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  1. P&O Cruises Announce Iona Will Be The Name Of Their New Ship for 2020

    I quite like this actually. At first I thought it was a bit bland but actually I think it sits quite nicely. I still think Olympia or Athena would have been better choices but that's just my opinion of course. Put it this way, it's better than some of the other names I'd heard being touted around so not bad overall.
  2. It's not for me either this one. The itinerary sounds amazing and I'm sure it would be an incredible experience to see all these places but that amount of time away from home at once is too much for me. I think I'd be fed up after a quarter of the cruise, which would spoil seeing some of the places on that list for me.
  3. I agree, I think it should be a mandatory requirement of any form of overseas travel. I would never travel abroad now, especially with my medical conditions but even prior to this, I always made sure I had the necessary cover needed and I always checked the fine-print. I don't understand how anyone could take such a gamble. I do understand that there are situations where some people may struggle to get cover due to certain circumstances but personally, I would never take the risk. The consequences could be awful if anything went wrong. The example in the OP is enough to encourage everyone to get appropriate cover.
  4. I think it's a classic case of "you cannot please everyone." There's always going to be things that some people love and that some people hate. I completely agree with you on this though, they're in a catch 22 situation. If they do what it takes to fully staff the ships and improve the frontline service then inevitably, it will be reflected in the pricing. If they don't do this then people will complain but the prices will be cheaper on the whole. So which one would you prefer? Individual answers will vary so it leaves them stuck between a rock and a hard place. It's almost impossible to please an entire audience. P&O do need to pick a direction going forward though. Decide what type of cruise line they want to be and commit to it. No more half hearted approaches or edging their bets just in case someone disapproves. Decide and go for it.
  5. Galley Gosh

    This is something I've done in the past and it was great. Did the Bridge tour on both Oriana and Aurora in the past but am I right in thinking they are few and far between now?
  6. The port you would always avoid...

    Tough one this. Like others have suggested, it's difficult to pick a port I would avoid entirely as there's always something to do I guess. If I had to pick one, it would be Katakolon for me. I feel like I've exhausted it now and didn't enjoy it the first time around let alone the few times after that. It was more that it appeared on an itinerary where I liked the other ports so went for it anyway. If I went there again, I think it would be a stay on board and chill out day or perhaps just get off for a short stroll but nothing more.
  7. Are P&O Cruises at risk of being left behind?

    When you see the figures laid out like that, you do realise just how big of a task this will be for P&O to fill so many beds, however, I would imagine they of all people are aware of it and must have accounted for this at the time of ordering the two new vessels. I don't see how they can aim to achieve such an increase in passenger targets though without selling off at least one of the older ships like you have suggested OWT. I think Arcadia is a certainty if there were to be the case. It's the ship that basically fell to P&O once it had been refused or turned down by numerous other lines under the Carnival umbrella. So I would imagine Arcadia to be the first to get the chop. I'd also agree on Oriana. I know they've recently given the ship a refurb so they may stagger the release of the older ships over a few years (obviously depending on buyer interest) but I would definitely see Oriana going too. They've had so many mechanical issues with Oriana over recent years and the aft vibration continues to be an issue I'm told. It'll certainly be missed though and I'm sure Oriana will be particularly booked up if they do announce a farewell season.
  8. ventura dixons at sea

    I had no idea they had this shop on board Ventura. Although I haven't sailed on Ventura for a few years now. Is it a relatively new addition?
  9. Are P&O Cruises at risk of being left behind?

    Here in lies the issue, they have and they haven't tried to split the brand. They've created a gap between family-friendly and adult-only ships and they've changed the style of cruising to suit these two preferences but they've never made a song and dance about that, it's more just crept under the radar, often only picked up if it's read in one of the brochures or on their site. It's almost as a half-hearted approach to a split of their brand but without full commitment, possibly due to fear of backlash or possibly down to not wanting to run the expense of further advertising campaigns.
  10. Ah but here in lies the challenge DQ, which one?
  11. Just a bit of lighthearted fun. If you were told you could only sail on one ship for the rest of your days, which ship would it be? Would you go for a modern day super-ship or a more intimate homely-feel ship? It'd be a really difficult choice. On one hand the larger ships would offer more diversity in dining and entertainment while smaller ships would offer more of a 'welcome home' feel to them reminiscent of 'Cheers' where "everybody knows your name". If I was put on the spot and could only choose the one, I think I would go with Celebrity Silhouette. I've loved many ships over the years but Celebrity Cruises hold a special place in my heart. P&O do too but more recently Celebrity have stolen their limelight in my eyes. Perhaps opting for a smaller ship would mean a greater range of ports of call to choose from over the years but Silhouette would give me that nice combination over appealing itineraries and a lovely overall ship. I love the dining choice on there and the cabins are always pristine so that would be my choice.
  12. Not overawed by the name 'Marella' to be honest either, which further makes me wonder why???
  13. Couldn't agree with this more. Talk about confusing your public! It just seems unfathomable why they would put so much into creating all the buzz around the change from Thomson to TUI only for them to then, almost instantly, change the cruise line name to Marella. It makes no sense to me. The advertising campaign they put together for TUI in the UK was brilliant and continues to air on tv's across the country most days of the week. So why the sudden change? I do wonder if they believed there was a negative perception of Thomson Cruises derived from years gone by that they wanted to try and leave behind them. I would have thought the TUI change may have done the trick but they seem to want to separate the cruise brand entirely from that of the high street package operator. Perhaps it'll prove a good move in the future. Only time would tell but it did surprise me.
  14. Silversea now provide free UNLIMITED Wi-Fi

    I'm sure the reality of it must revolve around supply and demand. The demand is there and cruise lines are taking advantage of it to further improve their revenue streams. Who can blame them really? Can we all really say we'd do it differently if it was our business and there were people constantly willing to pay the prices each cruise? I'd doubt it if we were being really honest. It won't change till people start voting with their feet but such is the demand and way of life wifi brings with it these days, I don't see this changing anytime soon.
  15. Silversea now provide free UNLIMITED Wi-Fi

    I agree on that point OWT, it certainly should be included with them but I do think it should be something that is offered at a more respectable price across all cruise lines. The price to enjoy 24 hours wifi access alone is ridiculous on most cruise lines. I know they need to make money, they're a business after all and want to maximise profits but nevertheless, it would certainly appeal to me if more of the mainstream cruise lines started offering such an incentive to book with them. I know loyalty schemes can give you this opportunity but many of them are a joke in themselves. You practically need to spend a lifetime at sea with the same cruise line in order to get 30 minutes free wifi and priority boarding!