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  1. towny44

    Renewing a Passport.

    I must have lucky Davybe, I just cropped a photo of my wife to show head and shoulders, as it suggested, and their system did the rest, ending up as just a head photo. I think you do need to ensure there is a plain background, preferably creamish rather than stark white, and the new passport was back only a day or so later, great system. Mine's not due for renewal until 2025 so plenty of time for me to completely forget how to do it!😉
  2. towny44

    Renewing a Passport.

    I can't remember how long it took to fill in the form, do the photo and ensure everything was correct, but I guess it was more than a few minutes, which I certainly don't want to spend in our local post office. Especially as there is only one counter and the queue build up would be considerable. I accept that the new system where they no longer allow you to renew up to 9 months ahead, and have unused time added on to the new passport may lead to people waiting till the last minute, but I think I would rather lose a little money and renew early, rather than faff about in a cold draughty post office, creating long queues, just to guarantee a speedy renewal.
  3. towny44

    Renewing a Passport.

    The on line form and procedure is so simple and easy to follow that even a technophobe like me found it a doddle.
  4. towny44

    Discount codes./ coupons

    I regularly check for discount codes for any on line purchases, but over the years have only ever found about two that I was able use, but I have many times used the repeat discount offers, like ABP's Southampton parking offers, which I find quite useful.
  5. towny44

    The Edge Delivered

    We won't have long to wait and find out whether Edge class prices will be as high in the UK as in the US. The second Edge class ship Celebrity Apex (I thought it was going to be called Beyond?) will debut in the UK alongside Silhouette in 2020, and these will go on sale on 29th November. But much as I love Celebrity the prices will need to be much more competitive to tempt me to book.
  6. towny44

    Princess cruises from UK

    When you can only cruise from Southampton, and are a wheelchair user who prefers the modern ships with good W/c facilities, then you are limited to the bigger ships which do seem to have recurring itineraries. You then very quickly run out of new ports, but if this is your only way to take an overseas holiday with good weather then you have little choice but to the same cruises over and over again.
  7. towny44

    Princess cruises from UK

    I have noticed that some small ports where you used to tender now do have docking facilities, of course they may not have the facilities for 5000 passenger ships, but I imagine most can cope with 2000-3600 without too much difficulty, and local entrepreneurs would probably be more than happy to take some of their money. But possibly not in the winter months, which is maybe where Iona could be in its element with its glass roofed pool area to keep stay on board guests warm and entertained.
  8. towny44

    Princess cruises from UK

    P&O manage several itineraries out of the UK in winter, Med, Canaries and Caribbean as well as some Christmas market cruises to Europe and Northern lights ones, all of them between Nov and early March, and most of them are full. RCI's brief foray with Independence relied too heavily on Canaries cruises, if they had followed P&O's example I imagine it would have been a success, and quite profitable compared with the weak margins they have with their Caribbean sailings,
  9. towny44

    Princess cruises from UK

    You may remember DQ that RCI tried that and had Independence in Southampton all year, but it only happened once, I imagine they found it far less profitable than having it in the Caribbean. So I don't see it happening again in the near future, on any US line. The other issue I have with Princess from the UK is the boringly repetitive itineraries they have, all the Med ones seem to include Rome and Florence which we have done and don't want to repeat. They also have had very expensive launch prices over recent years and, as we need an accessible cabin this is an issue, especially as they nearly always have much lower prices later on, and you can still pick your cabin and dining preference on these, which I imagine will suit the majority of potential passengers.
  10. towny44

    one sleep to go... lol

    My problem is remembering everything I have done, all too often I get part way down the motorway and wonder, did I lock the door, power down the lap top, set the central heating correctly, maybe I should do a check list and take it with me.
  11. Well the new CC did not last long its now down and saying this community is not available!!!!!!!
  12. Cruise Critic are now back up after 7 days to change software. They seem to be using the same software as our forum, but they are certainly having many more problems, very slow running with lots of error messages.
  13. towny44

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

  14. towny44

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Loyalty discount is only applied after all your OBC is used up, it does not matter what you have spent it on you won't get a loyalty discount until then. I suggest you sit down with your last on board account and check how it has been calculated.
  15. towny44

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Surely the end result is exactly the same, IF you end up owing P&O money, the final amount you owe P&O will have been given the loyalty discount. So makes no difference at all to what you end up paying. If you doubt me I will happily explain it in detail, but my fee will be a bit prohibitive.