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    Junk mail

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    Junk mail

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    Junk mail

    How the heck do I stop Bolsover sending me tons of paper mail? I have changed my preferences, tried retiring it unopened and called but still it comes regularly. My postman would be very grateful!
  4. Babyblue

    Waste paper

    I have tried, without success, to stop Bolsover send me paper advertising and offers. Any ideas how I can stop them doing this? I get all these offers on line anyway.
  5. Babyblue

    Am I wasting my money on a drinks package?

    Firstly - nothing is ever free! If you get a 'free' drinks package you will be paying for it as part of your fare. Some cruise lines allow almost all drinks on the bar list in the package, however some lines restrict which drinks are 'free' and for which you have to pay supplements. We recently took a bargain break on Thomson, we didn't get a free drinks package, although most passengers had and had paid far more than we had for the cruise. We found out that only a few drinks were free to those who had a package and that to get a good choice you needed to upgrade to a Premium package. We also found that the bar staff were far less attentive than if everyone had been paying for their drinks, almost as if the passengers were being rationed! We found this particularly annoying as we were paying for ours but, as the staff didn't know that, we were treated to the same slow service.