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  1. Have they stated a reason for the four hours casper?
  2. Four hours is excessive! It's ridiculous to expect passengers to arrive that far in advance of their flight. I think three hours is the maximum they can expect and that's only for long-haul, if it's a short-haul flight it should be no more than 2 hours for check-in.
  3. I agree, I think it's great that they've added Southampton itineraries in. I'm just surprised they've limited it to just two. I know Azamara are not regulars in Southampton but if they're perhaps looking to attract previous P&O Adonia fans, Southampton itineraries would surely be popular, especially for those who do not like to fly. I know that they need to fit Adonia into their brand though and not fit their brand into Adonia so I suppose by adding two Southampton itineraries, it's a nice compromise to encourage previous Adonia lovers to give it a try.
  4. Haha I love these people, I find them brilliant entertainment. Don't you find that there's always one person that complains and wants compensation because he/she has done this cruise solely to go to the one port that has been cancelled or changed?! As if they weren't bothered about the rest of the itinerary at all, it was just that one port! I'm sure in some cases it's true but you can usually spot the genuine from the fake. I have no issue whatsoever with cruise lines making any changes to itineraries for the purpose of safety. I'd much rather be happier and safe than take any unnecessary risks and I cannot wrap my head around those that complain when such decisions are made.
  5. I wish you luck with your other half CC! Sounds like a nice itinerary and a lovely way to spend Christmas and New Year. I'm not surprised they've taken Adonia as it seems perfect for their style of cruising from what I've seen and read of it thus far. Not too sure about the name though
  6. I suppose it can sometimes depend on the port and the turnaround procedures. Maybe I'm going easy on them. I don't mind though to be honest. I make sure I have all I need with me for the opening day and when my cabin is ready it's ready. I'm more than happy to chill out, grab a bite to eat, enjoy a few drinks and enjoy the atmosphere until my room is ready.
  7. What a great idea that is Brian. I'd never thought of doing that, especially if like with this itinerary, you're flying back into the UK. I can't imagine it being too much to hire a car for the day either.
  8. I'd agree with land ahoy on this. It depends on the boarding time as to if my cabins been ready or not. On the occasions I've boarded earlier, such as around midday, I've usually had to wait an average of about an hour and a half for my cabin to be ready. P&O are usually around the 2pm mark from my experiences and the same has applied with Celebrity in recent years from Southampton on Eclipse. Princess were good with Royal Princess. From memory I think that was ready when we boarded but I can't remember for sure what time we actually got on board so could be a time factor again.
  9. I completely agree. I think it's a fair thing to ask of guests. It could even be included as part of a feedback form.
  10. I cannot wait to sail on this ship. It's a certainty for me. I've loved every Celebrity cruise I've done and I think they'll do an excellent job on the new-build. If the edge is half as good as the Solstice Class design, I' sure I'll enjoy it.
  11. Great posts mitch, thanks for sharing this cruise diary with us all. Very entertaining and makes a nice change from the usual post cruise reviews.
  12. I think the power of the customers and the agents is at work with onboard bookings. Cruise lines rely heavily on agents as they are hugely responsibly for keeping the industry ticking along. As for customers, they often prefer to deal with an agent rather than directly with a cruise line. Sometimes it is because of a further discount applied by that agent to the original offer they've received on board or quite commonly it seems to be because people believe their booking is in better hands with an agent and that they receive a higher standard or customer service. I know from my own experience that I would rather Bolsover handle my booking than a cruise line directly. I say this because of issues I've had in the past with my health. Such issues have always been dealt with very well by Bolsover whereas when I have spoken to a cruise line directly, it has been very difficult to get my message across due to having to speak to different people every time and feeling like a stuck record having to repeat myself constantly. I like that with Bolsover I deal with a single contact all the way through. It helps to relate back to previous conversations and it keeps it nice and simple. That's just me though and my opinion.
  13. I'd like to see another good mixture of cruise lines covered. Not too fussed about Celebrity, RCI or P&O being featured as they're cruise lines I have sailed with regularly so I'd prefer some lesser mainstream lines. Crystal would be good as I've heard so many good things about them. I think Cunard would be a nice one to feature as I think there would be a lot of people interested to see what they're like on board. It would perhaps remove a few pre-conceived perceptions of Cunard too. Another cruise line that would make for good viewing I think would be StarClippers as it's something completely different. As for itineraries, I'd like to see French Polynesia covered, purely so I could live my life through Jane McDonald seeing as it's one of my dream destinations. Hawaii would be good though. Canada/New England would be interesting to see too.
  14. It's just such a shame that we have to think this way. I'm sometimes the same now. I tend to keep myself to myself with just my family. I used to be a lot more social but I have been badgered by the grumble brigade in the past so I tend to choose my conversations more cautiously now.
  15. Maybe that is the case DQ, perhaps they're not crossing into international waters and hugging the British coastline throughout.