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    Maggie and I are recent converts to cruising -now we try for a couple every year. We just like holidays in general!

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  1. Anchors-aweigh

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    To quote DavidH it is clear that no one wants to engage in the forum as things are - so I'm giving it a miss. I'll look in sometime down the line -in the meantime 'good health'.
  2. Anchors-aweigh

    Is the CDC trying to 'kill off' the cruise industry?

    Not sure how much to read into this but I note that the CDC are seeking input from you and I [the 'punters'] about all aspects of cruising in this Covid era. I think it can only be for the good of the industry that there are now tri-partite discussions taking place.
  3. Anchors-aweigh

    The two HAL ships joining Olsen-

    I hadn't considered that Fred Olsen has a range of adult only cruises -that would certainly be an attraction for the OH and myself.
  4. Anchors-aweigh

    The two HAL ships joining Olsen-

    - I wonder if there will be significant changes in the design/look of the ships. Those in here who have sailed booth cruise lines can maybe guess at what changes if any will be made?
  5. Anchors-aweigh

    Risen from the ashes-

    British heritage cruise brand Swan Hellenic is to relaunch with two new expedition ships. [Bolsover news] Set to be run by the same executives behind Russian river cruise line, Vodoho, the company will return in 2021 with the first of two new vessels currently under construction in the Helsinki Shipyard Oy in Finland. Both ships will carry just 152 guests and 120 crew, with the first launching into Antarctica in November 2021 and the second sailing from April 2022. Something positive after the demise of CMV.
  6. Anchors-aweigh

    CMV in a last-ditch effort to stay afloat

    We are hoping that P&O come through this OK. Our trip is for 19 nights on the Aurora in April -our first time on her. Fingers crossed!
  7. Anchors-aweigh

    HAL Alaskan Cruise

    Saw that there was a 7.9 strength earthquake off Alaska -luckily the expected tsunami didn't happen. I wonder if such events hasten the further destruction of glaciers [beyond what mankind is managing]. 🤔
  8. Anchors-aweigh

    CMV in a last-ditch effort to stay afloat

    Damn shame - we almost booked a voyage very recently on the Amy Johnson. Was being advertised in the Mail newspapers over the weekend.
  9. Anchors-aweigh

    Insurance and Covid19

    Some upbeat news on vaccines. AstraZeneca found that their experimental Covid19 injection had no side-effects and also built up some immunity. They still talk of it being probably available by the Autumn. AstraZeneca’s is looking to test two high doses of its experimental vaccine against the new coronavirus in later stage trials rather than focus on approval for single or lower doses of the vaccine, its biopharma chief said on Monday. “Right now, the safe thing to do is go with two doses, and then we’ll start exploring single doses or lower doses,” Mene Pangalos, executive vice-president for BioPharmaceuticals R&D, told reporters.
  10. Anchors-aweigh

    Carnival selling 6 ships

    Can someone tell me what I am doing which causes part of my recent posts to be lined through?
  11. Anchors-aweigh

    Carnival selling 6 ships

    Yours is a valid point. I would add that upon reading the whole summary those infected [1 or 1+] it is likely that the person may well have been part of the crew.
  12. Anchors-aweigh

    Carnival selling 6 ships

    In case [like me] you thought the CDC were being particularly bloody-minded about their extension of the 'No sail' order I am linking this report from them as to their reasoning. It is all of 20 pages but I would draw your attention to page 12. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/pdf/No-Sail-Order-Cruise-Ships-Second-Extension_07_16_2020-p.pdf
  13. Anchors-aweigh

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    I think I read that the CEO for AstroZeneca is due to publish details of trials tomorrow. By June, July we'll have a first idea already of the efficacy and safety of this vaccine and we'll need to wait a few more months, "But by June, July we should have a pretty good idea already''. He said in an interview. Advertisement
  14. Anchors-aweigh

    Apathy rules - or so it seems-

    [to terrierian] I think this was another not-too-well thought through over-arching edict. On this one I would give only a 'must try harder'.
  15. Anchors-aweigh

    CMV in a last-ditch effort to stay afloat

    I see that most of the CMV ships are moored up in Tilbury.