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  1. towny44

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    Davybe, I sympathise with your wife, however as someone who regularly pushes a wheelchair can I say that it is very difficult to see the front wheels because the footrests block your view. I rely heavily on my wife to warn me if I am too close to someone in front, however if you are in a lift and a wheelchair user gets in, can I advise that rather than everyone sticking to the back wall as if their life depended on it, they move aside, because a lot of lifts are only just deep enough to take a wheelchair and its attendant.
  2. towny44

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    I agree if my wife could tackle coach steps then we would certainly wait for the AB passengers to alight before we did, knowing how slowly she moves.
  3. towny44

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    There may be some who don't desperately need a scooter, but take one because they cannot walk very far, however it is a lot of effort to take one from home, or very costly, to hire one for the cruise, so I doubt that many scooter users are cheating. But I suspect that some lightweight folding wheelchair users might well be just trying to seek priority status, however as wheelchair users I can vouch that priorities are few and far between, except on RCI group ships.
  4. towny44

    Is cruising suitable for all?

    I hope your post was mainly tongue in cheek as without cruising from a UK port my wife, who is almost a full time wheelchair user and unable to fly, and I would be unable to have any overseas holidays. I appreciate that for the fully able bodied this demographic might result in a less than satisfactory cruise experience, but surely you would not deny anyone the right to have a cruise just because they are old or infirm.
  5. towny44

    Worth Watching (Maybe)

    I am fairly certain this has been on before.
  6. towny44

    Venice to ban Cruise Ships?

    I might be a cynic but I would want to see cast iron evidence that water displacement in a verylarge lagoon like Venice along a wide waterway like the Guidecca canal, is more damaging than the major high speed wakes impacting the Grand canal walls from the vaporettas and leisure craft.
  7. towny44

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    Aurora's prices nearly always go up, we booked our April cruise this year at launch in Sept 2017 and our balcony cabin had doubled in price just before we sailed. For some reason she is extremely popular and P&O's fluid pricing will keep increasing prices as long as there is a strong demand. The moral of the story, book early on Aurora and Arcadia if you want the best prices.
  8. towny44

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    With recent P&O launch prices being reasonable, compared with the last years, and with 10% off for past passengers and sometimes an extra 5% if its a Peninsular cruise and even a reduced deposit, then we have rarely seen a launch price bettered. However there is generally only the minimal OBC, coach or car park offer at launch.
  9. towny44

    P&O prices on the Rise??

    Yes shore excursion increases will be mainly due to the weak exchange rate, P&O have to pay for these locally so will need to pass on the exchange rate fluctuation.
  10. towny44

    What a win

    Yes a clear mistake made, however it would still have left Ben Stokes with 2 balls to make 4 runs, so who is to say he would not have hit a boundary and won it without the need for a super over?
  11. towny44

    What a win

    Yes we watched it and what a great match Dayybe, I thought we had bl;own it several times especially after New Zealands 6 in the super over, what a Topsy Turvy game it was. As for Wimbledon and the Grand Prix we watched those as well, in fact the TV remote has never worked harder.
  12. towny44

    Canaries in Early December

    We have done a few Caribbean cruises from Southampton in winter and you should find that the weather slowly improves as you near Madeira, assuming this is your route to the Canaries, and this last January it was warm enough for shirt sleeves in Madeira and pleasantly hot when the sun was out.
  13. towny44

    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    Strange that because one of the MDR meals on our last Princess cruise that disappointed most was prime rib, it looked and tasted as though it had been boiled rather than roasted.
  14. towny44

    Disappointing 1st sail with Princess

    I thought Princess gave you one free mini bar set up once you were Elite, also not heard about an Elite Lounge, maybe they are trying to copy Royal Caribbean!
  15. towny44


    I have never seen more than half a dozen passengers vaping on any cruise I have been on, so unless most are only vaping in the cabins then your estimate of thousands seems way off the mark.