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  1. As the original poster could have reached platinum level on Princess without going on a Princess cruise. I would see this as a valid question. If this is the case just show your ticket as you arrive at the terminal and they will direct you to the correct place.
  2. Been cruising since 1976. Never had an upgrade,although know many people who have and most it seems to be on their first cruise.
  3. I have found over many years of trial and error, the best thing to do is get quite a few of the very thin lightweight metal hangers. I hang a t-shirt on the hanger, then one of my husbands shirts buttoned up. When it is time to pack I carefully lay the hangers with shirts into the cases. They come out at the other end crease free and hang straight into the wardrobe, unpack in record time. I take my evening gowns and husbands suits on coat hangers and in fabric bags, they also come out of the cases crease free, are easy to unpack and the covers keep my dresses free of dust from the bottom of the cabins wardrobes. This also means there are plenty of hangers in the cabin for other items.
  4. I will be able to let you know soon as we sail in less than 4 weeks. I have spoken to quite a few people who have been on Adonia this summer and not heard anything negative, unless you count the tiny bathroom and poor hairdryer.Which I don't think are that important. Where it counts, food, service, atmosphere, entertainment , I have heard are all excellent. So looking forward to our cruise.
  5. With a lot of speculation I have seen over the past couple of days I am glad we are booked on Adonia for this year as it looks like anything beyond next spring is a bit in the air at the moment. The new brochure only has cruises listed until next spring 2018. Someone we were on cruise with last October has asked why the Adonia cruise they have booked for next summer is not in the brochure and they have been told they will receive a letter from P&O in the next few weeks. Sounds ominous.
  6. Is this the yellow bus? I looked at this because we have been everywhere in Funchal , gardens and toboggan several times. I have been to Cabo Girao but my husband hasn't.
  7. Has anyone done any excursions in Madeira other than ships excursions? We have been to Funchal quite a few times and exhausted what it has to offer. We are in port for 2 full days and would like to see some of the mountains. After a really bad ships excursion last month really don't want to risk paying out for more. There are some shown on trip-advisor just a little concerned as to how good they will be.
  8. I arranged a taxi for 8 on a princess cruise roll call 2 years ago (Baltic cruise) There were a few taxi's booked on our roll call and plenty of takers for the cost of twenty five euros per couple for a return trip. Still friends with 2 of the couples we shared the taxi with, great way to make friends.
  9. Is P&O as good as 10 years ago? definitely , in 2007 we had our worst ever cruise experience with them. Poor service, food that was inedible, ports changed and time in all ports cut short. Just returned from 18 nights on Oriana, food excellent, service excellent, entertainment good. In fact the overall experience was almost the best ever with P&O. Value for money- taking into account inflation it was only 20% of what we paid in 1977 and half of what we paid in 1997 and it was compared to many current cruises quite expensive. Not sure if P&O are treating ships differently, but our last 2 cruises on Oriana and Arcadia were far superior to our previous years trips on Azura and Ventura.
  10. We only cruise with P&O because of the itinerary usually prefer Princess. But after several years of poor P&O food, must admit we were very pleasantly surprised this month. New menu's with more choices, only a couple of dishes in the whole cruise did not meet our very picky standards. Dishes that were supposed to be spicy actually were instead of bland . My husbands Paella had far more seafood than the very expensive one we had bought in a Barcelona restaurant. Lots of variety of fresh fish, lobster made it onto the menu more than once. Lunch time menu's in the restaurant were also good- we gave up on the buffet a few cruises ago. Lots of different vegetables, samphire. asparagus, spinach, leeks, kale as well as all the usual veg, almost a green bean shortage. In fact the menu's were so good I didn't resort to ordering steak once.
  11. We bought P&O bathrobes a few years ago, but I am always scared when we use them that the cabin steward will think they belong to P&O and remove them. Carried the receipt with us for a few cruises but the print has now faded.
  12. Just back from Oriana, first few days no problem, plenty of sunbeds we sat on them for a couple of hours then removed everything to go for lunch and plenty available if we wanted to go back in the afternoon. First sea-day with sun in the med arrived on deck a 9am every sun-bed had a towel on it but only 4 were actually occupied. Next sea day arrived on deck 9am -a bit misty so not all beds taken sat on a couple, towels and books on beds to each side of us, went for lunch at 1.30 and no-one had sat on any of the 'reserved' beds to each side of us in all that time. If people just sit on them when they actually want to use them, there are plenty to go around.
  13. We never were, but I don't remember there ever being a problem then.
  14. To be honest, we have just returned from 18 nights and didn't use the kettle once. With the kettle, box with tea/coffee and all the mini-bar items stacked on the small dressing table it made it totally unusable as a dressing table. not even room to fit a make up bag or hair-brush.
  15. They are giving a 2 week cooling off period where you can change your booking without any admin charges. All other terms and conditions apply, so if you book you have to get approval for time off within 2 weeks and if you can't you can switch to another cruise within the 2 weeks but it has to be more expensive.