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  1. fred olsen are still cheaper than avergae, but P&O latest increase puts them in line with most cruise lines, certainly not cheaper any more
  2. to be honest, yes i would, i am too lazy on holiday and always lie in and when i go to the pool 10/11 o'clock it is a struggle to get a bed, so just from pure liaziness, yes! lol
  3. 'worst cruise ever' but going again in september...
  4. I agree I do not know where these extra passengers are going to come from ...
  5. i have been comparing a p&o and a royal caribbean cruise for the baltic this june, p&o are coming up over £1900 each for a balcony cabin with a bit of on board credit, for the same itinerary royal caribbean was £1700 per person with drinks, free gratuities and including by one get one free discount. certainly not pricing themselves out of the market.
  6. i grew up on p&o from baby age to late teens and still go now in my late 20's and can say that for children they are fantastic, so much to do and get involved in, they are a really good cruise line for young children
  7. we keep intending to go to mexico so hopefully this will be the year, have croatia booked in may so thats one ticked off
  8. i will never travel with ryan air, once and never again
  9. as far as i can tell the trick may be to stick to the smaller ships? the bad feedback seems to be on the bigger ships that have more passengers and not enough crew and space to offer a good service. having said that if you go on board with an open mind and know what to expect then that may help, maybe the people posting negative reviews didnt do research and expected it to be the same as other lines they had been on. also as you say the itineraries are very good and prices tend to be very low compared to others so its swings and roundabouts
  10. what are you refering to? have you seen something published? what are the changes that you have heard?
  11. ahhh i understand! that would be a very nice break to get away from this horrible cold
  12. these new ships msc are building do look amazing, but they always let themselves down with food and service, its all you ever really read about them, in my opinion they put too many people on board, compared to other ships of the same size they put on a lot more passengers
  13. the cruise is at that price, its on a saver fare so not sure what your comment means?
  14. xmas shopping in gibralter lol