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  1. towny44

    Just back off the Aurora

    Air-conditioning anywhere is always a contentious issue whether on land or sea. Our early cruising was mainly on Princess and we always found that their entertainment venues were far too cold and we needed a jacket or stoll to be comfortable, now we no longer fly so P&O out of Southampton is our line of choice and most of their ships' aircon temps seem to suit us just fine.
  2. towny44

    The Licence fee?

    My understanding was that the last major license fee increase was contingent upon the BBC taking responsibility for the over 75s free licenses, so any gerrymandering was solely by the BBC, and I imagine they always intended to stop this provision despite their review showing only 15% thought it should stop, the remaining 85% thought it should stay (48%) or be amended in some way (37%). Whichever political party proposes privatising the BBC and abolishing the license fee might just secure my vote at the next election.
  3. towny44

    Just back off the Aurora

    We were on Aurora's 2nd cruise after the refit and I don't remember any significant illnesses on board that cruise. The new carpets did leave fluff piles around the cabin, but the stewards vacuumed every day, and we were not affected in any way. Generally high incidences of illnesses on board are due to them being brought on board by the passengers and then generously passed around. Also we have never suffered from the A/C coughs that get reported on forums, maybe we are just lucky.
  4. towny44

    Havana US ban

    Presumably they will if the cruises start from or visit a US port, I wonder if any US cruise line is considering still offering Cuba fly cruises but not using any US ports?
  5. towny44

    Havana US ban

    I don't think P&O call at Cuba at all, but I seem to think that Marella do and maybe also Fred Olsen. Since P&O is Carnival owned I suspect the embargo might cover them, but I imagine the other 2 will likely continue, although RCI do have a stake in Marella.
  6. towny44

    P & O going down hill

    I do find P&O's method of disembarkation far too controlled, with no general announcements except in the waiting venues. On Celebrity the announcements are ship wide and we always tried to time our breakfast so that we finished about the time our colour/number was called, more often than not our group was called while we were still eating so we just headed straight to the gangway after breakfast. No worries, no hassle just a far more relaxing experience.
  7. towny44

    P & O going down hill

    It can only be the size of the baggage hall that is the problem, certainly on Eclipse at City Terminal there always felt to be more room to wander round searching for your luggage, we are back there in July on Independence so I will try and take a bit more notice. Our recent cruise on Aurora lead to a crowded baggage scrum in Mayflower, and on Ventura in January it was far worse as you can imagine. Have they not increased the Ocean terminal baggage hall in the recent refurb? If not they will certainly need to before Iona launches next year.
  8. towny44

    Cruise Travel insurance

    It seems to be a US based website, and only seems to accept US states for residency, not much use in the UK.
  9. towny44


    We have just returned from our first cruise on Aurora after several on the bigger P&O ships, we were on A deck in a balcony cabin which will be identical to your's, albeit our's was an accessible cabin. We liked a lot about the ship but did feel that it was a little claustrophobic compared with the bigger ships we are more used to, but that might have been because my wife uses a wheelchair and there is quite a bit less room to manoeuvre in most of the venues due to Aurora's smaller size, but AB passengers would not face the same problems . The cabin was fine, similar in size to Azura/ventura but with a sofa rather than the little chair. We were disappointed with the balcony, it's not dissimilar to Britannia's in size, but the cutout does reduce the amount of sun on the balcony and we had cooler weather in the Med than normal for the time of year, which did reduce our sitting out time quite a bit. Most cabins have benefited from new larger widescreen TV's, unfortunately our's still had the smaller 23" one, our bathroom was a wet room style so would not be comparable to your's. There did not seem to be any more noise from the next door cabins, and we were near the forward stairs so had cabins above and below us, so no noise from the lido pool area, the forward cabins on C deck also have cabins below them, and the venues on the rest of D deck, should not be too noisy.
  10. towny44

    Viking gratuities

    Do Viking River cruises also advertise gratuities included, or is it just Viking Ocean cruises?
  11. towny44

    Jane back on Friday.

    We watched and enjoyed it although as wheelchair users river cruises do not interest us. JM is an acquired taste, but since she is a Yorkshire lass we do have to support her.
  12. towny44

    P & O website troubles

    I do note one major improvement, arrival and departure times are now shown as specific times rather than early morning late afternoon as in the past. But why when trying to select your own cabin are not all available cabins shown rather just a few, and those selected are rarely the most desirable cabins and, although the various grade prices are given I could not see the cabin category shown on the site. But overall it does seem an improvement.
  13. towny44

    Freedom dining for singles

    We always choose freedom and normally choose a 6 or 8 person table, over the years we have had many single passengers join our table and always try to ensure they are included in any discussions.
  14. towny44

    Following the Dress Code.

    I don't think I have ever smelt mothballs on anyone's clothing on a cruise, one or two have had personal hygiene issues, but never enough to put me off cruising or black tie nights.
  15. towny44

    P & O going down hill

    I agree totally it's outrageous that Ventura's forward lifts don't go to deck 18 and take you to the Metropolis bar at the stern! 😉😎