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  1. towny44

    Celebrity Pricing?

    Celebrity are not the only ones with eye watering 2020 prices, if these stick then anyone holding out for last minute deals from P&O may well be very disappointed.
  2. towny44


    Yes mint humbugs may help relieve wind.😉
  3. towny44

    Video of the "Edge"

    I think it's too OTT for me, I really like the Solstice class ships but this looks to have gone beyond what I was impressed about with those ships. Also this video has only a few passengers, I think it will look horrendous when it's full.
  4. towny44

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    On P&O cruises most wheelchair users are allocated the glass house for the muster drill, so unless your muster station is GH you won't have seen them. However on our most recent cruise we were directed to the atrium area on deck 7, and had our own muster drill which finished ahead of the others enabling us to use the lifts before they were overwhelmed by the able bodied. The questionnaire we have to fill in now asks if we would need assistance to handle the stairs in an emergency, so they are pre warned about assistance requirements.
  5. towny44

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I agree there needs to be a maximum number of scooters on board, and if P&O allowed passengers to rent a suitable sized scooter that would fit in a standard cabin, then they could manage the numbers. The scooters could be provided by one of the companies that currently rent them, but managed through P&O to control the numbers. This would also free up accessible cabins for those passengers genuinely needing them. I wonder why P&O don't employ staff with the intelligence of forum members?
  6. towny44


    I just saw an advert for sprout flavoured tea in Sainsburys.
  7. towny44

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    We have moved way off the service charge issue but will add my twopenn'orth to the scooter discussion. As someone who needs to book a fully accessible cabin, I do not want to deprive anyone who has walking difficulties of having a scooter on holiday to help them enjoy their holiday. However I think that forcing scooter users to book an accessible cabin or suite is not the best way for P&O to proceed. Perhaps a fairer way would be for P&O to have on board a fleet of scooters for hire which are collapsible and narrow enough to fit in a standard cabin, and be stowed there overnight. In this way they could limit the number of scooters on board to an acceptable level, and the user would have no excuse for leaving it in the corridor. This would leave all accessible cabins for passengers who genuinely need them, and I would have no issues with providing P&O with full details of why my wife needs one of these cabins.
  8. towny44

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I can only assume that this results from a poorly specified algorithm, which is par for the course with P&O's IT dept. If it were the other way round it might be more sensible but really their prices should be the same, and that would be the same for any other cruise line.
  9. towny44

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I am not sure how you can avoid fluid pricing, unless the Govt. steps in and bans it which is very unlikely. I booked a family cruise on Independence for summer 2020, we booked on launch because we need an accessible cabin and our son needs a 4 berth, we took less than 2 days to decide, but by then the price had gone up and cost me an extra £1000. I might be able to better the price in January's "Wave" offers, but probably would not get the accessible cabin and might not even get a 4 berth cabin.
  10. towny44

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    If you are worried about P&O prices increasing, might I suggest that you check out the current prices for Celebrity, especially their 2 new Edge class ships, these are eye wateringly expensive.
  11. towny44

    Congratulations to Bolsover Cruise Club

    They would probably win many more if one did not have to provide your e-mail address in order to vote. I did vote once many years ago but then was deluged with junk e-mails from everywhere for months after.
  12. towny44

    Space in Arcadia balcony cabin

    Won't the 2 smaller ones go inside the bigger ones, with your spare clothing in them? Failing that I think they might also fit under the bed as well, as a double it is 6ft wide and about 6.6ft long.
  13. towny44

    Magical Mystery Tour

    Just type it into Google search, it should be the first listing.
  14. towny44

    Magical Mystery Tour

    Presumably this was the Navigator OTS TA which had stabiliser problems and went across to the Caribbean via a more southerly route, there are lots of threads about this over on Cruise Critic which might give you more information about the compensation.
  15. towny44

    Celebrity Pricing?

    The Royal Caribbean group do seem to be consistently inconsistent with their pricing. We have had launch offers that have been very competitive, which was our experience for a 2017 cruise as well as one for 2019, and then we have seen examples like this year where the launch prices are ridiculously high. But you can bet that the 2020 prices will be way lower once we get to the "wave" season in Jan. 2020, whereas the 2017 launch prices were never bettered, and so far neither have the 2019 prices. Since we need an accessible cabin we need to book early to avoid disappointment, but that means we are already booked up by the time that prices reduce, even if accessible cabins are still available.