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  1. be careful with this as its not accepted by all cruiselines and has a lot of t&cs attached to it, one being they have to take more details from you at port so could be a longer process to get off
  2. my understanding is you need it even if your not getting off the ship? please anyone correct me if thats wrong
  3. i see both sides, but i think as cruises are percieved of and advertised as a 'luxury' product, even though you get variations to the standard of 'luxury' that you get, i dont think a cruise and an all inclusive land hotel are comparable due to the perceptions people have of the two. i also think you get a hell of a lot more on a cruise than you do an all inclusive hotel, its not just about the food, you get more destinations, better entertainment, more choices included in the price, more dedicated staff (i could tell you about my cabin stweard from my last cruise but not my maid from my last hotel) a competely different experience just being at sea, in my opinion its worth paying that extra just for that indescriabable feeling of being at sea, looking out and seeing nothing between you and the horizon you dont get that in a hotel and thats why i would lean more toward the 2 not being comparable.
  4. it does cleary say 'personalised' slogans on the p&o website so i think people are deliberately mis understanding
  5. I think the main benefit is having flights from regional airports, and of course they do have really reasonable prices
  6. I stayed in the redbury this year and that was really nice
  7. that does seem a bit excessive, we got to the airport 45mins before our flight to new york (not planned) and still ended up waiting at the gate
  8. it does look good, especially the rocky mountineer package
  9. i have not been, this might help https://www.whatsinport.com/Pointe-a-Pitre.htm
  10. not if your paying on debit card, if the initial price has gone up to cover credit card fees then you are paying more for no reason
  11. im sure i saw a new lot of mighty cruise ships being advertised on there the other day
  12. definately worth it if you know your are going to book another cruise within the time limit they have, depending on the cruise line it can gain you extra benefits like on board credit and low deposits
  13. not for me, my work involves constantly talking to the public so my dream holiday is not having to talk to anyone at all, each to their own
  14. you dont have to wear them, can still just use your cruise card