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  1. It's one of those itineraries that I've looked at a few times in the past and wondered if I'd enjoy it. I quite like a port-intensive itinerary though so I'm not sure how i'd feel being on board for so many consecutive sea days. It seems as though the person who wrote the blog had a very nice time. I'm not sure that cruise would be ideal for families though as keeping children entertained maybe a little more challenging.
  2. I enjoyed watching this over the weekend. I know the ship will not be to everyone's taste but it was impressive non the less. The exterior design looks really smart and some of the features they have on board are really clever, especially for attracting "new to cruise" passengers. I thought younger and elder generations were catered for equally well. The destinations didn't look too shabby either. I've never been to Portofino but it's certainly on my list and even more so after seeing this.
  3. I've seen a fairly extensive list of cruises that have either been altered or cancelled altogether. Royal Caribbean seem to have the most itineraries impacted by the hurricane. I read this morning that on cruises that are going ahead but they have been forced to change the itinerary itself to avoid the storm, passengers are being offered the option of going ahead with their plans but receiving a partial refund or cancelling altogether for a full refund. Credit where credit is due, it's good that Royal Caribbean are offering both choices to guests due to travel. I can only imagine the devastation the storm has caused in those areas you mentioned Mike. It looks horrible.
  4. After landing back in England to the tune of a thunder storm and bucketing rain, my post-holiday blues set in even earlier than usual this year. I got home to some information about the new P&O 2019 itineraries and, missing the sunshine, I thought nothing would perk me up more than looking at holidays. I've seen the itineraries now and I'm not sure what to think. Whilst I understand that they will always do the seasoned itineraries, I thought that the list of extended stays in certain ports was a positive. I wasn't bowled over by the maiden ports of call that will feature but the overnight stays are a positive and especially for the destinations listed. They're all places you would want more time in so it's good that P&O now offer it. It's also good to see that they've extended their excursion list. i like that they've added more excursions for families, the Barcelona one in particular. It sounds like it would give parents the chance to see the sights whilst maintaining the interest of the kids as well. I was a little surprised not to see Adonia on there but having read the forum this morning, that seems to have been explained. What does everyone else think? Do you find them interesting or underwhelming?
  5. Couldn't agree more. It's got to the point now where if that question comes up in conversation, I tend to just walk away.
  6. I can see why they did it as obviously the song is somewhat relevant due to the lyrics and it generates some PR for them but if I'm watching something like that I'm not sure having Bonnie Tyler going all out would be the best soundtrack to it
  7. Just read that Bonnie Tyler performed her classic track on board Oasis of the Seas during the ships "Total Eclipse Cruise" to coincide with the Great American Eclipse. Cruise lines love a bit of celebrity endorsement for special occasions but lately they've been a little too cheesy for my liking. P&O using the mash up of Boyzone and Westlife for example was a step too far for me but Royal Caribbean are supposed to be the masters of innovation in the industry. I can't get my head around whether Bonnie Tyler singing this would have been pretty amazing during such an event or a bit flat. Has anyone else seen it?
  8. Agree with the comments above. I've had experiences where ports have unfortunately had to be missed and the cruise line at the time has compensated passengers. On both occasions this was by way of on board credit. HLM called it right. It all depends on the conditions etc when going into a particular port of call. If there's a risk element due to weather warnings or whatever else, the cruise line will not risk the health and safety of passengers and they do include that in their terms and conditions. I take your point re the 10 items example you gave and I do understand where you're coming from but in the same light, if you booked a flight and the airport you were due to land at was deemed unsafe so you were taken elsewhere, you wouldn't blame the airline for that would you? It would be an inconvenience and a real pain but you'd appreciate them making that decision to keep you safe. The same applies to cruise lines making such decisions with ports of call.
