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    Loyalty Points

    The new P&O loyalty club was formed to introduce new tiers as, unlike airline loyalty points, cruise points do not expire with time. Therefore a cruiser's points just keep adding up and up making the old top tier or Gold tier over full. Now there is still the equivalent of the old Gold tier but there is also 2 new upper tiers which you now qualify for on a 'number of nights cruised in the previous 'x' years' basis. Capn Bob
  2. Capn Bob

    Singles And Mini Cruises

    I recently thought I'd go on a short mini cruise, 2 nights on Oceana to Brussels. When I enquired about the price I was told the cheapest was for me to pay 2 x the getaway fare. That meant for 2 nights I would have to pay nearly £500 - crazy money. I also did a 4 night cruise a while ago and that cost me over £800 but that was a special occasion. I did try to see about any late booking single offers for the 2 day one but P&O said it was not their policy to offer any late booking discounts. Firstly P&O's policy for singles more or less writes off short cruises for me. I'm not prepared to pay £500 for 2 nights (1 1/2 days). Secondly has anyone recently had a late booking deal from P&O? Capn Bob
  3. Capn Bob

    why dont cruise companies promote single offers?

    I keep getting promotions from P&O. The thing that annoys me is that all the offeres are geared to 2 people travelling. Surely from my bookings and my loyalty club membership P&O can dee I am a single traveller so why can't they gear their promotiong to the best single deals. As for adding single cabins to ships, yes Azura has single cabins, Ventura is getting them and when Oriana went in for a refit they addes some single cabins/ Yes some single cabins - I believe 2, yes 2, wow. Capn Bob