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    multicruiser reacted to Harvey in Anyone Going On Favolosa To Buenos Aires 25Th Nov ?   
    Nice one multicruiser
    With all your travelling you'll be able to claim Non-Residence from the Taxman. Enjoy your cruise - which I'm sure you will.
    By the way - it's been a lovely sunny but somewhat 'cool' day here in Bristol upon Cream.
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    multicruiser got a reaction from Harvey in Anyone Going On Favolosa To Buenos Aires 25Th Nov ?   
    LOL! Enough said then Harvey.
    On our very recent MSC cruise to South Africa it was predominantly English.
    I don't think I will mind - at least I won't be able to understand the *moaners!* or the *guess how little I paid for my cruise* people if they are all italian or Spanish!
    In Savona now - just back from sunny South Africa this morning. From sunshine and blue sky to heavy rain and grey sky.
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    multicruiser reacted to Harvey in Anyone Going On Favolosa To Buenos Aires 25Th Nov ?   
    I think you are right multicruiser. On my one, and only, Costa cruise there were only 18 registered English speakers out of 1600 passengers.
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    multicruiser reacted to Popsicle in Room 101   
    People that sneer at families & children


    People that spend the entire evening meal moaning about everything


    People that feel the need to gloat about 'how much they paid'


    I could go on, but I will refrain!

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    multicruiser reacted to cjvinthechair in Msc All Inclusive Drinks Packages   
    Travelling MSC Preziosa Nov. 10th Genoa to Santos (Brazil) - 16nts..
    Paid Allegrissimo upfront, £18 per day as am a past cruiser with them.
    At 6.25 Euros + tip per cocktail (at last Dec. prices) I expect to have broken even by lunchtime-ish, and will probably 'save' £20+ per day, without buying ludicrous amounts for the sake of it !
    £300+ saving on a drinks' bill ? You can't knock it !
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    multicruiser got a reaction from Sailaway in Ongoing Cuts And Reduction In Services On P&o   
    What's changed
    Standard of food in MDR
    Every formal night menu used to be really special and the black and white ball night had special napkins like shirt and tie on tables. Ladies also got a flower
    There used to be 1 seafood buffet in the unused MDR at lunchtime - it was a fantastic display
    Canapes at captains party - lucky to see a vol au vent flash past nowadays
    Gold lunch food was like the speciality restaurant food  - on our last cruise it was the same fare as MDR (Caribbean level)
    Entertainment - this has gone quite a way downhill with 3rd rate comedians and pretend Elton Johns etc
    Staff - the cabin stewards are given far more cabins to clean now - youcan see how rushed they are now
    Wine waiters are fewer in numbers too and you can wait a while to get your wine poured at dinner.
    There are lots more little things, but thats all I can think of at the moment
    I still like P&O cruises - their prices for drinks ec on board are very reasonable and they dont have a service charge. Very affordable,comfortable cruising.
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    multicruiser reacted to Jaczs in Ongoing Cuts And Reduction In Services On P&o   
    I am not sure about standards dropping my cabin stewards have always done a first rate job even though the number of passengers they have to look after has increased, true we don't get the towel toys often and sadly we don't get to chat to them as we once did but to me their standards have remained high.
    Same can be said of the waiters they have more tables they are more rushed but to me the standards of what they do have remained high.
    The little touches which made P&O special have gone but I don't consider this a standard although it is a shame they have gone and I would love to see them back even down to getting your tickets through the post but that can't happen while there are so many getaway prices at such a cheap cost. I feel sorry for those who pay vantage fare and yet are getting getaway standards they pay the price for these little touches but they don't get them as they subsidise the getaway fares. 
    I have said it time and time again P&O need to decide what they want to be, do they want to be just ANOTHER cruise line or do they want to be THE cruise line, they need to decide and stick to their decision which will allow their customers to decide if they want a cheap cruise or the cruise they used to have.
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    multicruiser got a reaction from cjvinthechair in Msc All Inclusive Drinks Packages   
    We have booked the Alegrissimo package for our 17 nt cruise from Genoa to Cape Town
    It makes sense to buy it - you only have to buy a few drinks - coffees - ice creams and you win! No 15 percent sevice charge if you book before you go.