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  1. TELSTAR47

    Who Books The Onboard Bands?

    In reply to Solent Richards question the Headliners did around five shows. Orchestra consisted of a pianist, drummer, bass guitar and I think, three on brass. No lead guitar. They certainly did not provide the backing. The Headliners did a Queen tribute with sound alike Brian May guitar which certainly was a backing track. The only time the orchestra were on stage was with a singer and Tom O' Conner, and he only sang one song. Whenever there is an orchestra backing the cruise director always asks for a round of applause after the show for them. This time nothing.
  2. Just returned from a 10 night New Year cruise on Arcadia. The Headliners dancers and singers were excellent but we noticed they no longer had the support of a live orchestra, just backing tracks. Who on earth books some of the 3/4 piece bands that play at various venues around the ship. One band we got was Peters Band and the sound was way below what you would get in a standard pub. So out of tune. Other bands slightly better but not anything like we used to get. You only had to look at peoples faces when they sang. On a previous cruise the keyboard player in a band was using pre recorded discs and was pretending to make out he was playing it. Come on P & O, check these bands a bit more carefully.
  3. Well done Ian Hardacre. You did exactly what we should all do. It's dirty s*ods like him that can cause N V not the cruise companies. How many do you see walking into the self service areas without using the hand gel. They think it's the rest of us that are unclean. I've seen people pick up white bread rolls with there bare hands, change their mind and exchange for a brown one. Safer to use the restaurant.
  4. TELSTAR47

    Booking Onboard

    We have just returned from a 14 night cruise on Queen Victoria and the two trips we had to book because of visa's were in St Petersburg. We had be notified that we had $320 onboard credit and thought we would book the trips in advance and use the credit as this was the price of the tours. When you read the print you cannot use your onboard credit in advance so you would have to use your credit card. We thought that we would wait till onboard and book and then,although we could use the onboard credit, the trips had gone up by nearly $40. Sure they would like you to spend your credit on drinks, not tours. The choice is yours.
  5. Don't let tipping spoil your holiday. We have just returned from a Queen Victoria cruise and the tips were deducted from your account. These were quite high and we cancelled at reception and tipped our cabin steward and waiters accordingly. The waiters and stewards are worse off when deducted from your account as the tips are shared between a lot of crew who are in the back ground. These should be paid a decent wage but the tips you give should reflect the service you get. On Queen Mary we did go along with the included tipping and also finished up tipping on top of this.
  6. Most of the shows on P & O are the same old thing. 'Lets Go To The Movies',etc,etc. When Roy Walker was on most passengers tried to abandon ship. There's lots of new talent waiting so someone should start looking. Other cruise lines are making an effort. Same with talks and lectures. No more Spa promotion talks, crew talks, lets have some interesting people for once.
  7. TELSTAR47

    Eavesway Or Intercruises?

    Eavesway seem to have been treated rather badly by P & O,etc. We mainly drive but when we did use Eavesway we had no faults with them. They appeared to have had new coaches and had P & O/Cunard/Celeb/etc sign written on them, possibly at their own expence. Expect they were bullied into dropping their prices in line with P & O's other money saving schemes.
  8. TELSTAR47

    Peak District Sailers

    Regulars on P & O and Cunard. Over 30 cruises. Great way to relax.