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    Furby reacted to Sue P in Thanks for all the Baltic advice   
    About 18 months ago I posted for the first time on the forum to ask advice about cruising to the Baltics, My husband and I had only been on one cruise before (P&O to the med) and I was finding all the various options quite overwhelming... 
    The response I received was incredible with so many people taking the time to offer help and suggestions on cruise lines, itinerary, local tour companies etc etc.  It made the planning so much easier and I was so grateful for the help. So I thought it only fair to report back on our return....
    I included as many  of your suggestions as was physically possible and we travelled with Celebrity Silhouette from Southampton, visiting Zeebrugge, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Talinn, 3 full days in St Petersburg, and Warnemunde. We booked SPB tours (who were excellent) for St Petersburg, including a night at the ballet (where we had a private box!). We explored Copenhagen, Stockholm and Talinn on our own and took the boat (as suggested) to Rostock from Warnemunde and again explored on our own, all of which was incredibly easy. The only ships tour we took was to Ypres and Flanders Fields from Zeebrugge, which was very good and thought provoking...
    We had an amazing time throughout and we even had fantastic weather! So a massive thank you to everyone for helping to make our trip so memorable.
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    Furby reacted to mitch in Hygiene   
    lol, how on earth do you find time to enjoy the holiday.
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    Furby reacted to towny44 in Hygiene   
    I have never read such a load of old rubbish since the last thread on this topic.  I am not aware that any normal viruses can be passed on through perspiration, and if I was the type of person that worried about lurking germs in any hotel/cruise ship drawers, then I think I would probably stay at home and avoid all social contact.
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    Furby reacted to sinbad10 in All inclusive trial?   
    The only time I have ever known so called "free drinks package" being offered on Cunard is if you booked a grill suite and was in late 2016. We had just booked a QG suite on QE and was upset that less than a month later they offered "free drinks package" so I phoned my TA and since we booked the price of same category suite had risen £500pp to cover the "free drinks package". If they are going to increase cost of cruises or offer drinks packages like Princess at $69 per day the you are going to have to be a really serious drinker to take one out for duration of cruise and I wish they would just stay with the status quo.
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    Furby reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Hygiene   
    When I was young, yes a long time ago, there was no food packaging in shops (we didn't have supermarkets) everything came from the shelf, cold slab or bin. We didn't have wipes, spray antiseptics, toilet cleaners, oven cleaners, washing machines, freezers. I sat on seats that others had used, wore hand me down clothes, ate everything that was put in front of me. Was shouted at by teachers at school, caned on several occasions and introduced to the slipper on several occasions but still respected the teachers. By todays standards I don't know how I have survived.  
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    Furby reacted to Countrygirl in Hygiene   
    You will all be taking your own cushions next just in case you want to sit on a chair. I can’t believe this topic, what do you do when you go shopping in the supermarket, wear plastic gloves?
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    Furby reacted to afcandrew in Hygiene   
    I put my nightwear into one of the bedside drawers, folded.  Not sure but think I normally use the bottom drawer as opposed to the top.  Can't really get worked up on this topic though - 20+ cruises and never been ill, so doubt there is a huge issue of 'contamination'.
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    Furby reacted to *Dancing Queen* in Azura 01/12/18 A832A   
    In Barbados the Catamaran/Swim with turtles is highly recommended ( one excursion I never tire of doing ) 
    Antigua .. Nelson's Dockyard is lovely with some wonderful views, personally I think you are better doing this DIY and rounding the day off with a couple of hours at one of the 365 beaches.
    St Kitts and St Lucia we usually do a Catamaran trip as they are always good fun.
    Tortola .. we tend to jump in a taxi and head for Pussers Landing, not a lot there, a nice restaurant and a few shops but a lovely place to sit and watch the world go by.
    Grenada .. always a beach day on Grand Anse beach but tend to take a taxi to the far end where it isn't quite so busy.
    St Maarten seems to be the place where everyone likes to shop, as much as I like shopping it doesn't hold a lot of appeal to me, I much preferred it when it was one street and you walked one way to the Dutch side and the other to the French side, for me it had much more charm.
    Only been to St Vincent once and from what I remember I wasn't overly impressed but it was many years ago so it could be very different now.
    Sadly have never made it to Grand Turk, the one time it was on the itinerary we had to cancel our cruise.
    Of course there are lovely beaches everywhere and for a few $ a taxi will take you and come back for you at an agreed time, we have always asked if we can pay the fare on the return trip ( no problem ) and you know by doing this they will definitely come back for you, lots of other choices but these are personal favourites I like to do but then we've been visiting the Caribbean for 30 years so have done most of the island tours so now prefer to just chill out and relax.
    Enjoy your cruise.
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    Furby got a reaction from Bumble Bee in Oceana Dubai   
    i sailed on her last year in august, she was fine! not scruffy, cabins nice and clean not looking worn, food was really good, decks nice and clean i would go on her again, shes certainly not run down
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    Furby reacted to Sea Cruiser in P&O Cruises Announce Iona Will Be The Name Of Their New Ship for 2020   
    I really like the name!
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    Furby reacted to Oldworldtraveller in Military benefit   
    You seem to have forgotten 'National Service' Jinky. That was not a career choice and there are thousands of people still alive from those times. I think had you ever been in a theatre of war, you may have a different opinion. As always just my opinion. 
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    Furby reacted to Oldworldtraveller in The One Ship You'd Choose For The Rest Of Your Days   
    Good question sammy sun.
    For me it would be none of the large modern ships that roll in the slightest puff of wind but rather an older smaller ship, one with an ice strengthened hull so that I could sail to all parts of the globe at most times of the year, one with a deep draught that would ride the oceans swells with ease, one with larger old style cabins so that I could have a bath now and again instead of just a shower. A ship that provided good food that sustained rather than just looked good. One that didn't charge exorbitant gratuities or add gratuities of 15%, 18% or now even 20% to the cost of already overpriced drinks. I think the newly refurbished Marco Polo would suit. As always just my personal opinion.
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    Furby got a reaction from *Dancing Queen* in Celebrate the Royal Wedding at sea   
    i am looking forward to the dress!
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    Furby reacted to Bumble Bee in Celebrate the Royal Wedding at sea   
    I will be watching it on Saturday and if i was on board i would still
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    Furby reacted to Pesky Pirate in Celebrate the Royal Wedding at sea   
    It’s a good job Its not P & O, they might charge you for it.....
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    Furby reacted to *Dancing Queen* in Celebrate the Royal Wedding at sea   
    I will definitely be watching it on TV .. I love our Royal Family.
    I would love to be on one of the 'Queens' as I'm sure the weekend celebrations will be superb.
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    Furby reacted to BrianI in First time on Queen Mary 2   
    The QM2 was the largest cruise ship in the world when it was launched in 2004. The ballroom is not up forward but is at the rear and it is quite large. Cunard claim it is the largest ballroom at sea and I have no reason to dispute this.
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    Furby reacted to *Dancing Queen* in Following the Dress Code.   
    Thank you for your kind words JenJen, I think we are both very passionate about Cunard so I can see why we would sing from the same hymn sheet, interesting that you think we might have met .. goodness if we have I hope I was behaving myself 
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    Furby reacted to towny44 in Not ANOTHER one - lets talk new ships   
    Tally, we did a lot of our early cruising with Princess and it is very similar to P&O, but with a bit more polish in the American style, but its very likely that the entertainment staff will have a high Brit content.  We have sailed on Sapphire and its very similar to Azura/Ventura but with one less passenger deck, and about 400/500 less passengers occupying  the same public deck space. 
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    Furby reacted to Captain Kidd II in Following the Dress Code.   
    I wonder if it is time to "leave the subject there" as points have been made but it seems to ge getting personal?
    we need to be helpful and friendly as there seems to be too much backbiting on social media sites these days.
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    Furby got a reaction from *Dancing Queen* in Following the Dress Code.   
    also had this reply from cunard
    We have completed extensive global research with over 13,000 guests who told us that they love the glamour of a Cunard voyage; the chance to dress up is something that is becoming increasingly rare yet increasingly desirable.

