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  1. Oldworldtraveller

    Bolsover Cruise Club

    Absolutely. Difficult at times to sit back and take the advice of others, however in instances like this its a good idea to take their advice. They are not going to give bad advice as they don't want to lose a customers future bookings.
  2. Oldworldtraveller

    P&O ships futures.

    Correct towny44, but although part of the same holding company they do of course operate as totally separate entities. P&O are "Carnival 'UK' Limited" as registered at Companies House with a separate limited company number but Princess Cruises are part of "Carnival Corporation" as listed in the USA. Holland and America also have a separate listing hence their separate listing on the NYSE.
  3. Oldworldtraveller

    P&O ships futures.

    I agree towny44. They were purchased by P&O in 1974 and then broke away to become what they are today. Why would they want to merge with a cruise line that has 1 new ship, 3 fairly new and 2 old. They operate two different types of cruises attracting people with different ideas of what cruising should be, have different price structures and if it were ever contemplated Princess are so big now they would swallow P&O. As always, just my opinion.
  4. Oldworldtraveller

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Carnival at close now £10.67 and RCI $35.55, decision made.
  5. Oldworldtraveller

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    They certainly have but I see that Carnival are up again at £9.05 this morning. Should I buy now, that is the questions? 🤔
  6. Oldworldtraveller

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    I see that both RCI and Carnival shares are on the rise. £8.28 for Carnival and $28.23 for RCI. Slow but steady, will it continue.
  7. Oldworldtraveller

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Thanks for that sinbad10. This is one I picked up from the NYSM re RCI. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4333021-take-long-view-royal-caribbean-cruises?mod=mw_quote_news This one from an analyst relating to CCL. https://seekingalpha.com/article/4332081-carnival-corp-and-real-value At the end of the day I suppose it comes down to the qualifications of the writer and who you believe.
  8. Oldworldtraveller

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    What is this based on Sinbad10?
  9. Oldworldtraveller

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Could be a good time to buy though, £7.96 per share this morning and RCI closed at $25.68 down from a high of $132.
  10. Oldworldtraveller

    Never thought Cunard and P&O

    Arrived home this morning. We were refused entry to Casablanca and Gibraltar. Docked in Malaga a day early but weren't allowed off the ship until yesterday and then only to board the coaches to the airport. Have to say that the Capt. Steve James, his officers and crew on Marella Dream were fantastic. Regular updates from the bridge and a crew that kept smiling even though they don't know their future and in many cases are thousands of miles from home.
  11. Oldworldtraveller

    Is Fred Olsen's Drink Package Worth It?

    My personal view is that it is worth having. Add up the cost of daytime drinks, evening drinks and wine at dinner and the chances are that you will easily be in pocket. As far as I am aware no restrictions on the number of drinks you can have and compared with £39.99 a day for P&O it is excellent value. The only other one that comes anywhere near is CMV.
  12. Oldworldtraveller

    Scarlet Lady

    This is not a ship for the traditional cruiser or someone who wants what is on offer from the current market leaders. It's about creating something new, something the young can enjoy, something they can relate to and something that has a touch of the flamboyant world hot spots about it. 22+ eateries including Razzle Dazzle, a vegetarian restaurant, The Galley where there are many serving areas like a buffet with this difference, someone serves you, so no more people picking up rolls, fruit etc and then putting them back. The Wake Steak and Seafood restaurant and many others. Numerous bars, a 2 storey night club with entertainment rather than an area that stays open late with a DJ. Running track, fitness zone, boxing, outdoor yoga and much more. The prices may appear high at first sight but when you take into account the lead in fare includes, gratuities, wi-fi, all onboard classes, speciality restaurants and the price starts to compare with others. Furniture like Ikea, wouldn't know, never been but I can say that it was comfortable in spacious areas that made a change from the norm. I only spent one night on board and didn't see it all, however from what I did see it is inventive, stylish and futuristic, however, it's not for me.
  13. Oldworldtraveller

    Scarlet Lady

    Here are a few more .
  14. Oldworldtraveller

    Scarlet Lady

    The above pictures were from my overnight on Virgin Cruises new ship Scarlet Lady and the lady in the first picture is Scarlet Lady. The ship is a new concept away from traditional cruising. Some will love it others will have a different view. This ship will be based in Miami but next year the 2nd of the 'Lady' ships, Valiant Lady will be home based in Barcelona.