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  1. Panthersnotts

    Had a Freedom Dining disaster, what are your thoughts?

    Thank's BrianI...We like second sitting.... .
  2. Panthersnotts

    Dress Codes

    I have been trying to get the dress code for my cruise on Oriana in March next year,the only one that comes up is Azura.Hope P&O are looking at this forum,very upset with P&O web page....
  3. Panthersnotts


    It will be on the news later...
  4. Panthersnotts

    Arcadia Cabins-Help!

    Me nether !!!!!!!!
  5. Panthersnotts

    Coach Or Parking?

    All ways drove down but are trying the coach in Sept as going for 25 days....hubby not happy to leave the car on the docks for so long.....
  6. Panthersnotts


    Yes Allafloat me and my hubby are on this cruise.....hope things get sorted before we go....
  7. Panthersnotts

    Poor Service

    I'am sorry you are having so much trouble,we have been with them for 10 years and never had that......
  8. Panthersnotts

    Adventure Of The Seas

    No it has not....
  9. Panthersnotts

    Still Not Sure

    Just try one and see if it's not for you then no need to do it again.....
  10. Panthersnotts

    Road Works In Southampton

    We came home in March from a cruise on Oriana,and it took us one hour and forty mins to get out of the car park....
  11. Panthersnotts

    Would You Travel On Christmas Day?

    I was always told ships can't dock on Christmas day that's why you are at sea....Things must have changed...
  12. Panthersnotts

    Norway And Iceland New To Cruising

    Feronwarrior: Just back from Artic cruise in March temps was -11 to -26 so you should be a little warm when you go....
  13. Panthersnotts


    Have a look at breaking in to a world cruise they call at all the ports you have listed.....
  14. Panthersnotts

    Norway And Iceland New To Cruising

    Like spring here..was there a couple years ago nice and warm but not really sun bathing weather...
  15. Hi try Just Travel I have to insure my heart...get insurance from my bank for other insurance...Very good rates I have worldwide...
  16. Panthersnotts

    Norway And Iceland New To Cruising

    Hi Twomagpies yes it's lovely up there,I have just come back from a Northern Lights Cruise AMAZING!!!!!!,The only thing better is Alaska did the Inside Passage a few years ago so best to see Norway first...
  17. Panthersnotts

    Hand Luggage. How Much Do 'you' Carry?

    As little as poss...in the Caribbean the bus to ship are very small....Hate all that fuss on the plane putting in and out the over head lockers....
  18. Panthersnotts

    Cabin Position

    Never have a cabin under the pool or gym we mostly have mid ships E or B we like a window not bothered to much and a balcony,the money we save goes to another cruise...
  19. Panthersnotts

    Southampton Road Works

    Had a look can only see two P&O ships in on Thurs,will take a look at roadworks also had a letter from P&O just have to go with the flow and hope for the best...By the way I am on Oriana....
  20. Panthersnotts

    Oriana ?

    That's good news.....Glad We never changed to that cruise when it came out after we had book the 13th.Lot's of people did who wanted a balcony....We wanted to be on for hubbys birthday on the 22nd....
  21. Panthersnotts

    La Coruna Spain

    A bit like all the other ports very easy,they cater for the cruise ships....
  22. Panthersnotts

    Casablanca - Morocco

    Sorry not been here....
  23. Panthersnotts

    Malaga - Spain

    Hi me again Malaga has been revamped and is fab lovely walk along the dock with bars and shops ,but there is a little sand train that runs along if you don't want to walk...the town is very close and easy to walk around....
  24. Panthersnotts

    Lisbon - Portugal

    It's lovely they have hop on hop off buses very easy,but if you dock in the city center then you have a nice walk round lots of cafes and bars....
  25. Panthersnotts

    Costa Coffee Package

    I all ways have coffee card but not done on other P&O ships only Venture....