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  1. Atul Kocchar - Sacked??

    I have just come across this https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-44472286 I wonder if this will affect his contract with P&O?
  2. Azura 01/12/18 A832A

    Hi, 10 years since my last caribbean cruise, finally going again!! Any personal suggestions for my ports please Antigua, St Kitts, Tortola, Grand Turk, St Maarten, St Lucia, Grenada, St Vincent, Barbados We like beaches, love snorkling, adverture type tours. Thanks in advance
  3. Oceana Dubai

    i sailed on her last year in august, she was fine! not scruffy, cabins nice and clean not looking worn, food was really good, decks nice and clean i would go on her again, shes certainly not run down
  4. we must of been watching a different video as the main thing that stood out to me is how much deck space there is? all the top deck as normal then that stick out prom deck that looks like it goes all the way round. this is without even being given a peek of whats inside, from the first video it looks like shes been deisgned with feedback about the britannia in mind, mainly that prom deck.
  5. I like the name, its different and P&O need to be different to keep attracting people, so many people have said P&O need to up their game, but then when they do its like oh no i dont like that watching the short video clip of her exterior, i cannot wait until september to get booked on her! shes the next generation ship to attract the next generation of cruisers
  6. out of the ones i have been on - queen mary 2
  7. Celebrate the Royal Wedding at sea

    i am looking forward to the dress!
  8. I see several cruise lines have announced they’ll be screening the Royal Wedding for passengers to watch whilst at sea. I thought they would but it’s nice that they’re making such a celebration of it. Princess are showing live screenings on the top deck movie screen on most of the fleet. They’re also putting on themed menus and parties during the cruises at that time. Cunard are going all out though as you’d expect. I see they’re putting on a Royal Wedding afternoon tea, creating celebration cocktails, a commemorative dinner with keepsakes for passengers and a celebration cake modelled after the bride and groom. Would you want to be drawn into such celebrations when you’re on holiday though? Or would you be happy to get involved?
  9. I have been looking at trying to get on royal caribbean again having done anthem of the seas i wanted to try the newly refurbished independence. It seems like they have changed some terms, particularly to cancellation charges, I have come across the following - “Cancelled cruises of one to four nights (including holiday sailings) will be charged 50 percent of the total cruise fare if canceled 74 to 61 days out. Previously, these short cruises could be canceled 74 to 43 days out with just the deposit lost, and 42 to 29 days out with 50 percent of the fare lost. Under the new policy, cruises of four nights or less canceled 60 to 31 days out will be charged 75 percent of the total fare (previously 28 to 15 days out) and 100 percent of the fare will be sacrificed if the cruise is canceled 30 days or less before sailing (previously 14 days or less). For longer cruises (five nights or more), the new policy is: cruises canceled 89 to 75 days before sailing will be charged 25 percent of the total fare; those canceled 74 to 61 days out will be charged 50 percent (previously 56 to 29 days out); cruise canceled 60 to 31 days out will be charged 75 percent of the cruise fare (previously 28 to 15 days out); and all cruises of five nights or longer canceled 30 days or less before sailing will be charged the full fare (previously 14 days or less out). The previous policy had no 25 percent level, but cruises canceled 89 to 57 days out only lost the deposit.” seems that this change is not in favour of us passengers Looks like it came into place for bookings made after april 8th. what do people think? will we see other lines changing policies too?
  10. Not ANOTHER one - lets talk new ships

    it may not be that different to what you are thinking, i expected royal caribbean to be worlds apart to p&o and in some aspects they were but generally felt very at home and familiar. azura and ventura look big from the outside but ive been on both of those and aurora, oriana and oceana and they didnt feel as big as they looked when on board compared.
  11. Not ANOTHER one - lets talk new ships

    it is amazing how many lines we get to try from the UK, and very good that the new ships will at least do a day or so here so we can see them, we are lucky to have such a major port as southampton
  12. Not ANOTHER one - lets talk new ships

    I am really looking forward to hearing news on this one!
  13. Not ANOTHER one - lets talk new ships

    crystal are going down an interesting route, new river ships, new ocean ships and those 'air cruises' seems like the new owners have money to burn
  14. Not ANOTHER one - lets talk new ships

    not all of them?! the new saga, viking, regent, silversea are all small
  15. As theres yet another thread going on about that horrible subject that never ends i thought i would start another discussion There are a lot of new ships on the cards, from all singing all dancing symphony of the seas, the futuristic celebrity edge, the new as yet unamed p&o and new ultra luxury regent seven seas splendour, there is really sonthing for anyone! Any ships are on your bucket list? lets not talk about the ones you would avoid, but the ones you think look fantastic (not forgetting we will all have different definitions of fantastic) for me, having gone on anthem of the seas, a quantum class, i am desperate to try the oasis class, so symphony of the seas is on the list. also quite excited to see what the new queen will bring to the stage, being the first new cunard ship in a while the new msc ships look interesting and wouldnt mind even just a ship visit if they stop off in southampton