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  1. towny44


    That maybe so but you won't find any accessible cabins if you book late.
  2. towny44


    Whilst I agree that P&O will be "boosting" their profits, as you put it, by not refunding missed port charges, I would point out to you that P&O prices are a good 10-20% (or maybe even more in some cases) below those charged by Princess, both of which are in the Carnival stable. I think I prefer to let them keep the odd £50 or so for a missed port, rather than see their fares and drink increase to Princess levels.
  3. towny44


    I suppose we ought to go green and save a few trees, but I do like to have the luggage labels that come with the booklet. However we now only ever book accessible shore excursions, and then only rarely, and these are e-mailed to us anyway, but unfortunately as yet P&O don't send one without the other.
  4. towny44


    I imagine that Princess in Europe will still have predominantly US passengers who expect to have their port fees reimbursed if missed, and either they are just too idle to differentiate or more likely they don't want rioting Brits when they find the Yanks have had a refund.😎
  5. towny44


    Princess show port charges as a separate entry on your invoice, P&O roll them up in the fare with all their other costs, maybe that's why they never refund them.
  6. towny44


    We have not experienced any port changes, AFAICR, with any of our more than a dozen cruises with P&O over the last 8 years, but all except one have been on their bigger ships, I wonder if the problem is more with the smaller ports that their mid sized ships visit? However we have had one port change mid cruise due to bad weather preventing Britannia from tendering at Monaco, so the captain found us a berth at Ajaccio instead, which was a bonus for us as my wife uses a wheelchair and cannot pass the step over test.
  7. towny44

    Celebrity Perk changes from 19/11/19

    Goodness me we are going to need a degree in higher maths to work out which option suits us best!!!! It will be interesting to see the price difference for each one though, and the value we put on each of the options. I wonder if they will still allow you to opt out of the gratuities if you decide to stay on the basic tier?
  8. towny44

    Guaranteed Cabin "Worth booking"

    That's good to know, if we can ever afford Celebrity prices again, maybe once Brexit is sorted Sterling might recover sufficient to make that possible, who knows.
  9. towny44

    Guaranteed Cabin "Worth booking"

    As well as free drinks in the Dianond Lounge RCI also load 3 free drinks per Diamond member onto their cruise card, and they allow you to charge MDR drinks against these. The only time we did Elite with Celebrity we also had a free drinks package so never needed the Elite drinks, but at the time from reading their terms they seemed more restrictive than RCI.
  10. towny44

    single cruisers turned over again

    I imagine the single supplement has more to do with the cruise line trying to recover as much of the missing passengers fare, so that the cabin contributes at the same level as dual occupancy. That of course only applies to standard cabins, why cruise lines, or any other holiday hotel, would create single rooms and then try to charge double price for them seems grossly unfair and loses them any advantage they might have by offering single fares. Whether single passengers in a standard should receive double OBC is again up to the cruise line, and whether there is any marketing advantage in them doing it. If ever I am in that position I think I would try to find a friend to join me on the cruise, even if it meant paying part of their fare.
  11. towny44

    Where is everyone

    I always found Solent Richard to be a useful fount of information, he did have strong views on lots of issues but no more so than many others, myself included and I would also include you in that category, so if he was banned I worry about the partiality of the forum moderators.
  12. towny44

    Arcadia Funnel soot

    I thought all the P&O fleet have had emission scrubbers fitted to remove particulates from the exhaust gases, if so should that not have cured the soot problem?
  13. towny44

    Lisbon: where does the ship dock

    Even when docked at the new terminal which is walking distance to the main pedestrian street, that also houses the Santa Justa lift, P&O normally have shuttles that take you to Restauradores square, which is the centre of the tourist shopping and cafe area, and fairly close to the Santa Justa lift.
  14. towny44

    Britannia refit

    I once bought a leather belt from a cruise shop, in the sale, and my wife has bought the odd clothing item, also when in the sale and of course at a price we thought could not be bettered ashore. But in the main we rarely buy, although, like most women, my wife likes to browse. However if we have lots of OBC then we do sometimes buy perfume to ensure we spend it all, otherwise we look but keep our cruise cards in our pockets.
  15. Hope you have a very enjoyable and relaxing cruise Mitch, hope you don't mind me hijacking your thread. We are considering using the baggage handling company for our next cruise so would welcome any comments or advice, especially regarding how they operate luggage on the return journey, and how quickly it is returned.