  9. I'd agree with you Cruise Chef, that's one of the first things I would change. I'd enforce the policy at all times to make sure it's no longer abused. I wouldn't change the muster drills. I know they are highly tedious and a real pain when you just want to start your holiday but they are important, especially for people that have never cruised before so I never grumble about attending. I would change the setup on the first day on board. Quite often you board to find that your cabin isn't ready due to the turnaround from the passengers of the previous cruise. You're quite often directed to the top of the ship on the open decks for a drink or some lunch and told you'll be notified when cabins are ready. I understand that the crew need time to turn cabins around but I would make more of the ship available to guests. It's frustrating to find only one dining option available, usually the buffet, which of course, is overcrowded due to the majority of passengers being directed that way. So that's one thing I would certainly change. I would also make this change for breakfast and lunch each day. This mainly applies to P&O. They quite often only open one of the main restaurants for lunch or breakfast. I usually prefer the buffer option for breakfast but it's nice to go to the dining room sometimes. Only when you go, you sometimes find a queue and a slower service. They run both restaurants at night yet only one for breakfast/lunch. Someone else made this point recently too on here.
  10. I agree with you. I'm sure that has been the case on numerous occasions and it's a real shame that such a situation does happen. That said, i'm sure many passengers will still view it in the way that good service should be given first before receiving a tip, not the other way around. I've heard countless people say over the years that they "do not pay up front because it doesn't guarantee service". I think a lot of people will still feel that way so it's a very difficult subject for cruise lines to approach.
  11. Ha you make a really good point CC! It's something that would sit well on Frank Skinner's Room 101. I couldn't agree with you more. It is soooo frustrating watching people spend ages in a queue only to reach the front and not have anything prepared. It applies to cruising, the supermarket and especially at the airport when checking in for a flight or waiting to get on the plane. Just have your passport and boarding passes ready. The cruise card thing though is perhaps the most frustrating of them all as it's not something that's a one off. It's something you need every single time you get off and on the ship so it almost becomes natural to have it ready. It's particularly annoying when you don't have much time in a port and you want to make the most of your day.
  12. They must be doing something right otherwise none of us would be on this forum discussing this type of holiday in the first place. We all like some things they offer, which is evident in the amount of cruises accumulated between the members on here. Tipping is a tricky one Davybe. What some people may like, others will strongly dislike. I presume you're alluding to including tipping in the overall price of the cruise? If that's correct then I suspect many people would disagree with that. Some people still prefer to reward service they've received on board, not prior to boarding. As OWT has stated a few times before, we represent a very small percentage of cruise enthusiasts on this forum and I would imagine there are too many differing opinions on this at the moment for a cruise line to take a major gamble in making that decision.
  13. I think that would apply to a lot of people Land Ahoy. I'm sure many people still to this day hold that opinion of cruising.
  14. Not so sure about this one. I thought Anthem and Quantum worked well, even Symphony too but not sure about Spectrum. I can't tell you why, just my first impression of it I guess. Just seems a bit too random for me.
  15. Whilst I agree with your comments on the examples you've given OWT. I would say that they are open to interpretation. It entirely opinion based. What you see as inferior service, others will see as exceptional. What you see as inferior meals, others will see as fine dining. It all depends on the individual. It is clear that many cruise lines have positioned themselves to appeal to a wider audience. Let's not forget that many people still to this day hold preconceptions of cruising. They see it as boring, overly-formal and completely unattractive, often thought of as being a prisoner on board when unable to get off. This is something I wholeheartedly disagree with, hence my love for cruising, but it is something the industry has been attempting to overcome for as long as I can remember, and is still striving to do so. With that in mind, many of these changes, such as less formal dress codes and plated meals rather than silver service etc will no doubt please the accountants but the lines will also be hoping to appease new to cruise passengers to and entice them into a different way of thinking. In order to be inventive and cater for the ever-changing demands of the market, cruise lines must adapt. In order to adapt they must fund change and in order to fund change they must make sacrifices, especially in the financial climate as it has been in recent years. People want more for less these days and it's impossible to please everyone. I'm often the first to criticise cruise lines so for once, on this thread, I'll show some support and praise the positive things they do as it can't be any easy task to meet the demands of so many.