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    Maggie and I are recent converts to cruising -now we try for a couple every year. We just like holidays in general!

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  1. Anchors-aweigh

    Cunard in Alaska?

    Totally agree! We flew into Calgary - hired a car for five days - drove the Icefields Parkway through some of the Canadian Rockies [walked upon the Athabasca glacier] and then from Calgary we flew to Vancouver for two days before cruising the inside passage with Holland-America. One of our best holdays ever .......
  2. Anchors-aweigh

    Cunard in Alaska?

    I agree - if possible one shoud make this inside passage journey at least once in a lifetime.
  3. Anchors-aweigh

    Tables for 2

    On a slightly different note I was quite 'taken' with the lower deck cabins on the new 'poet/writer-named' river ships [i.e Emily Bronte/Oscar Wilde]. I wondered if they might suffer from engine noise?
  4. Anchors-aweigh

    Credit Cards

    I would like to hear from Bolsover Cruise Co themselves.....what will your company do regarding credit card charges in the coming year?
  5. Anchors-aweigh

    To go or not to go?

    God willing we'll be on our way there over the New Year period [Adonia -29th Dec]
  6. Anchors-aweigh

    Hotel in nyc

    If you don't already use them try a comparison website [like Booking.com for example] -that far ahead you should find a good deal on a city view room [with breakfast] -and a full cancellation option.
  7. Anchors-aweigh

    P&O Gratuities

    Ah well there's you being presumptuous. I did not say that I do not tip -in fact I do -but I tip to those of my choice....
  8. Anchors-aweigh

    Hotel in nyc

    Kev - my suggestion would be to look for one on Queens Long Island, one having views of the Manhattan skyline. The prices are cheaper than on Manhattan and it's usually no more than a ten-minute walk to the subway [with a similar ride into the centre of Manhattan]. It's quite special to sit in your room at night and overlook the Manhattan Skyline all lit up.
  9. Anchors-aweigh

    P&O Gratuities

    So many self-righteous folk trying to shame others into paying what is after all a 'tip' which as far as I am aware is purely a personal choice. Would these same folks 'tip up' say £15 per room per night for a stay in a hotel of say 14 days [not untypical of the duration of a cruise] - only they [and their partner] know the true answer. My last job was a self-employed private hire operator -often driving through the dead of night in wintertime to pick up and to drop folks going on many a cruise. I was ruddy lucky if I saw a £5 tip - quite a few times none at all....and I was expected to lump their bags into and out of the car.
  10. Anchors-aweigh

    P&O Gratuities

  11. Anchors-aweigh

    P&O Cruises have sold Adonia!

    Shame to see the li'l lady go. We are on her 29th dec. cruise to the caribbean.
  12. Anchors-aweigh

    Saga New Ship Spirit of Adventure

    It had better be good at around three hundred 'smackers' a night .....
  13. Anchors-aweigh


    I would say it is not you being the unreasonable one--in 16 cruises my wife and I have only ever been offered one upgrade [and that was due to a couple wishing to have the next-door cabin to friends of theirs]
  14. Anchors-aweigh

    New Year Onboard

    We are due to sail on the Adonia 29th December to spend the New Year cruising the Caribbean. Hope to meet maybe a cruise club member or two ....
  15. Anchors-aweigh

    Roll Call/ Meeting Up

    Tours of course are where one can see a bonus - the odd evening chatting in the piano bar -that kind of thing. I would not wish to hang on to another's coat tails throughtout the cruise -nor for it to be t'other way around ....