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  1. Just be careful if you do connect to maritime to turn data roaming off and just have it as calls and text, its data roaming that racks up the bill as its using it in the back ground.
  2. Furby

    P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!

    this is interesting, but there are many new ships being built that are going to be using lng so surley the infrastructure has to be able to keep up with the demand?
  3. Furby

    P&O Summer 2020 and IONA!

    That time of year again, had the email from Bolsover about the sale dates for 2020, in September as expected. But not expected, Iona doing her maiden season in the Fjords? What do we think about that?
  4. Furby

    flights to malta

    it all came up as one with the p&o reference, daft question but are you definately on jet2 both ways? as sometimes you can come back on a different airline?
  5. Furby

    flights to malta

    i did last year, it came available 60 days before we went
  6. Furby

    Has Unread Content format been changed?

    sign out sign back in? recent topics are also on the right of the main page
  7. Furby

    Has Unread Content format been changed?

    mines back to normal
  8. i agree, im not overly keen, but i think its going to fit in with how virgin are going to try and promote the cruises, i read somthing along the lines of 'if you dont want to have fun dont book with us' not sure of the exact wording but i dont think they will be coming and where near a classic cruising style, starting with the name
  9. Furby

    Has Unread Content format been changed?

    yes im seeing the same thing
  10. Furby

    P&O's new drink packages?

    The non alcoholic package looks really good! £20 per day my husband easily spends that on coke so perfect for us! on board azura in december and if they are still doing it we will definatley use it. There is a hot drink package so think it will be the end of the costa card
  11. Furby

    All Freedom Dining on Iona

    i really can not wait for this ship, will be booking in september hopefully for my 30th in 2020 nothing like planning ahead
  12. Furby

    Southampton Car Parking

    Looking for feedback please. We usually use CPS but for shorter cruises they come up so expensive, we are going 5 nights on qm2 in may next year. in my search penguin parking (formally alternative cruise parking) has come up, does anyone know anything about these? reviews on trip advisor and cruise critic are really old, and on thier facebook page they only have a few recent reviews. anyone used them or know anyone that has?
  13. Furby


    just out of curiosity, where do you put your used nightware??
  14. Furby

    Atul Kocchar - Sacked??

    I have just come across this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-44472286 I wonder if this will affect his contract with P&O?
  15. Furby

    Azura 01/12/18 A832A

    Hi, 10 years since my last caribbean cruise, finally going again!! Any personal suggestions for my ports please Antigua, St Kitts, Tortola, Grand Turk, St Maarten, St Lucia, Grenada, St Vincent, Barbados We like beaches, love snorkling, adverture type tours. Thanks in advance