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  1. Oldworldtraveller

    Spirit of Discovery

    Was overnight at the naming ceremony and thought it a very nice ship. Good size well equipped cabins, all balcony, excellent food and good entertainment. Staff excellent, very attentive. Cruising on the ship in November.
  2. Oldworldtraveller

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    Haven't experienced this with Azamara, Silversea, Cruise and Maritime, Saga or even Fred Olsen who definitely cater for the older generation. Having a severely disabled teenage granddaughter who is in a wheelchair I appreciate that for some, cruising is their only perceived way of holidaying overseas but I do wonder how these people would get on in a real emergency such as Concordia.
  3. Oldworldtraveller

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    Very true
  4. Oldworldtraveller

    Marella Dream.

    Nice review HLM. Sounds like good value for money. Sunwing is 49% owned by TUI ,in the same way as TUI Cruises, which owns Marella, is 50% owned by Royal Caribbean.
  5. Oldworldtraveller

    Venice to ban Cruise Ships?

  6. Oldworldtraveller

    Abu Dhabi & Dubai

    Why not?
  7. Oldworldtraveller

    Britannia Fight Night?

    Probably because the incidents are not serious enough to have police waiting at the next port to arrest the suspects.
  8. Oldworldtraveller

    Britannia Fight Night?

    With 6 injured and 2 arrested when police boarded in Southampton he didn't have to look far for a story. Yes problems do happen on ships but how often are 6 allegedly injured and people arrested by police, it was obviously bad enough for the captain to report the incident and have police waiting for the ship at Southampton.
  9. Oldworldtraveller

    What a win

    We will never know, but again, well done England, you did us proud.
  10. Oldworldtraveller

    What a win

    A fabulous win that at one point I gave up hope of seeing but in the end , well done England, you did us proud. Has anyone else read this and what do you think? https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/cricket/england-were-incorrectly-awarded-extra-run-in-world-cup-final-after-umpire-error-claims-simon-taufel-a4189906.html
  11. Oldworldtraveller

    Waste paper

    Thank you for the reply. Please stop the 'Into The Blue'.
  12. Oldworldtraveller

    Waste paper

    Thanks sinbad10, should have gone to 'SpecSavers'.
  13. Oldworldtraveller

    Waste paper

    Where is the contact button please JInky as I too would like to stop communications.
  14. Oldworldtraveller

    Jane back on Friday.

    Have a fabulous time. I certainly did. Just remember that if moored at night near a public area to close the cabin curtains, many forget that the public can see in!!
  15. Oldworldtraveller

    Jane back on Friday.

    Have messaged you Daveybe