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  1. birdman

    The Cruise Ship

    Typical television holiday program, concentrating on a certain OTT passenger, an out of date crooner and a very young, dare I say,sob story beautician.I,m sure in reality the ship and it's passengers is no different to most other cruise ships.the program didn't,t show and sell the positives. What will we see in the next program ? Emergency drill ? Queues in the sick bay waiting room ? And I,m sure more of that OTT female dancing with the crooner ??? Yeek !!
  2. birdman

    Good Customer Service

    I,m also one of the converted,would,t book anywhere else. Its one thing to promote good service its another to actually deliver.No wonder Bolsover are one of the leading cruise specialists.
  3. birdman

    First Meal After Your Cruise

    Best intentions not to eat again for a few days, then plan another diet.All talk, no action !!
  4. birdman

    Art Auctions At Sea

    I go for the cruise experience, not to buy pictures, rather spend my money on booking another cruise.
  5. Friends in Sheffield rang to say they,d seen it, very impressive !! What a great move forward Bolsover, on top of the job, as usual.
  6. birdman

    Into The Blue

    Cannot fault Bolsover,enjoyed the latest magazine. Had a minor problem with a cruise i,d booked, not their fault,the outcome of the problem was quickly resolved,thanks to Wendy,their customer relations manager. Good to she her photo & her Under the Spotlight interview.
  7. birdman

    Just Booked Fjord Cruise.

    I book with the Cruise agent mentioned by the previous members.You get all the details at the time of booking,should,nt have to chase round looking for answers & help elsewhere. I would not be happy having to do that.
  8. birdman

    Cabin Position

    Having been fortunate to have cruised with a number of cruise lines to various parts of the world I prefer to have a balcony at the front or the back, still can,t get use to fore & aft. I find the views from these positions the best, as for noise, vibration & other of-putting suggestions, how valid are these ?. Look where some of the most expensive cabins are positioned, fore & aft. e.g the Penthouse Suites on P&O, Aurora (fore) the Owners Suite & it does,t get better than this,on Silver Seas, Silver Spirit (Fore), the Grand Duplex Suites on all three Cunard ships (aft) Just my point you may not all agree, if you haven,t been there, worth a try. !!
  9. birdman

    New To Cruising

    You,re only use to cruising once.After that you can become an addict.
  10. birdman

    Med On Silver Spirit

    Another great cruise with this very special cruise company, already planning another.Will book again with Bolsover Cruise Club for more icing on the cake.
  11. Just made another booking with Bolsover , once again what a pleasant experience. Great service, they never fail to impress me. I wonder what other members feel about service, most companies make promises,but all too often fail to deliver.Learn,t my lesson last week, bought a coffee maker on line because it was the best price. I had a problem understanding the instructions so tried ringing the company for help, you've probably guessed, press 1 for ?,now press 2 for ? Etc etc. when I finally got through to someone, advised to e mail another department. I gave up, I will wait and ask my 13 yr old grandson !! Seems to me the cheaper the price, the worse the after sales service.
  12. birdman

    Travel Insurance

    Always check insurance policies before you buy,not when you come to make a claim.Looking at the recent floods and the damaged caused to property and belongings, you have to wonder " are they covered and to what extent " Medical costs on board ships and abroad in other countries can be very expensive, cancelling when you,ve paid up.Would £8 for 3 days cover that ?? It doesnt always happen to the other guy, sometimes you are the other guy. Food for thought !!
  13. birdman

    Oriana X402 12Nts From £499

    Got to hand it to you Bolsover, always seem the first to pass on the good new (offers)
  14. birdman

    Printing Your Own Tickets

    The cruise company I use offer both options,you can print your own,or if you are like me not too computer savvy they will print them for you.Nice to have the choice.
  15. birdman


    hi Matilda. Booked to see MATILDA the musical at the Cambridge Theatre in London this weekend.Will you be in it?
  16. I had to cancel a cruise with Bolsover through a health problem, the service was great and resulted in a successful claim.Thanks Julie
  17. birdman

    Cruise Club?

    Smethy. If you,d ever booked with Bolsover you wouldn,t be asking that question.
  18. I understand from a friend that Bolsover Cruise Club have a special relationship with Holiday Extra,s for their cruise passengers.AGE LIMITS DON,T SEEM TO BE A PROBLEM
  19. birdman

    Med On Silver Spirit

    Yes Cadet I think we saw your ship a number of times. The weather was great up to arriving in Venice where we spent a further 2 days, not quite the same when the sun does,t shine. Still very busy though.I,ve also sailed on Cloud & Shadow, I like all the Silversea ships,you won,t be sorry if you try Spirit, doesn,t feel bigger,only holds 540 but more space offering more diverse opportunities re dining, bars & lounge areas. Only about 240 passengers on our sailing, pleased to see they hadn,t offered any cheap last minute deals. Silversea don,t seem to do that,hate to be asked" how much did you pay " Made friends with a couple from Australia and number from Florida area great company.
  20. birdman

    Famous People On Cruises

    Once on minerva Maureen Lipton asked if she could join us for breakfast,ofcourse we allowed it !!
  21. birdman

    Winter Sun

    Best place Cape Town S.A wall to wall blue sky dec through to march. If a cruise ends or starts her make sure you stay as long as you can, don,t pack an electric blanket.
  22. birdman

    Med On Silver Spirit

    Hi minniecooper. Like you I have also travelled on Cunard & Celebrity. I'm sure you would enjoy Silversea, you would find both staff & fellow passengers very friendly people. The staff are brilliant even remembering, seems to me, all passenger names. Not too formal, very much like you would have experienced on Cunard & Celebrity. Do what I do for advice ring Bolsover Cruise Club, all the staff seem to have a wealth of knowledge, the help you get from them makes booking a cruise a pleasant experience. Hope this helps.
  23. birdman

    2013 British Travel Awards

    Well deserved, wouldn,t book with anyone else. p.s did once & still regret it.