance company will cover them for a cruise. I know that some will not cover someone under going treatment for cancer..