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  1. Hi Lahrdeco Great Picture. Welcome to the Forum.
  2. I have not heard anything as of yet, but do keep us updated!
  3. How do I go about getting fresh milk every morning? I Don't like those little pots of UHT WARM milk, Do i have to order room service each morning or can i request this at the beginning of the cruise? If so who would i request this with? Thanks
  4. Is it all about date of travel and destination or does ship size put you off? If you found the perfect itinerary but saw it was on a mega-ship or perhaps a smaller ship, would it put you off booking? It wouldn’t put me off at all, I book mainly for the destinations but I know a lot of people who are influenced by ship size.
  5. I would always like a balcony but depending on where i am going depends if i spend the extra. If going on a small/ mini cruise to Amsterdam, zebrugge etc would go for oceanview, hot destinations - balcony, but also for the fjords / iceland even though weather may not be great i love the scenery so would always go for a balcony.
  6. I Hope not, i love a good brew first thing in a monring!
  7. Sounds brilliant You know what they say ' look after your staff and your staff look after you' I hope my Boss reads this article!
  8. Good Luck Poppy!
  9. Give it a try, whats the worst that could happen???
  10. Good to know how much onboard credit for how many nights. Worth putting down the deposit while on board then!! Anyone know how long it lasts for? When do you have to book the next cruise to benefit?
  11. I have never been but have some friends are going in June around Bali, she has been telling me all about and it looks fantastic. From what she has said the cabins are very basic but i think you would expect this on one of those ships. You can also help with the sails and chill out on the ropes apparently! I can imagine when in the cabin they are very small but up on deck you would be fine as i imagine more open deck space than inside space on the top deck! I think service on board would still be a brilliant standard just from looking on their website. Im sure i will have a lot more to tell you when my friends get back in July!
  12. Is there a link to see the studio cabins?
  13. CRUISE CHEF this would be good for you.....
  14. Whiskey, Ginger Ale & Lime. Tastes pretty good too