    We are not making any changes to the dress code but we are updating the language that we use to describe the evening attire on board:

    During the day, feel free to relax and dress as you please in all areas of the ship.

    From 6pm on 'Informal' nights, we ask that you wear smart attire in most of our bars, restaurants and entertainment venues. On our much-anticipated Gala evenings, dress attire is Formal. We invite you to dress to impress and celebrate with us. There are two or three of these Gala evenings for every seven days of your voyage.

    Informal/Smart Attire: Gentlemen, every night we request you wear smart trousers with a shirt and jacket; tie is optional. Ladies, blouses and skirts or stylish trousers and dresses are welcome.

    Formal/Gala Evenings: It’s Showtime. Dinner jacket, tuxedo, or dark suit for the men with a regular tie or bow tie. Evening or cocktail dress, smart trouser suit, or formal separates for the ladies please.

    Of course, if you prefer to spend your evenings in more relaxed attire, feel free to dress casually as you visit any of the following venues: Kings Court or Lido Buffet, Golden Lion, Casino, Carinthia Lounge, Winter Garden/Winter Lounge and G32 or Yacht Club. Non-ripped jeans are appropriate, but please refrain from wearing shorts, sports attire, swim wear or sleeveless t-shirts outside of the gym, spa and deck spaces.

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    Furby got a reaction from *Dancing Queen* in Following the Dress Code.   
    im 28 and love cunard
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    Furby reacted to sinbad10 in Following the Dress Code.   
    HLM is an expert on anything Cunard because he has read a few forums.
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    Furby reacted to *Dancing Queen* in Following the Dress Code.   
    Could I ask you how you see it as a dumbing down of dress codes considering you’ve never been on a Cunard ship so wouldn’t know, what Cunard have done is illustrate the type of clothes which they obviously consider are acceptable dress and ok it might not appeal to you or me but that is all it is an ‘illustration’ to assist people especially new cruisers who otherwise might have no idea of what type of dress to expect, some seem to think Cunard is all about sequins and tiaras which couldn’t be further from the truth but they do have standards which is why many cruise with them and no doubt will continue to do so as long as those standards are maintained.
    The only dumbing down I can see is that in certain venues it will now be acceptable for jeans to be worn, the current terminology for dress codes is being altered to smart attire/gala .. the guidelines within that change remain the same as they were before so hardly dumbing down, it has never been a requirement in the buffet or the winter gardens to wear a jacket and tie and the relaxed codes will imo have very little effect on the rest of the ship. 
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    Furby reacted to Countrygirl in Following the Dress Code.   
    You reply to people in the way you have above and then wondered why people call you arrogant.